Meet #32 Brett – Lots of Kisses

June 28. 2019 Friday

Lots of kisses

It is so lovely being retired! I could sleep late, take my time getting ready and drag my husband with me out to the burbs for lunch and dinner, with a lovely afternoon with The Northerner in between!

I put on a comfortable blue outfit – a navy blue polo shirt, blue & white patterned leggings, blue Crocs, a light blue bra and blue and white patterned panties!

Hubby and I enjoyed the Chinese buffet at the Bamboo restaurant. Their shumai are so tasty! It was oddly empty today and instead of tables of businessmen, there were a lot of grandparents with youngsters! 

He dropped me off at the hotel just before 2:30 pm and went off to hang out at Starbucks. I scurried to the bathroom in the hotel lobby, so I don’t waste time doing that when I can be with a handsome man. I checked in – there was no one around! I waited in the lobby and about 3 minutes later the Northerner appeared! He had a plaid cotton button-down shirt and khakis.

He smiled and said he was surprised to see me because he didn’t see my car outside. I stared at him while I pondered how to explain that. I wasn’t sure how he’d react to the news that my husband had dropped me off, and I didn’t want to say anything in the lobby.

He asked, ‘Did you buy a new one? Or park somewhere else? Or what?”

“I’m crafting an answer that won’t freak you out,” I answered. He chuckled.

I handed him the key card and we headed to the elevator. Once safely tucked inside, I explained that Hubby had dropped me off. He admitted it was wise not to have said that earlier out in the lobby, and that it was a little freaky but he’d get over it.

We went up a floor, down the hall, right and on down that hall to the end to Room 3030. I rubbed his back and he sighed as he opened the door.

The moment I set my purse down on the desk he was behind me, wrapping his arms around me, kissing my neck. I told him I was so ready for it… that waiting had been tougher than usual since I am a retired lady with more time to think about what we would do. I rubbed against him and found a rock hard cock. He told me I was not the only one who had been waiting impatiently!

He helped me shed my top and bra and had taken off his shirt somewhere along the way. He squeezed my breasts and nibbled my neck. It was glorious to feel his skin against mine!

He shed his pants and underwear and pressed his cock between my legs. He pulled down my leggings and panties, and bent me over the desk further so he could tease my slit with his cock. Mmmm….

He rubbed until I was dripping, then toyed with sliding inside but we couldn’t quite make it work this time… not sure if it was the angle or what but we quickly adjourned to the bed. I flattened out on the right side of the bed and he joined me, lying on his right side, putting his mouth on my left breast and his fingers on my clit!

I told him I was thinking of him as I got dressed this morning… looking in the mirror at my breast and knowing his mouth would be there soon and looking lower and thinking about his fingers and now it was all happening! He sucked and bit my nippled gently and his finger hit just the right spot on my clit and I was soaring!

I moved around so my legs were over his hip and my ass backed right up to his midsection and he grabbed a condom off the nightstand and rolled it on in record time and was inside me! I slammed back against him. He was balls deep and moaning. He kept fingering me and sucking on my breast, and my hips were popping toward him. Mmm…

I told him that me makes me feel so good, he knows just what to do make me burn. He smiled.

He pounded me and I opened my legs further to get him in deeper. He finally shuddered and was still but stayed inside me.

He rested and stroked my arm and leg.

I suddenly realized we had not kissed at all and I needed some kissing! I told him I was going to roll over and kiss him a lot. He raised an eyebrow and pulled me toward him. I cuddled on his chest and kissed him over and over and over. Every time I stopped for a few seconds he came closer and kissed me even more! It was so sweet! I had an intense feeling of being wanted!

I kissed my way down his body, disposed of the condom, and sucked on his cock a bit while I squeezed it and pulled it and twisted it. He moaned and whispered, “good” in a way that made it sound like it was so good he couldn’t talk but he wanted to get that one word out.  He let me do it for longer than usual! 

He pulled me up for more kissing, then flattened me out for more breast and clit play. I had a strange fantasy about people at work making a porn video in the office! My mind created a bizarre scene with cameras and lights and tables and naked colleagues! I was not involved, just marveling from the sidelines. Bizarre!

I came back to the present and asked him what he’d like next. He said it was up to me. I told him my brain had turned off a ways back and it was up to him to say this time. He shook his head and said he couldn’t believe that my excellent brain couldn’t figure out something. He offered to give me choices, maybe that would help? He said I could do more of what we always do that is so good, or something different, but he likes it all. That was no help!

I finally decided I would do cowgirl. I was feeling energetic, so I rolled on top of him and told him to prepare to be surprised and squished. I put his cock between my breasts and slid up and down a bit. I don’t think we’ve ever done that this way – he looks quite surprised and pleased!

I stared at the top of his cock as it disappeared and reappeared, licking it each time. He was grinning by then!

He insisted I never squish him. He grabbed for another condom and rolled it on, then helped get me into just the right position. I raised up and grabbed his cock and lowered myself over it and sunk down on the first try! He got the most blissful look on his face. He grabbed me around the waist to press me down a bit more, then sucked on my right breast and moved his hips under me to pound up into me!

After a bit I rose up and arched my back. He helped me stay upright and held my waist and pounded some more. Suddenly I felt him tremble and he closed his eyes and there was an explosion inside of me! I could feel his cock pulsing! I collapsed down onto him and he took a deep breath that sounded like satisfaction!

I rolled over and cuddled next to him. We kissed some more. I sucked on his pinky. Then two fingers, then his thumb. We rested a bit.

He asked me how the retirement thing was really going? I told him it was mostly wonderful, not having to deal with my boss and work and commuting, that so far I had done a good mix of nothing and catching on stuff around the house and getting out to the doctor and so forth. I told him how it creeps into everything in odd ways, like what to have for breakfast because I am so used to grabbing something to eat in the car and now I don’t have to but what do I want to eat?  I don’t have to get up so when do I want to get up? 

