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It’s time once again for an exiting post from the “Sassy Answers” pile!  This is my chance to talk directly to you, my dear readers.  I have something extra special for you today, with info about amazing other blogs and a big announcement!  
Q.  What other blogs do you read? 

A.  Check out my blog roll (the list over on there on the right >>>>)

These are the other blogs that I recommend!  The blogger slept with me paid me impressed me in some way.  Please check them out!  Click!

It’s hard for me to believe that I started blogging just over three months ago.  And in that short time, this blog has had over 5,000 hits, and become been accepted as part of the incredible fabric that makes up the beautiful tapestry of the sexy blog world.  And now my blog has won an award!  

Sally Field’s Oscar Acceptance Speech “You like me!’ 

The fabulous Ryan Beaumont of The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad
has awarded me a Liebster Blog Award.  It’s got a German word in it, so that makes it super sexy, right?

According to the lovely Lainey at Lainey’s Life Lessons: Near as I can tell, the Liebster Blog Award is more of an attempt to increase readership of smaller blogs, specifically those blogs with less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is a German word that means dearest or favorite.  So here is how this whole award thing works:

Rule #1 Link back to the person that gave you the award.

The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad

Ryan Beaumont is a disciple of the infamous Riff Dog, and is still posting!  He tells us about his adventures meeting women from a “married but looking” web site, with a musical theme and easy recipes thrown in to keep us from starving in between!  He is charming with a wonderful Southern twang, sweetly funny and also tells his wife’s story in a unique way.  He keeps trying to get me to come back to D.C. for some reason…and I am very tempted!

Rule #2 Choose deserving bloggers and alert them to their award winning status.

Here’s my list of beloved blogs deserving of the Liebster Award!

1) Both Hands Please

bhp, a fabulously hot Aussie, is a stand-out in the “man who lets you inside his head” genre.  He doesn’t post often, but serves up an incredible mix of links to art, music, books, photos and stories.  HOT!  Be sure to read his multi-part “ins and outs” friendship story.  I have read them so many times the pages are frayed around the edges.  There is something wonderful about men down under!

2) Buckle Up -It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride

Wave Rider takes us along on the roller coaster of her affair with that guy.  It’s bumpy but funny, sweet, serious and sexy in a way that touches me every time she posts because she understands the joys and challenges of a long distance relationship.

3) Internal Pathways to Contention

W is another marvelous-looking man who lets you inside his head.  He loves music, motorcycles, cars and beautiful women and has a way of writing about them that makes them interesting whether they’re your thing or not.  He poignantly struggles with a lot of the same issues many of us face, and I keep tuning in to see how he is doing, and views of his beautiful body to help me make it though my day.  

Give out the award to 5 blogs, 
I’ve only been at this a short time, and most of the blogs I read have already been nominated, so I am only sharing three today.

Rule #3 Post the award on your blog and share the fun.
It took me awhile to figure this out, but I’ve done it!

These blogs have already been nominated but they are sooooo worth your time!

Confessions of an Adulteress

Luna is an interesting woman with a beautiful body and a sense of humor who writes about her deepest emotions and adventures with men.  She comments on other blogs and was a big help to me as I got started.  Her posts are brief, and I’ve read the entire blog.  She told me she studied creative writing with Jonathan Carroll and it shows!

My Secret Life

Naughty Kitty posts about her affairs but also whatever else is on her mind from cookie recipes to office politics to current wacky news stories.  She posts amazing fantasies, and is often thinking what I’m thinking from a different angle.  She was also very sweet to mention my blog in her Liebster award post.

There are four other blogs I adored that have disappeared recently.  I wish I could send you to read them cover to cover.  But I will say a big thank you to Ms. I, Liam, Holly and Adam for sharing so much while they could and hope life is treating them well.  

There… that ought to keep you reading and smiling for quite awhile!
Any blogs you’d recommend?

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