Visit Part 2 – The Truth Comes Out

We had been in the car about an hour and were turning around the base of Capitol when Phil cleared his throat in an odd way.  I stopped gawking at the dome and turned in my seat to look at him.  He asked me if I’d like to freshen up or change clothes before dinner.  I said that would be fine.  He said he had a surprise on the hotel front.  He was not taking me to a hotel.  I raised an eyebrow and he quickly explained that he’d gotten a deal in the guest quarters on a local military installation!  I had no idea what to make of that.  
He drove up to a guarded gate.  The uniformed sentry brusquely requested Phil’s ID card, but then got very polite and saluted when handing it back.  The sentry lifted the gate and he drove down a boulevard lined with flags, passing by a small store and on to the guest quarters parking lot about a mile from the gate.   It occurred to me that if anything went wrong, it would be very tough for me to get off the base or call for help.  Ah well…my decision to place myself entirely under his control took on a new level of trust.  
He parked, hopped out of the car, and walked around to open my door in true gentlemanly fashion.  I had not seen that in a long time.  He got my computer bag and suitcase out of the trunk and insisted on getting them in to the room for me.  I took in the two story building that looked like townhouse condos from the 1970’s.  He must have checked in earlier, because he already had the key and his gym bag was in the room.  I looked around – we had a suite with two rooms:

1) a living room with a window overlooking a grassy field, couch, coffee table, two chairs, a TV, a kitchenette with a sink and fridge, and a desk and chair with free wifi, then

2) the bedroom with a queen size bed, a side chair, a TV, a bathroom sink, and a tiny bathroom with a stand up shower stall and toilet.

It decor looked like it had been the height of fashion 40 years ago, but it was clean and spacious.  

He set down my bags and helped me take off my sweater.  When I turned around, I was determined to get my hands on him.  Luckily, he had the same idea and we grabbed each other!  He looked slightly surprised as I put my hands on his shoulders, but put his hands on my face and kissed me.  It was not tentative or gentle, but a fierce, passionate clashing of lips and dueling tongues right off the bat.  Relief and joy and electricity coursed through me!   He had been waiting for us to be completely alone!  Aha!  
Such an incredible kisser!  He wove the fingers of one hand into my hair at the back of my neck, and wrapped his other arm around me to pull me tightly against him.  We fit together!  I could feel him hard as a rock against me.  I put my hands on his chest and sucked on his tongue.  He moaned a low mmmmm…like he was savoring a special treat.  This was the hottest moment of my life!  Burned into my memory.  No hesitation – deep kissing, so exciting with an intensity and comfort I’ve never felt before.  All the doubts were melting away.  I didn’t even care that he deviated from the plan to take me to dinner first.  
He did exactly what he said he would do.  In one of the early messages in August he described what he would do if he ever got me alone.  And he followed it to the letter.  I felt the searing heat of his gaze when he yanked up my top and bra and touched my breasts, then stepped back to get a good look at them.  I smirked, thinking “Yeah, I knew he’d want to look at my nipples right off the bat” and he said, “What?”  I didn’t say anything, just grinned and stepped back into his arms to kiss him some more. 
There was even more heat when he dipped his head to put his mouth on me!  It sent a jolt of heat and electricity right to my core and my breath caught in my throat.  My knees grew weak, and I thought I was going to fall over.  He gently sucked on my right breast and squeezed the left one, flicking the nipple with his thumb.  He bit the other nipple and a soft moan escaped my mouth.  I worried my lips with my teeth and ran my fingers through his hair.  My breath grew ragged.  
He straightened up to kiss me again.  I am never going to get tired of that, I thought.  He put his left hand inside my pants on my ass and squeezed.  His right hand trailed down inside the front until two of his fingers were inside me.  OH MY GOD!  He is not going to take this slow, I realized.  I was very gratified that my plumbing still worked…wetter than ever!  Hallelujah!  I began to breathe more quickly and he stopped kissing me, looking into my eyes as he moved his fingers in and out of my body.  I have never seen a hotter look!  
I got even hotter when he knelt, lowered my pants and panties and put his tongue inside me! I pulled his head to me and ran my fingers through his hair and made a lot of noise.  I put my knee on the coffee table so I could spread my legs more.  He held my hips and flicked my most sensitive spot with his tongue.  He sucked and licked in an amazing rhythm.  Very quickly, my inner muscles start pulsing… my knees going weak.  He kneaded my ass and licked me until I trembled.  Everything was happening very fast.   I could not think anymore… just felt wave after wave of molten heat coursing through me as if he had set my blood on fire.  I came from physical contact with a man for the first time in over 10 years!   It was incredible!  I felt more alive than I ever have before!  I want him!  He wants me!  WOW!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Visit Part 2 – The Truth Comes Out”

  1. Wonderful … so happy for you. Very hot…love the cliffhanger buildup. Looking forward to reading more. Brings me back to those first few moments of ecstasy.

  2. Fantastic! I had good feelings reading your prior post despite your belief that he wasn’t paying attention to you. Damn…ten years…I can’t even imagine how you must have felt! I’ve enjoyed following you these past weeks…and this post didn’t disappoint!

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