Ass play chat

10:42pm Sunday January 23, 2011
We were texting back and forth after a football game.

He posted a very sportsmanlike comment on Facebook.
I suggested FB chat and waited… 
10:42pm  Phil Hey
10:42pm Well, hello there.
You wanna fuck?
10:44pm Phil Oh yeah,
10:44pm You make me so hot…
10:45pm Phil My cock is so hard, need a hot mouth or pussy
10:46pm I want to suck on you until you explode… all over me…
10:47pm Phil Would love to cum on you. Shooting on your tits and face
10:47pm then I’d climb on top of you and ride you…torture you..
10:48pm Phil Your pussy is as tight as I imagined.
10:49pm Shove that cock inside me, Philip. 
10:49pm Phil Oh yeah, fuck me girl
10:50pm I am so wet.. so hot for you..
10:50pm Phil You need a hard cock
10:50pm You know it..In and out… over and over
10:52pm Phil You need to be fucked hard and fast, cock buried deep, 
balls slapping your ass
10:53pm Yes
Make me burn
Make me scream
10:54pm Phil Cum on my hard cock
Cum on girl, let go
10:55pm I can’t stay still… I am rocking on you…
my fingernails scraping down your back… begging for it.  Higher, harder…
10:59pm Phil Pounding it now
11:00pm Damn it… you are so fucking hot
11:00pm Phil Ride that cock, fuck me
11:01pm Bite my shoulder.
Tell me you can feel it… clenching for you…
11:03pm Phil I can absolutely feel that pussy clench, squeezing my cock
11:03pm you are so hard.. so hot… you know just how to fuck me…
11:04pm Phil Gonna go jerk off in the shower thinking of that hot pussy
Gonna cum buckets
11:05pm Ooh, man…
Press me against the shower wall…
bend me over…
11:06pm Phil And bury that cock
11:06pm yes, sir…
shove it
and twist
11:06pm Phil Oh yeah
11:06pm fit together, we do
then start
make my ass yours…
11:09pm Phil Ooh like to do that ass
11:09pm fill it
Damn, you are making me cum all over the place…
11:10pm Phil I would love to fuck that tight ass
11:12pm How would you do it….
man, I would love to feel your hands on my ass… 
feel your cock pressing..
11:19pm Phil I would use lots of lube. Slip a finger in first
Rub my cock over your ass, feeling that tight hole opening
Slowly, very slowly
Pressing gently, feeling your ass open for my cock
11:21pm mmmmm….
11:21pm Phil So tight
Easing inside,
Holding your hips now, pulling you onto my cock
11:22pm oh, man…
11:22pm Phil So hot, so tight, damn
I want to fuck that ass but gotta go slow.
Reaching around to rub your clit
Pussy’s wet
11:24pm oh, my god… I was just wishing for that…
you are so good…
11:25pm Phil Now moving slowly, oh feels so good
Fingers rubbing your clit, my cock buried in your ass, ummm
Man I need to cum
11:26pm Do it…
11:26pm Phil Would love to fill your ass with my cum
11:27pm I’ve never had that… wants it..
wanna know what it feels like…
11:28pm Phil Ummmm.  
would be a lot at the moment, hot cum spraying into your ass
11:28pm your hips on me…slick..
your hands on me..
you inside
11:31pm Phil
Off to the shower to stroke my hard cock till my cum sprays all over the walls
11:32pm me too…fingers…
wish they were yours..
11:32pm Phil Rub that pussy, love it
11:32pm wish you could watch…
see what you make you do…
11:33pm Phil Me too
11:33pm See me twist and writhe
11:33pm Phil Mmm
11:33pm and shout your name when I explode…
you should go…
I should go
thank you..
I needed that so bad…
11:35pm Phil Nite
11:35pm NIte, kid.

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