Visit #2 – part 2 Connection

Eight Hours with Phil

5:35 pm Philip arrived!  

I was sitting on the arm of a couch in the lower lobby of the hotel, glancing nervously out the floor-to-ceiling windows.  I saw him striding purposely over from the parking garage!  

He hid behind a pole in the hotel parking area and peeked at me.  Big smile! I ran out to meet him.  Quick hug.  He let go quickly, aware that anyone could be watching.  We walked casually but quickly to my car inside the garage.  He asked if it was new?  Heh.  No.  He complained about the cold.  It was wicked cold outside.  We settled in to the car – me in the driver’s seat and him on the passenger side.  I offered to warm him up, and we collided for a deep kiss.  Oh… it always feels like where I belong!  We kissed for a long time, lips pressing desperately together, tongues dueling.  I moaned softly, rubbed one hand over his legs, and mussed his hair with the other.  He stroked my back and squeezed my breast.  He pulled away and said, “You better drive!” 

He had on soft old jeans, a maroon sweater, a blue-striped white dress shirt, and a chocolate brown leather bomber jacket.
5:40 pm Headed to Boston
I told him to reach behind me to grab a box of Pretzel crackers, and a container with two kinds of cheese and sliced pepperoni. He had talked about how his wife never has any snacks for him after a long day.  So I was determined to do better.  

He told me stories about his adventures in the military.   I talked but I can’t remember about what.  

7:20 pm We arrived at my place.  

He pressed me against the wall of the elevator and kissed me!  We went in and I showed him the view.  He said it was spectacular.  I beamed.  He said even with all my descriptions, he had not expected the view.  

Hubby arrived and I introduced them.  They shook hands.  I had told Philip that Hubby was cool with us, but I got the feeling he didn’t believe it.  So Hubby had suggested a quick meet.  There was a magic moment out on the balcony with Hubby cuddled close on one side and Philip on the other, trying to keep me warm and chatting.  It was so bitterly cold, couldn’t stay out there long.  They went into Hubby’s office and I went to the bathroom to give them a few minutes alone.  We chatted some more, and I walked Hubby out into the hallway.  As I hugged him good-bye, he whispered, “You didn’t tell me he was gorgeous.  Have fun!”  

Philip was leaning over, talking to my old cat lounging on my desk.  He’d been very feeble but raised his head and purred.  It was so sweet.  I was impressed that Philip took the time to pay attention to him.  Philip looked up and said, “He was really nice to me,” in a rather astonished way.  I smiled.  
I gave Philip the university t-shirt.  Figured it was a little thing, but something he could use and remember this trip.  He looked like a little kid as he opened the bag and dug it out.  He liked it!  It fit!  He wandered around looking at each room, asking about various items.

We went to the kitchen and he leaned against the sink.  I leaned against him.  We hugged and I marveled as usual about how well we fit together.  I rubbed his back and nuzzled his neck, breathing in his scent, noting all the places our bodies were touching.  I could not wait anymore.  I kissed him.  He shoved his tongue in my mouth and I returned the favor, thinking of other parts of his body I’d like to have in my mouth.  He wrapped an arm around me, and used his other hand to guide my hand between his legs.  He was already solid as a rock.  I rubbed him outside his jeans, then unzipped his fly and worked my fingers inside his clothes to touch his most sensitive skin.  He closed his eyes, his head fell back and he let out a sexy growl as I stroked him.  He squeezed my ass and whispered, “Oh yeah, girl, this is…mmmm…what I….ah..been too long,” and I smiled, knowing I had disrupted his ability to speak already.  I nibbled on his ear, twirled my tongue inside it, made a slight sucking sound that made him gasp, and whispered, “I need you inside me.”  

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