Meet #3 The Blog Fan Saga

Report #3 

The Blog Fan Saga 

This is a story about a nice man who likes my blog visiting me.  It turned into a saga due to the weather and the airlines, and morphed over the course of four days from an “early dinner and a long evening in bed” into a nerve-wracking wait and so many changes of plans my head was spinning! 

How can it be almost 5 years since I’ve seen him?  There were several times I thought he’d disappeared forever, but he would pop back in and chat about women he was seeing or call from a hotel in a far away city. He’d also check in when I blogged about meeting someone, saying he wished it was him. I figured that was enough for him now and was happy for him.  

We always hit bad weather when he visits and have to be creative in order to see each other.  This time was no different.  If you haven’t read about our first two meetings, you can find them here.  
A. The Wretched Winter Weather

The Blog Fan was scheduled to arrive at mid-afternoon! The plan was that I’d pick him up at his hotel at 5 pm, have a delightful dinner at The Red House with lobster, then go back to his hotel room for a long, sexy evening. We’d been looking forward to it for weeks. He asked me to bring my toys!

We had awful weather. This was the first big storm of the winter. In typical New England fashion, it couldn’t just snow. It had to traipse through four acts of scary mess!

Act 1 – It was about 30 degrees and there was 4 inches of snow… not a big deal, just messy.

Act 2 – It went up to 36 and rained on top of of the snow. More mess in a slushy way.

Act 3 – Then it went down to 34 degrees and changed to sleet – these magical, noisy pellets dancing all over everything and coating them in ice that looks pretty but is deadly.

Act 4 – Finally it went down to 3 degrees and everything froze solid into a dangerous world of slipping and sliding that made driving impossible, and below zero wind chills – no rational person would be outside!

Someone in charge of flights in a city far away looked at the forecast and said, “Hell no… we aren’t sending any planes into that mess!” So…there was an email at 5:17 am saying the Blog Fan could not get here on Sunday. His flight was cancelled. He said he was trying to get here on Monday, could I still see him? Absolutely! I was relieved not to have to drive in the mess. So I moved our dinner reservation to Monday and crawled back under the covers with a sweater on and an extra blanket over me!

The holiday dawned clear and wicked cold. There was an email from The Blog Fan. There was no way to get here Monday… no flights from airport 1, or airport 2 or airport 3 and not even a seat on a train! He was so sad and frustrated. I was sad but happy not to go out onto the ice and brave the 3 degree weather. I cancelled our dinner reservation and wondered if it would be years until I see him. It’s already been 4.5 years with a couple of missed chances.

Midday he wrote to say he was working on flying on Wednesday and asked if I was free Wednesday evening! Sure. New hope!

It was a beautiful day, warmed up into the 20s, everyone started moving around and clearing things up and getting back to normal.

He found a flight that would get in at 7:30 pm on Wednesday and we could have a late dinner and enjoy each other afterwards in his hotel room. Yes! I couldn’t get a dinner reservation online and had a moment of panic then tried calling and it worked! We’re back on track!

I went with Hubby to two doctors appointments and celebrated my niece’s birthday at Cuchi Cuchi and fantasized about seeing a nice man tomorrow!

B. The Airlines

I took a longer shower, shaved my legs, moisturized my skin, put on sexy underwear and a business outfit that can double as a sexy one, and went off to work, hoping the day would fly and I’d get a hug and a nice dinner and sex! I sent him a photo of my cleavage as a preview. 

3:37 pm 
His flight was delayed by 3 hours, now due in at 8:30 pm, to the hotel by 9 pm… maybe. Sigh. Apparently, Boston’s airport was still a mess – only one runway open and they had not caught up from the weekend and… I cancelled our dinner reservation. I made it clear that it didn’t matter what time he got in, I would still see him. Yes… I would go right to his hotel room. Hussy. I can have dinner any night… this was about SEX!

5:49 pm 

His flight is delayed again, won’t land until 10 pm. Argh.  I am just home from work, eating a light supper. I decide to nap so I can stay up as late as possible with him, tell him I’ll be awake again at 9:30 pm and will be ready whenever he arrives. I offer to go see him early morning instead. No.. he wants me tonight if he can possibly get here. I give him my Sassy phone number in case he needs to wake me up with more news.

