Lobster tasting

Saturday softness
Between Phil and You
November 6 at 8:45am
Good morning! What’s up for your Saturday? Hope it’s not too much hard work. It’s cloudy, cool (45 all day) and windy.. the flag on the building next door is whipping back and forth. Quiet in the parking lot.. several dogs and their people are trudging to the park for a romp.
Phil November 6 at 9:26am
Morning, cool nice morning here. Working out in the yard, out to dinner at a fancy place tonight with friends. One of my favorites. Get truck inspected a little touch up work etc. My kind of day>
November 6 at 9:29am
Glad to hear it can be a good day. I’m off to my parents to sit with my dad while Mom helps out at a church funeral.
Phil November 6 at 9:30am 
Enjoy the time.

November 6 at 9:46am
You not believing you’re fabulous – want to fix that. You are #12 inside me… plus h.s. experiences. One guy got my mind out of control – the role-player, pretending forbidden situations. But didn’t satisfy my body, didn’t know how. Men scared me, hurt me or bored me. Later I got better at explaining what I need, but never out of control. They focus only on them.
You were the only boy who made me feel safe and sexy. You’re the only man who has set off my mind and my body. Who can go again right away. Trust me, this is very special.
You are not perfect… many ways to get better, further, higher, hotter… we can explore for both our sakes. But the combination of your beautiful body and generous mind are the best. Ever. and fun! Believe it.
November 6 at 11:42am
On my dad’s computer…he’s asleep in his chair. Looked up the fancy restaruant. Spectacular! Very creative pairing of entrees and unique sides. Interesting desserts… never seen chocolate cake “cooked to order” before. Enjoy!
November 6 at 5:40pm
Tried a possible spot for December! Took a couple of friends to the Seaport area in Boston, near the Black Falcon pier – Yankee Lobster Company.
Got to taste clam chowder, coconut shrimp, fried shrimp, baked bay scallops, then the $24.95 special – 2 lb lobster (corn on the cob, fries & slaw). May have been the best lobster I’ve ever eaten. So fresh and sweet! Great chowder and lobster, but only average beer selection (according to friend) and weird little dining room. More of a fish market than a real restaurant. So not the answer. Will keep trying places. Ah, the things I do for you. Heh. 🙂
November 6 at 5:42pm
Here’s a photo of the feast. Stick a fork in that!

November 6 at 9:55pm
Hope you had a wonderful dinner out. Quiet evening at home for me -caught up on “The Mentalist”. He is such a hoot! Watched mushy videos on youtube. Another wild Saturday night at my place. 🙂

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