Visit #2 – part 3 In My Bed

Phil and I were kissing in the kitchen.  I unzipped his fly and stroked him, nibbled on his ear, and whispered, “I need you inside me.”  

He sighed, and pushed me away.  I half-expected him to say he didn’t want to right now.  

He strolled into my bedroom, stripping off his clothes.  I stood staring as his gorgeous body was revealed.  Once again, I was struck with wonder that I get to see his body, and then it hits me that I can touch him and every nerve in my body lights up!  

He sprawled across the foot of my bed on his back and grinned at me, looking down his body then back at me.  I marveled at the sight on him on my bed.  I know it’s considered tactless to mess around with someone in your own bed, but it seemed completely natural to see him there.  I had imagined it so many times! 

suddenly realized I was supposed to move.  I tossed off my clothes and climbed up his body, kneeling between his legs and putting my mouth on the instep of his right foot, nibbling my way up his thigh.  I tried to remember what he had described wanting in our chats.  I blew on his skin, and he trembled.  I took him in my mouth, twisting him up and inside as deep I could, sucking gently.  He moaned softly.  I stroked his balls with my other hand.  He propped himself up on his elbows and watched me as I bobbed up and down.  He moaned again and whispered,  “This is a sight… amazing to watch a beautiful woman suck my cock.”  I grinned and sucked him further down my throat.  He started to roll his hips, rising up to fuck my mouth.  

I had every intention of taking him all the way with my mouth and hand, but he grabbed me, saying, “I can’t wait… have to be inside you,” and pressed me down on my stomach, pulled my ass up and pulled me onto his cock in one swift movement.  He pounded in and out of me while I gasped, moaned and clawed the covers.  I tried to take in every sensation, but it was so hot… so good, that I quickly stopped thinking and rode wave after wave of heat as my brain shut off and my body took over.  

“Damn, girl… you were made for me…so hot… so tight,” he murmured in awe, punctuating each word with another thrust.  I shifted back to get him deeper inside me.  I should have been telling him something, but my breathing was coming in little gasps my head thrashed back and forth, and no words were available.  I started shaking all over, and made a low sound… he held my hips and filled me, moaning and trembling himself.  We collapsed.  

We twisted around and he put his head on my pillow.  I put my head on his chest, listening to his heart pound, stroking his shoulder and down his arm.  We cuddled and talked about the rest of the evening.  I really wanted to skip dinner but he was intent on ending the lives of another pair of lobsters.  

He got up to go to the bathroom.  I watched him clean up… such a handsome man!  I dragged myself out of the bed and wrapped my arms around him from behind, looking at us in the mirror.  Our smiles could have brightened the city for a year!  He turned, swatted me on the ass and went to get dressed.  

I took my turn in the bathroom then put on my black bra and the special top with the dark blue velvet and gold coins, showing off a little cleavage.  I mechanically added underwear, knee highs, dark slacks and shoes, then went out to the living room, where Philip was talking to my cat again.  He whistled when he saw me and wrapped his arms around me, feeling the top as he rubbed my back.  

We bundled up and headed out for dinner.  

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One thought on “Visit #2 – part 3 In My Bed”

  1. “Headed out to dinner”??? Really? when another round of desert was right there with him? Well, I guess you do need to refuel the tanks.

    Great post, great memory.

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