Visit Part 8 – Heading home

Day 3 – Thursday, October 7, 2010
I woke up several times in the night when Phil brushed against me in bed.  Damn… just a touch of his hip on my leg or a stray foot can set me off.  I toyed with the idea of waking him to ravage him again, but decided against it.   
He got up at 6:30 am to shower.  I popped out of bed, packed up, dressed and ate a cereal bar for breakfast.  He went out to make a phone call.  He tried to give me his copy of a Dan Brown book, but it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase and was too big to carry, so I returned it to him.  I checked around to be sure I had everything, and take one more look at this place that had been the anchor of the best 39 hours of my life.  We put everything in the car.  I kissed him silly before he could drive away. 
He drove me to the airport.  The traffic was fierce until we got onto the GW Parkway.  What a pretty road!  It reminds me of the Taconic Parkway in upstate NY, winding its way along the river.  I saw all the monuments and the Ladybird Johnson gardens… lovely.  We sang along to the 50’s SIRIUS radio station.  I tried not to pay too much attention to the lyrics about love.  It wasn’t too tough, oddly enough.  We rolled on to Dulles. I thought he would drop me off, but he pulled in to park.  I thanked him and invited him to come to Boston anytime.  He said he’d be there in December.  I was disappointed that he’s stopped thinking about coming up in November.  *sigh*
He walked me all the way to security, passing the USO office offering free coffee.  He said he might stop in on the way out.  We stopped just short of the spot where you have to show your ticket to go any further.  We were lucky that there was no one else around.  I kissed him over and over.  I realized that we had not talked about us, or made any plans and started to panic.  Just then, he hugged me tight and said, “I am going to see you in December.  We have a date right?”  When I didn’t answer immediately, he tilted my chin up and looked into my eyes. “Right?” he said, a little frantic.  “Oh, yes,” I replied, nodding my head adamantly.  I was afraid I might cry but I managed to keep my composure.  He hugged me even tighter and the only thing I felt was how right it was to be in his arms.  I kissed him once more, then turned to hand my ticket to the guard and walked away. 
Security took almost 30 minutes.  Yuck!  I sat down to put my shoes back on, then took the double escalators down to the train that takes you to the terminal.  I found my gate, B70, went to the bathroom, and got a bottle of water. 
I was sitting at the gate, realizing I really didn’t know how he felt about our days together.  Right then, I got a text.  It was clear from the timing that after he left me at the security checkpoint, he must have sat in his car and texted me.

8:46 am Phil: Got my coffee! Have a great flight.  I had fun, ate some new things that I enjoyed, enjoyed the conversation, was a very enjoyable couple of days. 🙂

I texted him back and said,

9:25 am Thru security, at gate. Thanks for your sweet msg and all you did to make me feel special.  It was fun!

9:26 am Phil: Be safe.  Traffic was no sweat. Just pulling up to work.
9:31 am So glad you got in easily. Have a great day!
9:40 am Big hope was “you rock my world” and no regrets — my thoughts right now! Viva la chemistry!” 
3:37 pm Phil: “Great! Thank you!”

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2 thoughts on “Visit Part 8 – Heading home”

  1. Through security at Dulles in 30 mins – that’s good!

    It’s so much better now with the trains. Before they had these people movers that looked like they were out of Star Wars.

    Glad you had such a great visit!

    Often we fly out of BWI even though it’s a bit farther just because of the quickness through security.

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