Visit Part 4 – A late dinner

We finally got dressed about 9:15 pm and he drove me to the National Harbor area in Maryland.  The first song we heard on his SIRIUS radio 50’s station was a song he had sung at a talent show in high school that we had been talking about as we dressed.  What are the chances?  We burst out laughing.  We got a little lost, but made our way back around.  I kissed him at traffic lights, and played with his knee with my fingers while he drove.  We sang along with the radio.  I marveled at his beautiful singing voice.  
The National Harbor is an amazing new conglomeration of hotels, shops, condos and restaurants along the river.  We parked across from a dueling piano bar and he extolled their virtues.  I paid the meter with my credit card – the first time I’d seen a meter that will take a card!  We strolled through the Gaylord resort and gawked at their atrium and dancing fountains.  Then strolled the streets along the river looking at restaurants. 
We found a brand new Thai place called Thai Pavillion.  We sat across from each other at a small table for two.  I was starving!  We each had a bowl of tom ka gai [chicken coconut] soup (which he’d never had before) then shared the chicken satay appetizer with a spicy peanut sauce, and ended with a mound of fried rice with shrimp, beef and chicken.  He drank a Singha beer and I had thai iced tea.  Everything was delicious!  He tried the four hot spices the waitress brought him.  We were the only people in the place for the latter part of the meal and the staff was very attentive.  
We told each other stories about our travels and favorite dishes at restaurants.  I played with his hands.  It was such a luxury to be able to touch him whenever I felt like it.  I asked to be sure it was okay to touch him, and he said, “absolutely!”  Though he never reached over to touch me.  Not sure why.  I think he is used to not being able to do that.   He paid for dinner.  
We strolled back to the car.  I gloried in stopping to kiss him at regular intervals.  I pulled him into a doorway for an extended make-out session.  He laughed at me doing that, but seemed genuinely pleased.  And I kissed him in the car at every stop light on the way back to the room.
He went outside to call home.  I set up my laptop on the desk and emailed folks to let them know things were going well.  We took off our clothes again, crawled back onto the bed and fooled around at a more relaxed pace.  I put my hands and then my mouth on him.  He watched me for awhile, but then his eyes rolled back in his head and he started breathing really deep.  I got him revved up, then backed off.  Then started up again.  Taking him to the edge, and stopping.  He seemed very pleased.  Finally he grabbed me and went in through the back door again.  Damn… we are so good together!

He fell asleep about midnight, but I was wired so I got up and went online to write a diary entry for my journal.  I wanted to capture every detail so I would never forget this magic time with him.  

What a day!  I can’t believe how comfortable I feel with him, how easy he is to talk to, how hot he makes me… I thought that part of my life was over, but he has turned it all back on again in a major way!  

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