251 days to go

June 30, 2019 Sunday

2:38 AM Sassy
The countdown has started (251 days!) to next year’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Yesterday was the first day to sign up – They had a picnic and 40 mushers entered right there! 
2:43 AM Sassy
Several of the Alaskan mushers run tours of their kennels in the summer, including a ride with the dog team! See Julie Johnson’s report on her adventure to Nic Petit’s place. Check out the photo of Nic holding FIVE PUPPIES! and the mountains around Girdwood. Wow!


11:59 AM Sassy
Breakfast at a new place – NU Kitchen Somerville

Serving area
Fun sign
Back dining room
Smoothies for my sister: 
1) Mighty Beets Juice – beet ∙ lemon ∙ ginger ∙ carrot ∙ cucumber, and 
2) Kalefornia Dreamin’ Supercharged Smoothie – kale ∙ spinach ∙ 
chia seed ∙ banana ∙ fresh apple juice coconut milk
PortaPesto Chorizo – fresh cracked eggs, chorizo, 
portabella mushrooms, mozzarella cheese 
and basil pesto on toasted ciabatta.
Short Rib Torta – short rib, scrambled egg, tomato, 
avocado, house hots, cheddar, pressed ciabatta
Spanish Scramble for me – 3 eggs, chorizo, fresh salsa, 
parmesan cheese, black beans, fresh cilantro, 
onion and sour cream

7:02 PM Sassy
Awesome dinner at All Seasons Table Restaurant in Malden

Classic wonton soup for me 
Crispy honey ribs for me 
General Gao’s chicken for Hubby
Tofu & vegetables in black bean sauce 
Pineapple walnut shrimp for me

Gaslight Brasserie du Coin

March 24, 2019 Sunday

10:59 AM Sassy
Festive birthday brunch for my sister at Gaslight Brasserie du Coin in Boston’s South End!

Rose bouquet to greet us
Dining room
Julia Child’s raspberry shortbread
Basket of pastries
My ham and cheese crepe with a fried egg
Hash, eggs, toast and bacon

3:39 PM Sassy
I am still looking at Iditarod photos and can’t keep from posting a couple more from Jeff Shultz Photography

1) Kristy Berington rides into the Finger Lake checkpoint in the morning on March 4th during the 2019 Iditarod. 

2) Ryan Redington runs in Ptarmigan Valley in the late afternoon his way to Rohn in the Alaska Range during the 2019 Iditarod on Monday, March 4th.

Jae’s Cafe

March 19, 2019 Tuesday

7:30 AM Phil
Oh I hate that! Hope it goes well this morning. Have a fabulous day!

9:11 AM Sassy
Good morning!
Dentist was easy – he polished a little and it was fixed! Did it for free! 
Got to work before 9 am. Whee!

Hope you have a Super Tuesday!

9:17 AM Sassy
Dog face! With some race opinions… hee! See explanation of each caption below.

Robert Redington’s dog Au Revoir photographed by Scott Sloane
Captioned by Matt Hammersley 

Fun 5 minute video of Dalzell Gorge with Aliy Zirkle 


Tussocks are the tufted vegetation that make the trail a bumpy mess when there isn’t enough snow to cover them 


The coast is the barren open landscape along the Norton Sound and Bering Sea on the last leg of the race that is often a nightmare of wind and snow. https://www.facebook.com/pg/arctic.mood.photo/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2284168918571959&__tn__=-UCH-R Arctic Mood

Nome is the finish line! The nose of the lead dog has to go under the burled arch! http://www.alaska.org/detail/iditarod-burled-arch

6:38 PM Sassy
First time at Jae’s Cafe in Davis Square Somerville for Korean and Thai (they’ve taken over the Meju space)

Thai basil gimlet
Tom yum soup with chicken
Tom Kar gui chicken coconut soup
Beef mandoo dumplings
Ginger tea
Crispy shrimp spring rolls
Shrimp in a blanket
KFC (Korean fried chicken)

Dental delay

March 18, 2019 Monday

9:13 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Here’s to an easy Monday.

9:33 AM Phil
Good morning! You too! Enjoy the day!

9:36 AM Sassy
I get to see the dentist. Need a little chipped tooth fixed. Whee

11:16 AM Phil
Oh that sounds like great fun!

2:50 PM Sassy
I went over there and he was running late so I have to go back at 8:30 am tomorrow… bleh.

5:59 PM Sassy
The last musher made it to Nome on Day 16 and received the Red Lantern for last place. Congrats to Victoria Hardwick and all the mushers and their teams of dogs who made the past two weeks such a thrill ride for me!

7:04 PM Sassy
Does this pup photo beg for a caption? YES IT DOES!

“Robert Redington’s dog named Au Revoir, she gave me a lot of fun expressions. “

photo by Scott Sloan 
9:51 PM Sassy

Spectacular collection of 134 photos from just outside Nome on the Iditarod Trail! Just when I think I’ve seen Alaska from every angle, up pops a new perspective. Click through for mountains, mushers, dogs and the Bering Sea!”

“Lance Mackey and LANCE MACKEY’s Comeback Kennel running past a fishing cabin a few miles from Safety as a storm is developing”

From Artic Mood Facebook – Julien Schroder photographer


Moona brunch

March 17, 2019 Sunday

8:58 AM Sassy
Good morning! 
Your photos from nature yesterday are lovely. 
I had a productive day – got the financials started for the latest project event. Whee! 
I’m off to try a new Mediterranean brunch place. 
Hope you have a superb Sunday!

12:21 PM Sassy
First time for brunch at Moona in Inman Square Cambridge – I also ate the lamb merguez sausage with eggs. I forgot to take a photo!

