December days

December days
Between Phil and You
December 1 at 8:08am
Good morning! Happy December! Hope we both survive all the craziness! Much warmer, 48, going to mid 50′. Gotta love a forecast with “steady, soaking rain” and “Wind gusts over 50 mph.” Not! There’s news in the lot – catering trucks! The holiday party season has started. Have a good day, Philip.
December 1 at 8:25am
Work still busy for you? Leisurely morning for me… extra hour at home because I’m off to MGH at 10 am for more mammograms. Blech. Good that they’re double-checking everything, but still an ordeal. Then back to work. Luckily, I can walk out the door of the hospital, and cross the street to the entrance of Red Line! Hope I don’t get soaked.
Phil December 1 at 8:32am
That sounds like no fun! It’s raining sideways here. Still busy. I am trying to close things out and there are a lot of little things I want to finish up. I hate to leave anything hanging. Stay dry!

December 1 at 11:02am
Made it to MGH before the rain started. In the hurry up and wait zone…maybe if I start a msg, they’ll come for me? When I rule the world, if they say 10 am, that is when it will happen, not an hr later. And there will be gowns big enough for me… and magazines more current than July! Heh… a joke for you – What’s brown and sticky? A stick! (not sure I get it but I laughed anyway) Finally going in. Rah.
December 1 at 2:50pm
I hope you’re getting things tied up and feeling good about it.
So sorry to whine at you earlier. I got a little nuts after sitting there for an hour. Finally got out of there at 12:30 pm. And the subway was fabulous – made it to the office easily!
December 1 at 4:45pm
Any fun plans for tonight? I’m off to another night of meetings! Have a nice evening, Philip.
December 1 at 9:40pm
Hope you had a relaxing evening.
What a night! Despite weather that wasn’t fit for man nor beast (the soaking rain/wind thing), everyone arrived!

December 2 at 8:32am

Good morning! I hope your skies have cleared and it’s a great morning. Clear here…38 and headed to 45. Fine for December! Not much going on in the lot.. boring cars. Heh. Enjoy your day!
Phil December 2 at 9:17am
Cold this morning. I’m headed to the gym for an hour on the eliptical. Meeting my son for an extended lunch at a British Pub that I Like. Beers with the boys tomorrow afternoon on the way to the beach. Have a great day!

December 2 at 10:25am
Hope you’re enjoying a good sweat! Looking at green grass out my window… in December. Strange and wonderful.
December 2 at 2:20pm
How was your son? What did you eat? I just met my new doctor, very cool woman.
December 2 at 4:45pm
Headed home… you around tonight? Look for me on FB? could use some distraction if you aren’t swamped. Fun only! 🙂
December 2 at 6:36pm
Ended up going to another meeting.
December 2 at 10:15pm
You doing okay? Finally made it home, got talked into going out to Margarita’s again. Enchiladas!

Phil December 2 at 10:23pm
Hey! I’m fine. Just working. Wearing myself out

December 2 at 10:24pm
Cool. Sorry to interrupt work.
December 2 at 10:39pm
No, that’s not exactly true. I would love to interrupt your work! Give you a back-rub, bring you another drink, cuddle up next to you… and then… But I won’t. I will be good. 🙂
December 3 at 1:38pm
Hiya, Kid. How goes? Hope you are having a good day. I just got back from an Indian buffet lunch. Amazing chicken tikka masala and shrimp do piazza! A friend from church recently retired and doesn’t know what to do with himself. He wanted to pick my brain.  Fun to see him and help out.
December 3 at 2:25pm
I’m off work @ 3:15 pm! Getting hair dyed. If you’re driving and want to hear my melodious voice, I’ll be twiddling my thumbs from 3:45 – 4:45 while the gray disappears. Then home after that. 
Phil December 3 at 2:32pm
Meeting the boys for a beer at 3 and then heading out. I’ll give you a call when I head that way. You have gray hair?

December 3 at 3:14pm
Beer, boys and Sassy! Woot! Yup – gray since 1980. Not giving in to it! Dye! Dye! 
Crap. Now you know my deepest, darkest secret! 😉
[Philip called me and talked for a long time.  I could hear his stories forever!]

December 4 at 12:12am
So great hearing your voice and your laugh tonight. You sure can tell a funny story! And then another one. It makes me smile a lot.
I read an email with a quote (unattributed) at the bottom: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Not quite sure what it means – I am not that deep. but it resonated with me and said “Send me to Philip.” I think you dance in the rain a lot, if they mean making the best of life despite what’s happening. I hope I can do that.
Hope you have some good moments this weekend. And if not much, look forward to hearing me laugh on Sunday!
Sleep well, sweet man.
December 4 at 2:21pm
Hey.. kid! Happy Saturday! Sunny and cold – only 39 for a high. Brrr. What’s your fun tasks for today? How can it be 2:15 already? On my dad’s computer in Arlington. Cleaning out a month of emails. 135 msgs – 3 actual messages for them. Ick. I tired to keep dad awake with tales of my meetings, but he nodded off pretty quickly. *sigh*
Busy morning, talked to the house cleaner for an hour! He’s coming back Thursday to clean top to bottom. Hooray! And maybe monthly… we’ll see how much cash I get for Christmas! Have a great day!
December 5 at 10:05pm
Hey, kid. Hope you had a good weekend! Wicked cold and windy here, never got out of the 30s. Nice lunch out – eggs with hollandaise on a potato pancake! and a side of bacon. Heh. Happy Hanukkah to me. Quiet night. Hubby went to a Doctor Who marathon at the local art theater.
December 6 at 5:36am
Good morning! Hope your day is off to a good start. Still under the covers in bed, wishing you were here. Have a great day!
December 6 at 10:00am
Good morning! Wicked cold here… only 29. And windy. Double brr… I hope your day is going well. I will be thinking of you.
December 6 at 12:46pm
Almost lunch time… payroll done! Prepping for big meeting tonight.  Always a good time. Whee!

Football fun
Between Phil and You
December 6 at 3:56pm
Is it time to think about FOOTBALL yet? 🙂
December 6 at 10:27pm
Are you watching this game? Driving?
December 6 at 11:38pm
Yikes. Sorry.
December 6 at 10:36pm
Hey kid! You okay? Home – great fun! Wondering how your day went.. and where you are. Hope it’s all good.

Tuesday trips
Between Phil and You

December 7 at 8:35am
Good morning! Hope your day is off to a good start. Very clear and cold here… 29 and not rising. Quiet day in the lot. No trucks. No birds. Hope it’s an omen for a quiet day. Have a great one, Philip!
[Philip called me when he was driving out of D.C. for the final time.  He was so elated!]

December 7 at 6:39pm
Hey, kid! So great to talk with you. Congrats on being done in D.C.! You sounded like a 500 lb weight had been lifted off your shoulders! On to bigger and better things!
Phil December 7 at 10:28pm
I can’t describe how good it feels. Focused on the next job now. This one in the rear view mirror!

December 7 at 10:33pm
Hooray!  You are reading my mind… it freaks me out. In a good way. I was just sitting here at my desk, thinking of you and up pops a message. Cool.

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