Visit Part 5 – An unexpected lunch

Day 2 – Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Phil woke up very early, showered, and put on his uniform.  It made his butt look spectacular!  I told him so and he blushed.  He had always said he wanted to keep his job separate from his personal life, so it felt very special to get to see him dressed like that. 
He gave me a big kiss then headed out, said he’d see me in the late afternoon.  I ate a cereal bar, did work on the computer, and showered.  I sent him a message on FB the same as I would any other morning. 
Wednesday wonders 
Between Phil and You
October 6 at 7:25am
Hey there, sweet man. It’s a gorgeous, cool morning here. Full of colors – blue sky, white clouds, green grass and trees, brown buildings… and people of all colors going by. Everything seems right with this corner of the world. Have a great day!

He called mid-morning, said it was quiet in the office and he couldn’t wait all day to see me!  Wow!  He wanted to take me out for lunch.  I put my hair up and dressed up a bit.  My sister called and we had a nice chat. It was the first time she really let me talk about him.  She seemed to finally understand how wonderful he is for me.  The housekeeper came through to make the bed and give us more towels.
Phil returned about noon, and took me over to officers club!  They had an incredible buffet! Wowzers. It was a gorgeous country club building, and a huge dining room in colonial style with big chandeliers. What an incredible array of food! There were five tables – salads, soups, two entree tables and dessert! I had ham chowder, a fried chicken breast, kielbasa, green beans, broccoli, mac & cheese and a salad with beets.  I was very virtuous and did not go back for seconds! I ate a tiny taste of cherry jello, German chocolate cake and pecan pie!  Lots of sweet tea. Our waiter was a very friendly black older gentleman who fawned over Phil.  Phil told me stories about his dogs and the neighborhood cats.  He seemed nervous.  I did not touch him.  Too many people around. I got a good look at his uniform and metal – his name tag had quite an impressive title.  The waiter tried to con his watch off him! 
I kissed him in the car in the parking lot, but he seemed nervous about who might see us.  He drove me back to the room and pressed me up against the wall for a long kiss. Oh, how wonderful he makes me feel!  
I had a nice chat with my online friend, Betsy. She let me gush about Phil. She likes him. Heh. She told me she is very proud of the way I am handling it, staying in the now. Not peppering him with questions, just having fun. I told her it’s because I can talk to her instead!
I finished up all my work, and decided to rest my eyes until Phil arrived. He was almost 40 minutes late, so it was good I was mostly asleep and not fretting too much.   

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