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Between Phil and You
October 20 at 4:57pm
Have fun at the pub! Tell me where so I can drool over the menu? xx00

October 20, 2010 Chat
11:18 pm Me: hiya  
Phil: how bout them Yankees!
Me: Brat
Phil: HA
Me: Told ya they’d get better
CC’s a moose but he can sure pitch
Phil: lot better than he was in game one.
Me: Good pub?
Phil: in Fredricksburg, called the Pub.
Bangers and Mash are awesome. Great selection of beers
Me: Ooh… love Bangers and Mash.
Phil: my absolute favorite. Has to be the real Brit sausages though and real mashed potatoes. This place is very authentic
Me: Amazing menu
Phil: they brought everything in from England. Place is gorgeous. Guys all wear Kilts, gals, short skirts. Nice
Me: I still want to see you in a kilt someday…
Phil: ha, good luck
Me: maybe there’s one with a football logo‚Ķ
Phil: hmmmmm
11:35 PM Phil: geez
Me: Busy day today?
Phil: yea, got a lot done, great workout, nice evening, winding down very quickly
11:37 PM Me: Cool
11:44 PM Phil: To bed to bed. Goodnight girlie. Pooped
11:45 PM Me: G’night sweet man

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