Friday foibles

Friday foibles
Between Phil and You
Phil November 5 at 7:42am

Hope you are doing OK today. I guess I felL asleep last night. Woke up about 2, light on, laptop next to me. Sheesh. Have a good day.

November 5 at 8:34am

Good morning! Happy Friday! I hope your day is off to a good start. It’s a misty morning here, foggy, calm, close. But warmer…51 degrees. Feels like a good day to go back to bed. But I have people to see and things to do and so I am off to work!
November 5 at 8:49am
I am feeling fabulous, thanks to you! I’m smiling, thinking about scallops and steak and other delights.
I’m doing payroll today, due to holiday next week. At least it’ll make Monday easier.  What’s on your schedule for today?
November 5 at 4:08pm
You off to the beach? There already? I’m done with payroll and meetings… twiddling my thumbs again. I hope you’ve started thinking about football and are feeling good!
November 5 at 6:39pm
Weird day dealing with trying to get surgeon appt… Ended up with two! Having dinner at sister’s – pork tenderloin, garlic taters, brussels sprouts and pots de creme for dessert! I think she is trying to spoil me. 🙂
November 5 at 10:19pm
Amazing dinner. You would’ve liked this one! You could have had wine! They have a huge cellar of bottles. And she used garlic on the brussels sprouts.. almost edible. Though they make me giggle… you know why.  She said you are invited, if the opportunity arises.
Late last night was… very special. You are made of awesome.

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