Thanksgiving Eve
Between Phil and You
November 24 at 10:51am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a great start. It is a bright, clear sunny day, but wicked cold and WINDY. They mentioned “wind chill” on the radio for the first time this season – feels like 16 degrees out. Eeep. The leaves are swirling and dancing in the streets. At least it’s not precipitating on all the travelers!

Phil November 24 at 10:54am
Getting ready to bail out of here to forge through all the traffic. Promises to be a miserable drive. I’m well rested and it’s a gorgeous day though so not so bad. Can’t wait to start cooking. Have a great day!

November 24 at 11:19am
We’re closing the office at 12:30 pm. Hooray! Call me if you want someone to help make the trip go faster. 🙂
November 24 at 11:24am
It’s wicked quiet here. No student workers to entertain us. They’ve scattered to the four winds, literally.
November 24 at 2:25pm
Hoping your drive isn’t too bad. I am so thankful we don’t have to drive anywhere today! I had yummy Chinese leftovers for lunch – spicy Yu Shiang eggplant with chicken!

[Philip called me about 4:30 pm and we talked for an hour while he drove to the beach]

Thanksgiving thoughts
Between Phil and You
November 25 at 6:00am
Good morning! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Football Day! I hope your holiday is off to a great start. It’s wicked cold here…below freezing for the first time. Only 31 now, but headed to the hi 40’s. There are no vehicles at all in the lot! That is a rare sight… Have a fabulous day!
Phil November 25 at 7:57am
Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey is in the oven, potatoes peeled. Reading the paper and getting ready for the parade. Weather feels nice here today. Have a great day!
Thanksgiving and Football
2:02 pm Me: Sis’s house and her car! (photo)
2:25 pm Me: Menu for turkey and more (photo of list)
2:33 pm Me: And the Pats tie it up!  Ha!
2:47 pm Phil: Oh bite me.  I’m so pissed off about this game.  Have I mentioned I can’t stand the Patriots
2:48 pm Me: Nothing like a 79 yd pass!
2:49 pm Phil: What a joke!  Mr. Smith will be selling hot dogs on a street corner tomorrow.  Friggin bum.
2:50 pm Me:  And I’d love to bite you, kid.  Turkey isn’t cooking and everyone is starving and cranky here!
2:51 pm Phil: Ooooohhh.  We are done.  Drinking beer now rooting against the suck ass Patriots.
2:52 pm Me: Good food?
2:54 pm Phil: Oh yea.  Meal was fabulous!
3:01 pm Me: Wow!  Brady and Branch are cooking!
3:25 pm Me: Turkey is finally done…only 2 hrs late!  Off to gooble!
3:26 pm Phil: Enjoy!
3:29 pm Me: Thanksgiving Dinner!  [photo of the buffet]
3:58 pm Me: Wow what a game! (sorry)
4:02 pm Phil: Yeah yeah yeah
4:05 pm Me: Go Team!
4:15 pm Phil: 🙂
4:44 pm Me: Dessert!  Pear cranberry crisp, brown butter pumpkin cake and vanilla ice cream – all homemade!  [photo of desserts]
4:50 pm Phil: Now that looks good!
9:58 pm Me: Having fun?  Tough game…
10:16 pm Me: That’s better!  [His team takes the lead]

November 25 at 11:34pm
Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Thanks for keeping me smiling during the long wait for dinner. You’re so cute when you are hatin’ on the Pats. 🙂
Quiet evening – Hubby went to a huge party. So it’s me and the cat keeping an eye on football. Whee… Strangely sleepy – must be turkey. Sleep well, sweet man.
Phil November 25 at 11:36pm
Game is winding down. Nice way to end the day. Black Friday tomorrow. Been a nice day. Glad yours was too.

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