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Friday, Black, 1 sugar
Between Phil and You
November 26 at 9:48am
Good morning! It’s gray here, not raining right now but has been and will again. 43 and not going much higher. The mall lot is oddly empty… guess the shoppers went out to be big box stores and the truckers aren’t working today. Hope it’s a great day for you.
November 26 at 11:36pm
Hey, kid. Good day? Did you win the attic wars? I so wish I could help you. I learned lots helping my folks – clearing out yrs of stuff when they left our home town, then more from the next place! Heh. I did mundane things today – not fun but good when they’re over – paid bills, refilled prescriptions, cleaned my desk, laundry, grocery shopping… boring! But necessary. Sleep well, sweet man.
Saturday silence
Between Phil and You

Phil November 27 at 4:26am
Worked at wrapping the plants. Attics are today. Need to make a huge dent today. Time running out. It’s exciting and depressing at the same time.

November 27 at 7:33am
Good morning! Happy attic day! I hope it goes along really well. Put on some kickin’ music and sing!
Cold here… 36. And cloudy. They’re promising clear, 40’s… the lot is very quiet. Only 17 cars and 2 moving trucks. The flag is flitting back and forth gently… and one gull soars.
November 27 at 8:25am
My “fun” for today? Trip to Walmart. You know how I love shopping. NOT. We have to drive a ways, so we only go about every 3 months and stock up. I have a spreadsheet and coupons and bags… another “good when it’s done” task.
Phil November 27 at 8:28am
I have the music blasting! My part in attics is dragging stuff out, then it’s Sally’s part. I plan to clean my garage out and play some darts tonight as my reward. That means tunes, cold beers, trash talk, lovely evening. Have a great day. It’s in the 60s again here. Sunny and nice. Wore shorts all day yesterday.

November 27 at 9:12am
60’s? Shorts? You suck! We won’t see that ’til April. Arrgh.
You haven’t mentioned darts before… is that at home or out? Are you any good at it? Or is that not the point? Great that you have a reward at the end of a busy day!
I’m sending you “productive-ons!” Heck, I’ll even send some to Sally. Let me know if that works on her. 🙂
November 27 at 11:38am
Just saw a bumper sticker: I don’t brake for Yankees fans.
November 27 at 1:33pm
Saw something funny last night… a “cherpumple” cake. It’s 3-layer cake, with a cherry pie, pumpkin pie and apple pie as the layers, then cream cheese frosting all around. Sort of the turducken of the dessert world. Bizarre!
November 27 at 1:46pm
Survived Walmart! Easy trip – no traffic, no crowd, several items we wanted were on sale. Hooray! That should hold us until Valentine’s Day. Hope you’re making big progress!
November 27 at 3:03pm
My sister volunteered to do most of my Christmas shopping! That may be the best gift I get!
November 27 at 5:14pm
Talked to my college room mate. Don’t hear from her much… Good to catch up.
November 27 at 10:51pm
Hey, kid. Hope you had a good day, and fun with darts! I had a quiet time after Walmart. Hubby went to help friends on a project. I heard from two college friends, and got stuff done around the house. Wish I had your help schlepping my boxes! Not that I’d waste your energy on that if you were here. 😉 Heh. Sleep well, sweet man.
Sunday stacks
Between Phil and You
November 28 at 5:12am
Good morning! I hope you are off to a good start on this Sunday. Another very quiet morning – so dark, and not a single car in the lot! It’s cold – only 29. Might get to 40, and sunny. Have a great day!
November 28 at 5:37am
What are you up to this fine Sunday? Church? Can’t decide what I’ll do today. Might work here, or go see my friends.
November 28 at 5:39am
I’m meeting a college friend and her family from CA in the North End for dinner. Wonderful Italian neighborhood, like stepping into Europe. Eating at La Famiglia Giorgio for Roman style food.
November 28 at 2:09pm
Happy football! I made it out to see friends, had yummy coconut shrimp and onion soup at the 99. Now with my folks, making the rounds of all the seniors today!
November 28 at 8:36pm
Home, full of chicken and eggplant parm and pasta! Headed back to D.C.? Call @ half time? or anytime… Need to ask about cheese. 🙂
November 28 at 11:52pm
Big ISP outage down the East Coast due to DNS problems (no, I don’t know what that really means) that took 3 hours to figure it out, used smartphone and tips from FB. Finally back online! Thank goodness for my new phone.
Interesting dinner out… nothing like trying to catch up with a college friend while her two little kids poke each other and talk non-stop. Eep. And they paid! Amazing Italian food… seafood but no lobster! Fun to be in the North End again. Our Little Italy.
November 28 at 11:57pm
Sleep well, sweet man.

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