Visit #2 – part 4 Legal Dinner

9:00 pm Legal Seafood for dinner

We drove out to dinner, parking in the underground garage.  The elevator was broken, so we climbed the stairs to the lobby, then up another flight to the restaurant.  

We just made our 9 pm reservation.  The hostess escorted us to a booth with a view of the courtyard and left the menus.  A perky young waitress came over immediately and asked for our drink orders.  He ordered a Stella beer and I asked for iced tea.  

We sat staring at the menu.  Philip’s hand appeared under mine and stroked my hand.  The waitress returned with our glasses, and asked what anniversary we were celebrating!  I giggled and stared at Philip, wondering what he’d say.  He smiled at me and answered, “We’re high school sweethearts. I just found her after 30-something years.”  She replied, “Oh!  I would have sworn you were married!  Where are you from?”  I replied, “Here,” and Philip said, “D.C., here on business.”  She shook her head in amazement and wandered off.  

I told him I was surprised he mentioned we were sweethearts.  He said, “I hope that didn’t embarrass you.” I said, “Oh, no… that was very sweet.”  He squeezed my hand.

He told me about paella in Belgium. And the meal at the Hickory Steak House at National Harbor with an old friend.  She called him a liar in her thank you note because he didn’t admit it was a $350 dinner.  He told me about having to be in the hospital for a heart catheterization, being put on bp meds.  He asked me about my work.  
I couldn’t decide what to order.  We suggested various options to each other.  He was set on having the baked stuffed lobster, but I didn’t want to order it because it was more expensive than any entree I’d ever had in my life!  But he insisted, so we ordered soup, appetizers and lobsters.

We started with cups of the famous clam chowder with oyster crackers.  He tasted a spoonful, closed his eyes to savor it and got the most amazing smile on his face.  “That’s the stuff!” he declared.  He took another taste and declared, “This may be the best New England clam chowder I’ve ever had!”  I smiled and sipped my chowder. 

Next came the Mussels in garlic sauce and Crab dip with seafood chips.  I’m not a big fan of mussels, but I took one he offered and they were a garlicky delight!  We shared the dip and marveled at its smooth, rich taste.  

He chatted with the waitress about wines in a way that seemed to impress her.  She tried to talk him into several wines, but he ordered a glass of the Sonoma white.

At last, the main dish arrived – two 2 lb baked stuffed lobsters with scallops and shrimp!  The waitress set down the platters with a flourish!  They were incredible!  Huge!  We took photos.  The waitress came back with smaller plates – a baked potato with chives & butter for him and rice pilaf for me.  We dug in, savoring the tender lobster meat, the buttery crumbs and the other seafood mixed in.  I’d tried lobster many ways before, but never been able to afford a baked stuffed lobster, so it was a very special treat.  We talked about amazing lobster meals we’d tried over the years.  I told him about a 2.5 pounder I’d tackled on Block Island that required a hammer to get to the claw meat!  We enjoyed it, but admitted it was a little dry and a regular boiled lobster with butter might have been a better choice!  But we each finished off the entire thing!

The waitress cleared away the remains of the lobster and gave us the dessert menu.  I was totally full and could not imagine eating another morsel.  She returned quickly, and Philip ordered a McCallan’s highland scotch and a cappicino for himself.  He asked if I would share the Boston cream pie and I agreed, though I knew one bite would be all I could manage.  

The drinks came quickly, and then a surprise.  The dessert was an unorthodox Boston cream pie that looked like tiramisu, with a heart of whipped cream piped around it!  I blushed and Philip chuckled.  The waitress shrugged and said the chef was impressed with the tale of our reunion.  We took photos and nibbled at the sweet treat, continuing our banter.  

The waitress left the bill, and Philip insisted on paying. I think it was about $200 plus $42 tip.  He thought it was quite reasonable for all that food and booze!  And the very personal service from the waitress.  I asked if he had asked her to customize the dessert and he said no, but he wished he had thought of it!  

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