Mission first

Monday motions
Between Phil and You
November 29 at 11:28am
Good morning! I hope your week is off to a great start. And you have a productive day. Bright and clear here again, a little warmer (mid-40s).
November 29 at 11:31am
Busy morning here – finished the payroll early.
Phil November 29 at 1:13pm
It was 27 this morning. Yuck. Finishing up my old job. Yippee!

November 29 at 1:24pm
Two quick questions:
1) If you were to walk into a room, and see a plate of crackers and cheese, what are your favorites?
2) T-shirt size
November 29 at 4:25pm
Crazy afternoon… working but still had a moment to think of lobster… and you. Yum.
November 29 at 4:58pm
I am sitting here, working in the midst of staff and visitors, minding my own business and suddenly my mind carries me back to October and you and wow… quite a reaction. Am I the only one this happens to?! I hope we have time to pop in here in December…headed off to work on my project.  Big meeting tonight.  Have a great evening, Philip.
Phil November 29 at 5:17pm
Have fun. Working a little late but about to head out. Only a few days left in this miserable job. Can’t wait to go anyplace else. Gonna have some scotch and watch a little football tonight. Have a great evening.  Next few weeks are crazy 
[he described all the plans for the next month].
November 29 at 6:29pm
Wow! You are piling on the miles. Thanks for telling me all that… I like knowing where you are.

I have a wacky idea, don’t want to complicate things, but if it would make your life easier, I could go with you on parts of that long drive…switch off driving, tell you stories. Done it before from here to there. If the idea appeals, tell me specific dates and I’ll check my schedule. I can stay out of site when necessary, get myself home at any point… if not, no worries, just trying to think of ways to help you.
November 29 at 10:16pm
Home again. Went really well!  Hope you’re having good football.
November 30 at 12:19am
why do dogs like trees?
they’re attracted to the bark…
November 30 at 12:52am
Did you pack up the yearbook already? Would love to see it… bring it? Or photocopy? If it’s easy to do…
November 30 at 2:17am
Not sure why I am still awake… looking at Jet Blue, cheap flights home from various cities if I help you drive. there’s probably a simple reason it doesn’t make sense for me to ride with you, but damn if doesn’t look easy and fun and cheap if I buy tickets soon… I know… I know… I’m nuts. Offering too much. Feel free to pat me on the head and tell me to stop. Or say yes…
Phil November 30 at 8:22am
I would love the company. Not sure how it would work though. Drive all day, while listening to the football games. I would be lousy company yelling at the radio. What happens at the other end?  I’m not about to start a scandal by being seen with another women. I need to prep for the new duties. Will have a notepad on the seat and jot down things that come to mind. Mission first, People always was the last one. We adhered to that.
If I was taking a day or two to drive, might have been fun but that’s my last chance to visit my family for some time, meetings on Monday. Gonna be a whirlwind week or so.  My brain is going to be mush.
November 30 at 8:49am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a good start. Warmer here now, 41 degrees. But staying there all day. High clouds, breeze blowing the flag straight out. Usual mix of cars and huge electric repair trucks. Have a great day!
November 30 at 12:14pm
Busy morning here – we have staff meeting once a week, so everyone is around before it, wanting something. We have visitors coming in from overseas this afternoon. People from all over the world come to us!
November 30 at 4:31pm
Hiya, kid. Hope you had a good day. Thanks for giving me enough specifics to explore this wacky idea. My theory is you leave me at a hotel near an airport. Will that work for you? It can be fun!
I could drive your car while you work or swear. 🙂 I know your brain is busy. I can give you an entire day you wouldn’t have otherwise. I can listen to you prep.  That sounds wicked cool.  My humble request is that you make a little time to be alone with me…um… in a room with a bed. You could either:
1) tell your family you’re getting a head start on the drive and find me after dinner Saturday, if you can pull that off, or
2) pick me up early Sunday, and take some time at the hotel on the other end.
Or some other theory.  If you want to do both, that’s also fine. 🙂
If this all sounds good, I’ll take care of the rest.
November 30 at 4:37pm
Another idea… come to Boston Friday night. Make that our lobster night. Tell your family the conference is going to fry your brain so you can’t make it over there until Saturday. Take me with you on Saturday and drop me at a hotel. Pick me up Sunday morning…Just tossing things out, looking for the right answer…
November 30 at 4:57pm
Heading out to another night of meetings. Have a nice evening, Philip!
November 30 at 6:39pm
All set up… just waiting on the others to arrive! Peeps telling stories of past disasters. Heh. You watching Rudolph?
November 30 at 8:06pm
First part is done… Wow!
November 30 at 10:44pm
Home again. Juiced up again… don’t know how this project will turn out but it’s fun!  I hope you had a relaxing evening. Sleep well, sweet man.

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