Reassurance Chat

October 19, 2010
10:29 pm Me: hey! how ya doing?    
Phil: hey beat watchin the Yanks
Me: they still up?
Phil: yeah 3-2
Me: see NCIS?
Phil: yeah both of them. both good shows
Me:  funny bit with Ziva and Tony… I nearly lost it when he said “That’s my knee.”
Phil: nice nite, beers with the boys
that was funny
Me: Great to see your smiling face in the bar on FB in the midst of my crazy day.
Phil: british pub tomorrow nite
Me: oooh
Phil: suffering as usual
Me: eh? suffering?
Phil: now 5-3 texas
Me: oof.
Phil: damn yankees
cold beer, nice place, great weather, it’s a tough life
Me: I dunno… they have a way of making their way through the play-offs…
It’s wicked cold here.
Phil: yeah, they suck so far
Me: was that one of the little places in D.C.?
Phil: yeah, sure was – right on 8th
Me: I had dinner with my folks.
Phil: thats nice     
10:42 pm Me: remembering…
Phil: I’d better get to bed.     
10:47 pm Me: Nice to chat… thanks
Phil: falling asleep too. Nite     
10:48 pm Me: Sleep well, sweet man.    
10:49 pm Me: Go before I type something sexy and make a fool of myself…
Phil: no such thing. Good nite Sassy
10:52 pm Me: I can control it most of the time, but late at night… 
ooof… the sight of you kneeling over me takes over…  
10:54 pm Phil: nothing wrong with that 🙂      
10:55 pm Me:  I close my eyes and all I see is taking you in my mouth and hear you moan…   
10:57 pm Phil: i liked that     
10:58 pm Me: so hot… so hard…
I wish I had done it more… better…
Phil:  hope I was not a disappointment  
10:59 pm Me: I’ve been wondering if I was!
10:59 pm Phil: I enjoyed it all 
11:00 pm Me: Me, too.
Thank you for the reassurance… needed that.
Phil: have a new appreciation for thai and greek food. what was the dessert we had?
Me: hot kisses in the parking lot!
I still can’t believe I asked and they had it…a magic moment.
Phil:  that was awesome. going back there. gonna ask again
bed time now. goodnight. really looking forward to seeing you in december. 
excited about sweet lobster, cold beer, old friends, a fun sexy evening
Me: I’ve been looking at restaurants.
Phil:  pick a good one. you know what I like
Me: Dreaming of your hands on me… my mouth on you…     
11:09 pm Phil: ummm 
11:11 pm Me: still things to try…
Phil:  sleep first. goodnight
11:13 pm Goodnight.

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3 thoughts on “Reassurance Chat”

  1. It’s interesting how the chats and emails cool off. This happens to me all the time. I know it’s worked out for you and Phil but this conversation for me would definitely indicate the end. God bless you for hanging in there. Sorry to be such a downer. Having a bad day full of rejection and yes, a chat similar to this one without the happy ending.

  2. Oh, Kitty! So good to know you understand! I’ve read back over the messages and chats so many times… trying to see where the chill came. But the roller coaster keeps going up and down and around. I always tell myself “tomorrow will be better!” Hope it’s true for us both.

  3. Well today I am having a particularly tough day but when I step back and take a look at it I realize that this is all very unnatural. We are married for all intents and purposes and SHOULD be concerning ourselves with that man and that man alone. Having said that, yes, I completely understand. Perhaps it is an issue with East Coast men. The men out in Cali sound delightful.

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