Visit Part 3 – Going All The Way

Once I stopped shaking, he let me go, rose, smiled, stepped back and took off all his clothes!  I stared.  He is beautiful!  And has a great smile.  I looked at him and wondered how I got so lucky, to be able to see this gorgeous man without his clothes.  And suddenly it hit me – I am going to be able to touch him, too!   I ran my hands over his tanned, smooth skin.  There is no hair except a little on his chest and between his legs in the front.  He smiled and helped me out of my clothes, unbuttoning my top, removing my bra as I stepped out of my pants, draping them over a chair.  He said, “There!  You’re naked!” 
We dashed to the bedroom and fell down on the queen-sized bed.  We rolled together and kissed some more, experiencing that amazing “skin-on-skin” sensation.  But there was no going slow this first time.  He rolled me onto my stomach, grabbed my hips to pull my ass up and entered me from the rear.  Oh…my…god!  He was so hot and hard!  I was a little startled that he chose this position to start, but I stopped thinking as I was clawing the comforter and writhing, moaning loudly.  He pulled me onto his cock over and over, pounding into me and driving me wild.  Then he flipped me over and pulled my legs up to his chest and entered me from the front.  He looked into my eyes, going slowly at first, looking at my reaction, and whispering sexy, dirty words as he got faster and faster, closing his eyes…  until I started to clench around him.  He was frantic!  He got the most amazing smile… I wish I could have been inside his head to hear his thoughts as he realized he had finally gone all the way with that girl who had haunted him for years and the woman who had mesmerized him since August.  I closed my eyes and started thrashing and squealing and shaking all over.  He pumped into me a couple more times, then stayed in and was still, his breath ragged as he came deep inside me.  
He flopped down beside me.  We smiled at each other, cuddled a bit, kissed some more.  I mentioned how surprised I was that he’d done all that sober.  He said, “Why wouldn’t I be sober?”  I answered, “Sometimes it takes a little liquid courage” and he scoffed and spanked me on the ass as he rose to do something.  I said something about body shape not mattering (my big worry had been whether he could have sex with a fat, old, married lady) and he chuckled, “No, ma’am.”  He asked me if I was okay and I nodded.  I realized he couldn’t see me, as he turned back to touch my face and asked, “No regrets?” with a worried expression.  And I assured him I was fine.  More than fine – fabulous!  He went to get a drink then, scotch in one of the little plastic hotel cups.  I realized I had just been unfaithful without batting an eyelash or giving it a thought.  And that I wasn’t sorry.  It felt so right.  And I felt so lucky to have the chance to touch someone so sexy.  It was better than anything I had imagined.  
We cuddled in the bed, and he told me stories about his scars – the knee injury from when he got hit by a car as a small child, the broken ankle from the time his brother talked him into swinging on a vine that was not attached to the tree, that he never went to the doctor about.  He made his brother sound like a sadistic jerk.  I told him what I had read in my diary about Tommy coming and going from our friendship, taking me to my junior prom, missing Phil together, and then finally he disappeared into a relationship with another girl and stopped talking to me altogether.  He shook his head at that and hugged me tightly.  I have never felt closer to another human being.  

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