View out the window
The bar
Feta fritters
My Granola with yogurt and sour cherries
The entrance

9:42 PM Sassy

Day 15 of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race started with everyone wondering when or if Sarah Stokey would make it to the finish line. Her GPS tracker was moving… slowly… then stopping. Then moving… slowly. Danny Seavey posted that she was walking… leading her dog team. She made it to Nome at 6:59 am Alaska time after 13d 15h 59m 1s on the trail. Turns out she had to walk a long, long way. “I had to be the lead dog for the last 150 miles.”

Mushing corgis

March 16, 2019 Saturday

7:26 AM Sassy
Saturday! Hope you’re seeing sunshine!

8:27 AM Phil 

[photo of his smiling face with his living room in the background, wearing a hoodie]

Good morning! Chilly but pretty.
Going to clean out my office and then go see some waterfalls

8:46 PM Sassy
More mushers, doggies and Alaskan beauty!

“A musher and the team running on the ice of the Bering Sea on the way to Nome. There has been a lot of comment that the ice is melted almost to the shore – it usually doesn’t do that until May. No one can remember it ever melting so early…”

“Aliy Zirkle’s lead dogs Dutch rests in his kennel in Nome shortly after completing the 2019 Iditarod on Wednesday March 13
Photo by Jeff Schultz/ (C) 2019″

“Aliy Zirkle poses with her lead dogs at the Nome finish line with her lead dogs Mismo and Dutch after placing 4th in the 2019 Iditarod on Wednesday March 13
Photo by Jeff Schultz/ (C) 2019″

10:35 PM Sassy

As Day 14 ends, race fans are finding wonderfully silly videos to post. 
Corgis mushing! Whee! Hee!
[6-second video]

Tonkatsu ramen

March 15, 2019 Friday

1:34 PM Sassy
Happy Friday kid! 
I’m home today getting lots done.

2:04 PM Phil
Happy Friday! Gorgeous day!

4:03 PM Sassy
Warmth! Hoping winter is over! It’s 63 degrees!  

7:03 PM Sassy

Supper at Yoshi in Somerville

My shrimp shumai and tonkatsu ramen with chicken
Hubby’s sushi

9:23 PM Sassy
Part of what makes this race different – two mushers – the young TV star and a jovial legendary 4 time winner mushing his 13th and final race (after the ravages of cancer) finished the last legs of the trail together and came in 5 seconds apart for 27th and 28th places.

Lance Mackey & Jessie Holmes to the finish line!

Twyrl Pasta Bistro

March 14, 2019 Thursday

9:30 AM Sassy
Cute camel! Have a terrific Thursday!

10:42 AM Phil
Woo Hoo! You too! 
Weather is getting better and better!

12:13 PM Sassy
It’s wacky! We’re in the 50s today and 60s Friday!

7:06 PM Sassy
First time at Twyrl Pasta Bistro in Arlington

Spaghetti with creamy basil sauce, bacon and peas
Rigatoni with vodka sauce and sausage
Free bread 
with olive oil, parmesan cheese and pepper flakes
10:23 PM Sassy
Two stories for the “Dogs will be dogs” file! 
First a quick video of Mitch Seavey coming in to Nome. His lead dog, Bug, who got the team through wind and snow and ice, turns shy when the crowd goes wild and stops 30 feet short of the finish! Mitch had to get out and lead the team under the burled arch to claim 9th place! 
from Mitch Seavey’s IditaRide Sled Dog Tours Facebook page

[facebook url=”https://www.facebook.com/seaveysididaride/videos/258911821683383/” /]

In other news, Paige Drobney’s lead dog Neko got the team into the chute and had to heed nature’s call (POOP!) before finishing the last 30 feet to claim 7th place. 
Yup… a quick reminder these world class athletes are DOGS! Congrats to both mushers and their teams!
10:44 PM Sassy

From the “novelty” file – While waiting for more mushers to make it to Nome, fans are posting articles about the history of the race. Here’s a fun clip of Johnny Carson with a musher who ran the race with a team of huskies AND STANDARD POODLES!

Kaiser first in Nome

March 13, 2019 Wednesday

8:14 AM Sassy

Pete Kaiser and his team made it to Nome first!  And I was awake to see it! 

Bethel’s Peter Kaiser wins the 2019 Iditarod

“Kaiser made the winner’s march up Front Street through cheers and applause arriving at the burled arch Wednesday at 3:39 a.m. with eight dogs. He finished the race in 9 days, 12 hours and 39 minutes.”

8:41 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

9:11 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!

10:53 PM Sassy
The Iditarod goes on – 2 more mushers made it to Nome today: Jessie Royer at 9:30 am and Aliy Zirkle at 5:26 pm. We’ve seen two men and now two women! 36 more to go! I adore this race where men and women compete together on the same basis!

Iditarod Day 11: Aliy Zirkle crosses finish line in Nome

“Iditarod veteran and fan favorite Aliy Zirkle arrived in Nome in fourth place at 5:26 p.m.
The Yukon Quest champion’s fourth-place finish is her best Iditarod result since 2016. She arrived behind Pete Kaiser, Joar Leifseth Ulsom and Jessie Royer.”

Sad scratch

March 12, 2019 Tuesday

7:17 AM Sassy The musher I was hoping would win has scratched. 

10:16 AM Sassy

An Iditarod meme!

8:13 PM Sassy
Dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden!  I enjoyed the Pineapple Shrimp with walnuts and forget to take a photo!  
10:13 PM Sassy

The two teams in the lead at the Iditarod are on the last leg of the race with only 77 miles to the finish line! Here’s mountains, mushers and canine athletes! Dig the Northern Lights! And the current leader – Peter Kaiser from Bethel, Alaska.