7:25 pm 

His flight is delayed again… might land at 10:30 pm? I start to wonder if they will ever take off. Sigh. I whine at Philip… share my fear that his plane won’t ever get off the ground and/or he won’t have the energy to see me. He is so good – he tells me this man knows what being with me is like… no question he will find the energy to see me. I hope he’s right but I am losing hope. I go to sleep.

9:30 pm 

I wake up, get ready to go out. even though I don’t know when or if I will. There is no word from him.  I gather my toys. I wonder again if he will be too tired to see me. But I want to be ready to dash to the hotel if he does make it.

9:45 pm 

I write to ask if he ever got off the ground.

9:53 pm 

HE HAS LANDED!!! He has to get his luggage and a Lyft from the airport to his hotel and check in and he will let me know! He still wants to meet! Please, please let that all go smoothly! I spend an anxious hour waiting and wondering…

11:03 pm 

He emails me his room number! I grab my toys and my coat and dash to my car.

11:15 pm 

I am in his room! Woot!!!!

C. The Meet

[This is probably the part you actually wanted to read…]

I parked in the hotel garage and made it to the 12th floor.  I dropped my phone as I approached his door #1227. It bounced off the door and before I could straighten up to knock, he opened the door! He smiled and motioned me inside. I set down my stuff and took off my coat and went to look out the window at the impressive river view. He moved behind me and hugged me from behind, then massaged my neck and scratched my back. Mmm….

He invited me to sit on the end of the bed and we took off our shoes. He asked me how I was, what was new etc. I told him about my retirement plans coming up in May or June, and he told me he’s going to work forever. He rubbed my back in a gentle way. I asked how he is and he told me that his health is much better and he is working all the time as usual. He took my hand and we sprawled on the bed and had a lovely horizontal hug that continued for nearly two hours!

It progressed in the usual sort of way… kissing – he commented on how he forgot how good I am it. Heh. I adore the scratch of his trimmed beard on my face.  YAY FOR KISSING!

There was slow removal of my upper clothing and breast worshipping, removal of lower clothing and touching my clit. YAY FOR TOUCHING!

Then he moved between my legs and tasted me and added a finger inside me… I had not had that in a long time. I reveled in it! He murmured about how good I taste and how hot it is to have my juices on his beard. This man knows what to do and how to do it and what to say!  YAY ORAL!

He returned to lie next to me and kissed me. I had the feeling this was a test, that women he has been with are a bit squeamish about post-cunniglingus kissing, so I always made it clear that I am not. We had a lovely kiss. At this moment I was naked and he was still completely dressed… always an interesting sensation.  YAY FOR CMNF!

He asked what I’d like to do next, and I asked to taste him. He looked surprised and pleased… and took off his jeans and sexy black boxer briefs while kissing me more deeply. I made my way down his body, kissing, touching, blew a raspberry on his tummy, complimented his body… then had my way with his cock. He asked me to help him get hard, but he was already like a rock! I gave him the Sassy blow job with hand pumping, licking, sucking and slurping, and some subtle ball-stroking and ass-circling and found the special spots to make him moan! I looked up now and then like a good girl. YAY ORAL!

He pulled me up and said he needed to be inside me. He finally took off his shirt. He is a big fan of missionary, says he wants to look at me… it is tough for me because of my tummy so I avoid it but I was determined to try. He grabbed a condom from the nightstand – the sound of tearing foil is so hot!  He rolled it onto his cock and returned to press his entire body onto mine and slide inside. I shifted and lifted my ass and legs until it was felt better.  I focused on him inside me and on his smile and the passion in his eyes. He said nice things… how good it felt, how long it had been, how glad he was he finally made it to exactly where he wanted to be… quite charming.  YAY FOR SEX!

He stopped and ditched the condom.  He asked me to turn and crawl over him so he could lick me again. We ended up in a sort of 69 position with my face over his cock and his tongue inside me from behind. That fulfilled a fantasy for him.  I focused on his tongue and licking him now and then. I wiggled my ass and fucked his face a bit. He adored that. YAY FOR MORE ORAL!

He asked me if I brought any lube?  I got up and dug three bottles out of my toys bag. He picked the clear sticky one. He talked about the demise of Tumblr and I railed about that puritanical idiocy while he rubbed lube all over his cock and asked me to rub it some more. I gave him a fun hand job with different hand positions and sexy comments and he squirmed and moaned. Mmm… he gave me the impression that no one does this for him and it was a special treat. YAY FOR A HAND JOB!

