Day After

Thursday thick

Between Phil and You
December 16 at 11:53am
Hiya, kid. Hope you’re enjoying this warmer day. I am a little sore from driving 300 miles, fuzzy from not quite enough sleep and heart aches missing you… hope sleep will fix most of that.
December 16 at 2:20pm
Some good tips to remember as you transition from the South to the Midwest
Six winter weather lessons that Southerners can learn from Northerners.

6:01 pm Phil: [Photo of two lobster dinners from his conference]
6:03 pm Me: Yowza!
6:20 pm Me: Score – Philip 4, lobsters 0
6:27 pm Phil: Yeah man!  I’m kicking their ass
6:32 pm Phil: Getting chowder to go for later on.
Me: [Photo of Lazurus, a kitty]
6:46 pm: Stopped by a shelter event.  Kitty rescued from an apt complex in CT that was being demolished.  He ran out to their truck [a rare thing!] and hopped inside!
6:48 pm Phil: That’s cool.  3 pounds of lobsta gone, having a beer, got two bowls of chowda for later with scotch.  I’m a happy boy. 
6:49 pm Me: Envy!
6:51 pm Phil: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  30 bucks for two 1 ½ lb lobsters, boiled potatoes and corn on the cob.  I love it
7:07 pm Me: Going out for Thai – soup and satay.
7:08 pm Phil: Satay is my favorite!  Enjoy!

December 16 at 8:56pm

Your day go okay? Home now. Feeling better… nap, kitty shelter visit, thai food with two women from my project team. Nice to chat with new people. And talk about the project instead of dad dying/breast crap. Hubby has friends over in our living room, so I’m sitting at my desk in the middle of that!
Phil December 16 at 9:07pm
I’m doing good. Got the laundry done. Having my soup enjoying a scotch watching NCIS
December 16 at 10:08pm
Did you like the Turkey Trot?

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