Bruins Win

Wednesday, June 15
8:09 am  Good morning!  61, yay for a little warmer.  Hosting lunch today for folks from other departments, spread the word on how we can work together.  
8:16 am Phil: Wet rainy day here.  Good morning!  Have a great one!
12:05 pm  They said rain here but it’s lovely.  Nice surprise.
9:16 pm Hey, kid.  Good day?  I aced running the lunch meeting.  Boss very impressed!  Just finished a bunch of project emails, thank notes from last weekend and reminders for this weekend.  Mundane but makes a big difference to personally thank volunteers.  Hope you’re relaxing.
9:38 pm Phil: Just finished making appetizers for a party tomorrow.  House is ready, bring em on.  Gonna have a drink and relax.
9:47 pm Keeping one eye on the Sox and another on the Bruins.
10:48 am Bruins bringing the Cup home.  Good night for the Sox.  Double yay!  You going to see the Yankees in Chicago?
11:39 pm Car horns, shouting, fireworks, helicopters… the city is celebrating!  Sleep well, sweet man.

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