He decided he needed to be back inside me. I offered two positions… rolling beside him to show him how side-by-side could work so he could see me and be under and inside. He couldn’t get into that idea. Then I rolled onto my tummy and up onto my knees hoping for some doggy action. He touched my breasts hanging down, said that was a lovely view. Then he said he wanted more missionary.  He grabbed another condom, rolled it onto his cock, still just as hard – what stamina this man has!

He rolled me onto my back and slid inside and stared at me.  He talked about his fantasy of watching me with another man and getting a blow job from me while the man fucked me, maybe ordering room service and co-opting the waiter?  I smiled and asked about how that might go and whether he wanted to touch the man (no) and how much he wanted to watch or participate. He pumped in and out of me. He commented about how he gets to fuck Sassy… how he reads her words far away and then he gets to see her and touch her and be in her Sassy pussy, and how amazing that is, what a miracle that is. It felt a little like being a celebrity with a dedicated fan. Heh.  YAY FOR “CELEBRITY” SEX!

He asked if I would have sex with him every day if he lived here… I said yes with enthusiasm. I said, “and twice on Sunday!” He asked if I’d be his sex slave. That phrase does not appeal to me, but I get that it’s an intense fantasy for someone without anyone to touch regularly, so I nodded. I told him of my fantasy that he gets a job or short-term assignment here and gets an apartment and we see each other a lot. He had not thought about that and said it was a wonderful new fantasy for him.  I adore talking with a man inside me.  YAY FOR SHARING FANTASIES!

I shifted under him so he could get deeper and his expression changed and he got serious and said he was going to cum. I told him to fill me up… give me that hot white cum. He asked where I wanted it. Another test…he asked if I would I let him cum on my face? My chest? I told him wherever he wanted. He said he wanted to cum all over me someday but for tonight he wanted to cum inside me. I nodded. And he did it, shuddering as the hot liquid spurted out.  Mmmmm….YAY!

He rolled off me, tossed the condom in the trash, then pressed me onto my side and spooned behind me for a full-body naked hug. Ah… that skin-to-skin thing is so good! He pulled me over onto his chest and put an arm around my back. I put my leg over his and we cuddled.  YAY FOR CUDDLING!

He said it has been a long time since he’d been inside a woman and it was so good to touch me and fuck me. He said the two local ladies he told me about are no longer options – one has health problems and the other moved away. I asked if he sees women when he travels and he said never… except me. I told him I think I’m mostly done with AM, trying to stick with The Northerner. Though who knows after I retire! He said he loves reading about my adventures, wishing it was him.

He said how strange and wonderful it was that he had read my blog and reached out to me and we had managed to have such fun three times now. He talked about how he thinks of the cucumber. And the cemetery. He asked if he could take a photo of me naked “to use for masturbation.” I smiled and nodded. [He didn’t get around to doing it. Maybe I will send him one if he gets in touch again?]

He asked me if I hear from other sexy bloggers he’s read, so we talked about the Alaskan lady, and how sad it is that so many of the blogs we loved are quiet – Riff, Kat, Ryan and Ad. It is amazing for me to have someone to talk about blog stuff with unfiltered.

He told me about his plans for later today – meetings all day then a flight home at 6 pm.

He started to fall asleep. I looked at the clock… 1:30 am! I told him it was time for me to go. He asked me to stay but I told him I couldn’t. I haven’t shared with him why and he doesn’t pry. He apologized for not walking me to the car. I kissed him once more and he got under the covers and drifted off to sleep.

I cleaned up and dressed, watching him sleep. I gathered my stuff and looked around, fixing the place and him and our adventure in my mind to keep me warm on cold New England nights.

I strolled out through the silent hotel and into the garage, never seeing another person, wondering how safe it was. I got out my keys in the elevator and walked briskly to my car. It was 56 degrees! I drove home in the rain. I pulled into my garage and took a moment to send him a thank you email.


From: Sassy
to: Blog Fan
date: Jan 24, 2019, 2:04 AM

Thank you for a lovely evening! You are so special.

Hope you have a productive day and an easy trip back.



I went up to my place, back to my mundane life, with a new smile about my special evening that was definitely worth the wait!  Isn’t it awesome the perks that blogging brings?!