Phil December 17 at 1:38pm
Phil December 17 at 1:39pm 
On my way west to see the folks! Wearing my new t-shirt 🙂

December 17 at 2:24pm
Yay! You survived the conference!
Feel like talking? Call me? I have nothing to do at work, as usual. Had a busy morning. Went to out for lunch with a senior staffer. Would love to tell you about it…
December 17 at 3:55pm
Great to chat. Turkey trot = Abby’s dance on NCIS. Hope the new shirt is comfy. Get someone to take a photo? Would love to see you in it!
December 17 at 11:35pm
Hiya, kid. Did you have a grand night with the family?
I went to see my dad at the nursing home. He seems well cared for. Hubby and I had dinner with my sister and her familiy at this Colonial home in Woburn that looks the furthest thing from a Chinese restaurant – bright yellow with frilly trim. But it houses the most authentic Sichuan place around. I ate hot & sour soup, pork dumplings and stir-fried filet mignon with mushrooms and onions and spinach. Yum.
Sleep well, sweet man.

Phil December 18 at 6:56am
Having dinner at the Land and Sea Grill Steak House in Saugerties. Oh my God!

December 18 at 8:45am
OMG! That menu looks amazing! Did you add to your lobster count? (your msg came thru Saturday morning…)

Phil December 18 at 8:53am
I did

December 18 at 8:54am
Good morning! Pretty morning here.. 25 degrees, sun, high clouds, calm… need to get a bunch of errands done – post office, bank, then go to project meetings. What are you up to?

Phil December 18 at 8:59am
The lobster bisque came with a lobster tail in it. I had the seafood fra diablo, escargo with button mushrooms

9:03 am Phil: [photo of plate of food]

December 18 at 9:03am
I can’t believe how far you folks drive for dinner! My older sister’s partner is from near there. They were just there, as his mom is not well. It still manages to surprise me how tightly intertwined our lives are, in terms of places you know that I know etc. but when you’re up here, it gets really clear.
December 18 at 9:05am
OMG. I may have to get in the car. Lobster in the bisque? That is decadent! (I had a very strong feeling that you had bisque when I saw that menu…) And snails? Yum. I would’ve begged for tastes of all that! Oh, man… drooling now.

9:25 am Me: Whoa!  What is that?
9:26 am Phil: Lobster Fra diavlo
9:26 am Me: Envy!
9:28 am Phil: Was amazing!
9:29 am Me: Spicy? I’ve never had it…
9:31 am Phil: Oh yeah, was awesome

Phil December 18 at 9:59am
Saugerties is so pretty. All the lights. Not that far a drive, have eaten there before. One of my favorites. Great people own and run it. Amazing food, great service, very friendly.

9:59 am Me: Dessert?
10:03 am Phil: Crème Brule
10:12 am Me: Scotch?
10:43 am Phil: Of course
December 18 at 11:28am
Hope it wasn’t too much FB msgs and texts. It’s so fun!
Sadly, idea of surgery Tuesday is getting to me. Got out my health care proxy, and fell into “what if I die on table?” Eep. Who would take care of practical matters? So I made a list for Hubby and sis of where to find important documents. If I do it, he won’t need it, right?
Then on to “What do I need to say?” Dangerous territory. But a few texts from you, and I am back out of that pit. Laughing! Thank you, Philip. Photos of lobster are a guaranteed way to perk me up! 🙂
Off to work on my project!
4:32 pm Phil [photo of his family doing a holiday toast]
4:32 pm Me: Awesome!  Cheers!
4:38 pm Phil: [He sent me the same photo again. Drunk?]
5:26 pm Me: Cuter than lobster!
6:40 pm Me: Having sushi and Korean tonight!
Sent photo of a painting of JP Seafood in Jamaica Plain

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