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November 4, 2010 Chat

(This was the evening that I told him I had breast cancer)
10:49 PM Phil: you doing ok?
10:55 PM yup you?
10:56 PM Phil: yea, full belly, watching a chronicle of Johnny Cash, awesome 

11:10 PM There!  Off the phone. Friend was telling me about breast reconstruction.  Heh.

Phil: naked under the covers, enjoying the cool air
oh, my
buzzed a litte on the wine? mellow?
Phil: yea, feel good, meal was fabulous 

11:12 PM It’s so great that you can be good to yourself that way

Phil: it was wonderful. I enjoyed cooking it and eating it
Did your new grill pan work?
Phil: was perfect.  Great pan!
Sam’s club, too?
Phil: no, military exchange. Calphanon pan, wonderful

wow… I know that brand. good stuff
How’s your shoulder been?

Phil: ok as long as I don’t use it. rotater cuff is messed up
Did you see the photos of the Botanical Garden?  
Phil: have not looked yet. I have to go there before I leave D.C.

Thanks for calling this afternoon.  Would have been great to talk.
But my phone was on my desk… at home! D’oh
Phil: not much good there

11:28 PM so you’re in bed? is it a single bed? just trying to put you in context…

11:31 PM Phil: single bed, windows open, cool inside, lots of covers, naked body underneath

thanks.  That’s good for my imagination.  
I’m sitting at my desk…in the living room
wearing a smile. 

Phil: my cock is rock hard, need a hot mouth to help relieve the problem 

11:34 PM I want to put my mouth on you.  

11:37 PM I want to hear you moan.

Phil: need to moan, need to cum

I want to run my tongue down your ass… 
Phil: i like that

press a finger inside you…
lick you… taste you…
put you in my mouth at just the right angle
in and out
Phil: ummmm, did you enjoy the feeling of my cum flooding your pussy? 

11:44 PM yes… and the look on your face…and the pulsing…clenching

so hot…so hard..
Phil:  i’m glad 

11:45 PM it was… the best.  


Phil: i’m sure you had better but thank you 

11:46 PM you worried about being inexperienced…not matching up…
but you were far and beyond the hottest… I mean it… 

drove me wild

11:48 pm Phil: that’s nice, I’m glad 

your pussy is tight as hell, felt wonderful.
I want it all over me… down my throat
on my chest

Phil: would have enjoyed jerking off on your tits and face,
watching you take my cock in your mouth as I started to cum

I want to taste it… drink it…
then kiss you deep…mingle your juice with mine…
Phil: mmmmm 

11:51 PM hum until my lips vibrate all around you…set you fire… 

11:54 PM Phil: oh yeah!

whisper in your ear… Fuck me.. Philip.
cum now… let go… give it all to me…
I want every inch of your cock… 
Phil: oh yea, love to hear you talk dirty
Fuck me.. do it… drive your dick into me…
Phil: cock is so hard, dripping, wet, so ready to explode

I want to be there
sucking every last drop of it…
stroking your balls
making you tremble and cry out for me

Phil: mmmmmmm
make you shake 

11:59 PM take you right to the edge 

12:00 AM then pause… listen to you pant

and start to come down
then press you inside me…
so tight…
so hot
so ready for you…

Phil: sounds like your pussy is as wet as my cock is hard

wet. WET.  WET!
It’s starting to….pulse

Phil: good, shove a couple fingers inside and get off

feeling you behind me
with your hands on my hips
pulling my ass up
Phil: shoving my cock inside 

12:04 AM yes… 

shoving your cock inside me
in and out
me biting my lip
hips pressing higher…
feeling so right…
so… ummmm
and you cumming…
and then not resting… not stopping…
checking to be sure I’m alright and then flipping me over

Phil: oh fuck, cumming, all over my chest and belly 

12:07 AM taste it for me…

Phil: sweet, thick, warm 

12:09 AM take me to the shower with you…

press me against the side…
fuck me again under the hot water…
omg… I am cumming so hard…waves and waves… 
you know what that looks like

12:17 AM Did you pass out?

12:38 AM Good night, sweet man.

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