January texts Part 2

Wednesday, January 19
12:05 am Phil: Watched NCIS too.  Cold, frozen over here.
12:07 am Me: Still raining, brutal here.  Long day?
12:17 am Phil: Yea, all long, I’m pooped and 5:00 am comes early.  Working 6 am to 6:30pm ish.  Just a lump at the end of the day.
12:19 am Me: Sweet dreams…
8:56 am Me: Good morning!  37 and gray.  More rain.  Ick.  I’m off to final prep for conference tomorrow, remembering how interesting you made the one in August!
10:35 pm Me: Hiya, kid.  Good day?  Busy at my office for once.  Quiet evening, did more project publicity.  Ate Vietnamese food.  Yum.  Sleep well, sweet man.
Thursday, January 20
7:03 am Good morning!  Off to the office early to run the conference.  200 people!  Have a great day!
7:43 am Phil: Good morning!  Have a great one!  Having a blast!
6:00 pm Me: Hiya!  Conference is over.  Woot!  Went smoothly except a co-worker didn’t show.  Wrote at 4:18 pm “sorry, sick, slept all day.”  Ick.  Hope your day went well.  On home to more publicity!
7:00 pm Phil: Good today!  Had fun learning the ropes.  Visited some spots near my office, getting the lay of the land,  All in all a good day.  Temps supposed to drop way below zero tonight!  Yuck!    All good!  Gonna go have a drink, meet new folks.
Friday, January 21
7:40 am Me: Good morning!  Another snowy morning here!  Have a super day!
8:00 am Phil:  Wind chill is 22 below here!  Good God!  You have a great day too!
1:21 pm Me: Storm’s over, sun’s out!  Woot!  Hope you’re staying warm.  Did you drive to work or walk in the snow? 
4:59 pm Me: Heading out for the WEEKEND!  Woot!  Hope you can relax a bit.  Xxoo
10:38 pm Me: Hey, kid.  Good day?  Had a great Italian dinner out, love bolongese!  Made Hubby buy pants.  Quiet evening, more project work – emailed you a sample.  Sleep well, sweet man.
Saturday, January 22
8:32 am Phil: work issues, more unpacking.  That will be my day.  Enjoy!
11:33 pm Hey, kid.  In the hospital e.r.  Odd chest pain, being monitored.  Bored.  You good?  Sleep well, sweet man.

11:50 pm Hey you.  Take care of yourself.  I’m good, going to bed, beat but good.  I’ll take time to pray.  Nite.
Sunday, January 23
5:30 am Me: Good morning!  Coldest here in 6 yrs.  Wish you wouldn’t send us your weather!  Have a great day!
7:04 am Me: Home from hospital.  Gonna sleep. J
9:31 am Phil: Glad to hear you are home.  Snowing here!
1:09 pm Me: Go Team!  Where are you watching?  Fingers crossed for your team!
9:58 pm Me: You are a good fan.  Bravo for being a good sport. Makes me want you.  Here.  Now.  Inside me. Probably shouldn’t say… but it’s true.  Sleep well, sweet man.
10:00 pm Phil: Night, girl. J
10:11 pm You may be the only man in the world who can make me dripping wet with two words and a smiley, kid.  I’m off to bed.  I wish you were there to lie back and let me make you a mess, too!
10:28 pm Phil: JJ
10:35 pm Stop that or I may be forced to beg you to fuck me in a frickin text msg!
10:38 pm Phil:  Ooohhh.  I need to make a mess.
10:38 pm How can I help!  I wanna watch!
10:39 pm Actually, I want to suck.. and touch.  Oof.
10:40 pm No chance of fb chat I suppose…
10:40 pm Phil: Ha!  That’s what I need, a hot mouth willing to suck me dry.
(he pinged me on FB chat at 10:42 pm…)

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