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Between Phil and You
October 18 at 6:27am
Good morning! Hope your day is off to a grand start. Another cold morning here… we’ve definitely crossed over toward into cool weather. Certainly was an amazing football day yesterday. I begin to see why you like it so much!
October 18 at 6:35am
What’s up with you today? Driving north? More work on the house? Hope it’s productive, whatever it is.
Phil October 18 at 9:10am
Back in DC. Got a lot to get done. Good weekend. Did that place say Margaritas on it? Looked cool.

October 18 at 12:26pm
Hope you’re making great progress at work. Are you a fan of Mexican food? It did say Margarita’s! Great dinner -10 people. Lots of drink choices. Food was good for a chain. Good guacamole! I had the “Famous Taster” sampler – little chicken burrito, beef taco and cheese enchilada, rice and beans, to get an idea of their different things. All that for $10.99.
Phil October 18 at 12:27pm
Yeah I love Mexican food!


From: Sassy
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 1:37:40 PM EDT
To: Phil
Subject: Crossword puzzle
Another in the category of “the universe is out to keep him in my mind…”
The NY Times had a puzzle that was all about you!  See attached.  Seemed easy to me.  The ones I didn’t know filled in from the crosses.  You could probably do it under 5 minutes.  But don’t if you’re busy.  Just thought it would give you a laugh.  

From: Phil

Subject: Re: Crossword puzzle
Date: October 18, 2010 1:45:26 PM EDT
To: Sassy

This is cool! Thanks!

October 18 at 4:01pm
You watching MNF tonight? Titans or Jaguars?
Phil October 18 at 4:48pm
Titans. Of course I’m watching MNF!

October 18 at 7:47pm
Why the Titans?
October 18 at 10:13pm
Good game so far? Score looks great… Ping me or call? Wicked boring here tonight.
From: Phil

Subject: Re: Crossword puzzle
Date: October 19, 2010 8:50:43 AM EDT
To: Sassy

   Fun puzzle!  My schedule has been unreal. The close out of this job, getting house ready, prepping for the new job is over whelming! All good though. Late nites and busy weekends. Have a great day!


Phil October 19 at 8:57am 
Game was a route, Yankees lost, ah well. Did get some work done though. That was a good thing. My boy likes the Titans. I really did not care

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