January texts Part 3

Monday, January 24
6:17 am Good morning!  It’s zero…yikes.  Off to MGH to hear about chemo and wigs.  Bleh.  But woke up smiling.  You know why.  Have a marvelous Monday!
8:18 am  Phil: Good luck.  Does not sound like any fun
12:28 pm Luck worked – thanks!  Chemo news much easier than I thought.  8 treatments, 2 wks apart so Feb-May.  Wig consult was fun, insurance covers it!  Not a bad day! 
7:24 pm Good day?  Hanging out listening to a project meeting. 🙂
Tuesday, January 25
7:59 am Another snowy morning!  14 degrees.  Weatherman didn’t forecast it, but you did.  Heh.  Have a terrific Tuesday!  [with photo of the lot]
6 pm Hope you had a wondrous Wednesday.  Going to see Mom and cousin in from out of town.
10:41 pm Did you listen to Obama?  Had a nice dinner at Mom’s.  Trying to do more project work now.  Sleep well, sweet man.
Wednesday,  January 26
7:20 am Phil: Like I had a choice? He was on every channel!  Had a short evening and got another busy day today.  The hits keep coming.   🙂  🙂
7:55 am Phil:  Did you see the photos on the facebook group?  How did you get on there so quick?
3:59 pm Hiya!  Busy day, worked then tests at MGH.  Bleh.  Off to see my niece – she’ll improve my day!  Psst…most tvs have an off switch.   🙂  Gread photos on FB!  Snow here, 10 inches expected.  Whee!
5:27 pm Phil: No snow here.  That off switch would have required me to pry my ass off the couch.  Gotta train the dogs to fetch the damn remote.
9:11 pm Meant to say something important but you mentioned your ass and I forgot…

10:00 pm Phil: GeezzZzzz
10:01 pm  🙂
Thursday, January 27
7:31 am Good morning!  Another foot of snow… Have a super Thursday!
7:45 am Phil: Damn, glad I live in a decent area where it doesn’t snow every day.
9:59 pm Hey, kid.  Good day?  Uneventful for me, thank goodness.  Dinner at Tx rdhse agan w/ project folks.  Sleep well, sweet man.
Friday, January 28
7:43 am Phil: It was a good day.  All long ones but getting settled, sort of.  Snow yesterday, lots of meetings today.  Yippee!   🙂  🙂
8:04 pm Sun on snow mountain.  Beautiful morning.  Hope your day rolls along well!  [with parking lot photo of the huge snow berm]
5:06 pm Headed out… TGIF!  Hope you have a good evening.  Tell me what you eat.   🙂
Saturday, January 29
10:15 am Good morning!  32 here, might see melting!  Busy today?  Hope it’s fun!
11:07 am  Phil: Not bad here.  Putting stuff away, hanging things.  Have to work tonight.
3:22 pm Sent 30 emails, beg for project helpers.  Enjoy!
3:26 am Phil: Went out for lunch.  Had the jambalaya.  Awesome!
3:27 pm Glad you got out!  Envious…
7:15 pm Your kind of special at a bar.   🙂
[photo of $13.95 twin lobster special]
8:42 pm Phil: Oh that’s awesome!
Sunday, January 30
3:34 am Phil: Just got in from work.  Makes me want to change things.
9:21 am Good morning!  Pretty here, smells like the ocean…
9:28 am  Careful about change.  Get advice?  Tricky stuff.
10:53 am Phil: Yeah, working with locals.
10:53 am Damn, I feel good. Wish you were around to… um, take advantage of it.  🙂
7:00 pm Busy evening?  I’m looking for distraction later.
7:11 pm Phil: Watchin the pro bowl.  Taking a quiet easy evening.
7:56 pm Fb chat or phone possible at some point?  Can be mild, medium or hot.  😉
9:00 pm Thai supper – satay, spring rolls and that soup. 
10:46 pm You asleep?
10:55 pm Heading to bed.  Call or text if you want me.  Otherwise sleep well, sweet man.  Xoo.
Monday, January 31
6:13 am Good morning!  Have fun with the snow!  Just cold here, 20’s.
7:24 am Phil: Yea cold here too.  Already snowing.  Was exhausted last nite, my three o-clock follies with work took their toll.  Have a great week!  [photo of him]
1:49 pm What’s the proper term for that uniform?  Looking good, kid!
1:56 pm Phil: [term for that uniform].  
2:01 pm Is there a slang term?  That term doesn’t slide off the tongue.  But very sharp looking.   🙂
2:03 pm Phil: No slang that I know of.  
2:14 pm You look like you’re having fun.  Great to see.
5:18 pm Heading out for sushi!  Woot!  And to meet possible new kitties.  Hope you have a good evening!
10:01 pm My new kitties!  (with photo of two cats in their carrier)
11:04 pm Phil: Oh good for you!  They’re cute.  Dealing with a suicide that just happened.  What a nightmare
11:10 pm Thanks.  Hope they’ll be good cats for us.  So sorry about the student… Will pray for you all.  Anything more I can do, tell me.
(12:17 am I pinged him when I noticed he was live on facebook – we got to chat!)

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