Visit Part 9 – Home again

October 7 at 1:40pm
Hey, there! I hope you’re having a great day.  I had an easy flight. JetBlue knows how to do it!  Home now, full of my comfort food – spicy Szechuan dumpling soup: suan la chow show.  Thinking of our adventures and smiling. 🙂

Email to an online pal the afternoon I got back from D.C.

Thursday, October 7, 2010 2:18 pm

Subject: Quick trip summary

HI, Betsy,

Wow… I am so touched that you are checking in on me.  I am wondering just how angst-y I sounded before Tuesday!  Sorry if I worried you too much.  

I am fine.  Better than fine.  Great!  I had a wonderful time with Philip.  We talked a lot, kissed a lot and ate great food!  And as I was saying good bye at the airport, he said, “So I will see you in Boston in December, right?  It’s a date.”  Heh.  
I managed to stay “in the moment” all the time, not fret about the past or the future.  I did not analyze.  I did not cry.  Not sure how!  I answered a lot of questions.  And didn’t get tied up in emotions.  Just enjoyed.  
He thinks of himself as a know-it-all on the food front, having traveled and eaten all over the world, but I was able to introduce him to three new things!
 – Thai soup: tom ka gai (chicken coconut soup), 
 – an appetizer – Greek taramosalata (blended fish roe and cheeses) 
 – Greek dessert – galaktoboureko (phyllo with custard inside)!  
He took me to his office!  So cool.  Everyone salutes him.  So strange.  
I do miss him a lot already.  It is so fun to be with him.  And such a luxury to be able to touch a man whenever I want. 
After I cleared security and was seated at the gate, I started to fret about whether he’d had a good time, since we didn’t talk about how we felt at all.  Then I got a text.  It was clear from the timing that after he left me at the security checkpoint, he must have sat in his car and texted me.  It read “Have a great flight.  I had fun, ate some new things that I enjoyed, enjoyed the conversation, was a very enjoyable couple of days. 🙂  
Not sure what else to say.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
And thanks again for good vibes.  It seems to have worked in spades. 
Back to my mundane life!

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