Dental delay

March 18, 2019 Monday

9:13 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Here’s to an easy Monday.

9:33 AM Phil
Good morning! You too! Enjoy the day!

9:36 AM Sassy
I get to see the dentist. Need a little chipped tooth fixed. Whee

11:16 AM Phil
Oh that sounds like great fun!

2:50 PM Sassy
I went over there and he was running late so I have to go back at 8:30 am tomorrow… bleh.

5:59 PM Sassy
The last musher made it to Nome on Day 16 and received the Red Lantern for last place. Congrats to Victoria Hardwick and all the mushers and their teams of dogs who made the past two weeks such a thrill ride for me!

7:04 PM Sassy
Does this pup photo beg for a caption? YES IT DOES!

“Robert Redington’s dog named Au Revoir, she gave me a lot of fun expressions. “

photo by Scott SloanĀ 
9:51 PM Sassy

Spectacular collection of 134 photos from just outside Nome on the Iditarod Trail! Just when I think I’ve seen Alaska from every angle, up pops a new perspective. Click through for mountains, mushers, dogs and the Bering Sea!”

“Lance Mackey and LANCE MACKEY’s Comeback Kennel running past a fishing cabin a few miles from Safety as a storm is developing”

From Artic Mood Facebook – Julien Schroder photographer

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