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Between Phil and You
October 21 at 11:41am
Good morning! Hope your day is going well. What’s up? It’s a gray day here… and cold. But I am feeling great! No work to do, headed out to lunch with one of my assistants.
October 21 at 12:36pm
Something stuck with me from a recent chat… you worried about disappointing me. And me worrying I’d disappointed you. And neither of us saying anything. Let me be clear, so you don’t worry. So you smile when you think of this girl. 🙂
I wrote a 600 line email about all the ways you make me happy. But in deference to your busy schedule, here’s one:
Being with you is easy. Natural. Comfortable. FUN! Maybe the best 39 hours of my life. When we rode around singing 50s tunes, tried new food, had deep conversations, or leaning on the coffee table with your mouth on me, or in bed with my mouth on you. Or any other moment.
You are a gorgeous, caring, passionate man. I trusted you with my life for two days, and you made me feel special and sexy and smart.
If there is anything that is worrying you, ask. If my feelings change, I’ll tell you. Promise to do the same. Hope that makes sense!
October 21 at 4:35pm
Busy day? Hope you’re having a good one.
Had a fun lunch! I usually eat at my desk, and never go far, but my assistant talked me into going to Kendall Square (on the subway) to eat at Cosi with a bunch of her friends. Great sandwich – shrimp remoulade on flatbread!  
October 21 at 8:38pm
We had a great sushi dinner tonight. Went to Toraya up in Arlington. Just a little storefront – 6 tables and sushi bar. Do you like sushi? What do you usually order? I eat cooked stuff. Tonight we shared Edamame, Soft Shell Crab & Veggie Tempura, then SUSHI! Nigiri – Tamago, Unagi, Kanikama and a Shrimp tempura maki roll with spicy mayo! Yum. Feel so bouncy after all that protein!
Phil October 21 at 11:16pm
I do like sushi. I like octopus, squid, and tuna. I like sashimi, can do without the rice. Try to go about once a week.

October 21 at 11:32pm
Wow! Sashimi, huh? That’s hard core raw… awesome! I’ve never met anyone who ate the octopus and squid, much less likes it. Wow. You are so intrepid!
Phil October 21 at 11:34pm
Intrepid? Too big a word. What the heck does that mean?
October 21 at 11:37pm
Aw, come on. Go to Google, type define: intrepid
Audacious, courageous, fearless, adventurous, bold, brave, daring!
Phil October 21 at 11:40pm
It’s too late for me. Bout 40 degrees. Buried in the covers. Half asleep. Guess intrepid is good

October 21 at 11:42pm
Ok. I hear ya. You love to torture me, talking about being under the covers, in bed… dammit. If I was there you’d be warmer and more awake!
October 21 at 11:48pm
I suppose you should sleep… I’ll stop using big words or telling you what I wish I could do with you right now… sweet dreams, sweet man.

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