He told me he had made a mistake last night and I braced for some awful news, then he said, “I watched the second Democratic Debate last night!”

I chuckled and asked, “Why would you do THAT?”

He said he had lasted about 10 minutes before he got so disgusted and had to turn it off. He bemoaned the fact that none of them seem to have any idea what to say or how to say it, and that he had this image of Trump winning again and he would have to leave the country! I patted on his chest and told him to stop watching the TV. He said he was so worried about climate change and them interfering with women’s right to choose and mistreating immigrants… it was so tough not to despair! He complained that we have all these laws and no one pays attention to them and how no one will pass more because what is the point if no one follows the ones we have, like business people not wanting to stop illegal immigration because it would stop the flow of cheap labor. I didn’t know what to tell him.

I got up to go to the bathroom. My stomach was unhappy and I had to spend too long in there. But he had calmed down by the time I got back. It is good to hear him so concerned and about issues I think are important, and it sounds like he has no one else to talk with about it, so it is good I can listen, but I am sad to see him so unhappy about it.

I seemed very relaxes and open.  I asked if he’d had a beer for lunch and he said did!  He went out to a dive bar with his colleagues and ate a burger. I wondered why he had time to do that but not meet me for lunch… but I didn’t voice that.  I could not have done it today with Hubby around anyway. 

 I am lucky to have whatever time he decides to share. He asked me if I could tell he had a beer by his breath, and I admitted that I could not. He said one, especially with food, doesn’t seem to affect him.

He checked the clock – it was 4:30 already! I said “Time flies” and realized I had completely stopped thinking about the time so almost two hours! Being with him is magic that way.

I asked about his summer plans. He said doesn’t have many, though he will have to go north to see his family. His mom has not been feeling well. His phone pinged several times and I was surprised because he usually does not bring it into the room and if he does, he turns the sound down. He apologized, told me his mom was in the ER and his sister was probably keeping him in the loop! Wow… I said it was totally okay if he needed to answer it. He read the texts and said everything was under control… thank goodness!

He can’t take much time off now because he has to go on family wedding trip for two weeks at the end of the year. I gave him suggestions of fun places to see on his trip.

He had mentioned he might be able to get away and see me again in the morning, so I asked if that was still going to work. He said he had re-thought that plan because the window of opportunity was earlier and shorter than he’d thought and he could do it if I really wanted to but he thought it would be rushed and too risky. I told him I wanted to, but it did sound too risky and I never want him to take unwise chances. So we agreed to pass. I will miss touching him but am glad not to have to go back out there at dawn! I should’ve planned better and just stayed out there overnight!

We had some more kissing then he checked the clock again and it was 5:15 pm. He said he wanted to stay but really had to go. I hugged him tight and told him to remember when things get wacky that I think he is a wonderful guy. He scoffed and said his real life rarely gets wacky… but he would store that info away and smile.

He hopped up and headed to the shower. I went to the bathroom and tried to fix my hair. I texted Hubby to tell him I was ready to go. Brett came out of the bathroom and asked if I was summoning my ride. I told him I was and he shook his head, saying it was still freaky that Hubby knows, but whatever works.

I threw on my clothes and he gave me the money for the room and left money for the maid. I checked my phone – it said it was 90 degrees outside! I was able to walk out with him. He held my hand and talked about how his shoulder hurt yesterday so he switched from using a certain weight machine to a different one at the gym, but the other machine was squeaking so he took that as a hint to switch to the treadmill and he was very glad I picked cowgirl today so he didn’t have to use his shoulders much. Heh.

We strolled through the empty lobby and he said he hoped he could find time again soon, then headed off to his car.

I sat on a bench outside in the shade. There was a nice breeze. I caught up on Facebook and Hubby appeared.

We went off to dinner at the Tuscan Kitchen and I relaxed over a lovely plate of antipasto meats and cheese and figs. and ran over the afternoon events in my mind, feeling that warm afterglow that makes life worth living!


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 9:47 PM
Subject: Thanks and such

Hiya Brett! Hope you had an easy trip home.

Hubby and I went on to Tuscan Kitchen and enjoyed a leisurely dinner so the traffic was mostly gone and we made it home easily!

Thank you again for a lovely afternoon! I marvel anew at how we manage to make wonderful memories every time. I will be smiling for ages at your ability to bring out my Sassy side!

Hugs with groping and a bunch of wet kisses!


Meet #31 Brett – Day/Night Double-Header

May 3, 2019 Friday

From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Fri, May 3, 2019 at 7:37 AM
Subject: Sassy time

Good morning! Happy Friday! Ready for a Sassy evening?

I am home taking it easy until it’s time to take off to see you! Whee!!!!

I hope this day flies by!



Meet #31
Day/Night Double-Header

May 3, 2019 Friday

I had my first late evening with The Northerner!

I took the day off to relax and give myself plenty of time to get ready and get out to the suburbs. I put on my fireworks shirt and black leggings, with a black bra and some wild blue/white panties, black socks and shoes.

The driving was terrible – a combination of bad traffic due to going much later than usual, and awful foggy drizzly weather! It took me almost three times as long!

I checked in at the hotel and sat in the lobby for a few minutes willing Brett to be early, but finally gave up and went on to the room. Of course, without him to guide me, it was the furthest away from the lobby it’s ever been! I went up a floor, then down the hall, over another hall, down another hall, around a corner and finally to the hall I wanted…I found room 3128.

I wasn’t sure how risky it was to text him, but decided to send him the number and “okay?” He replied quickly, “Yup”. I was so relieved not to have to hike back to the lobby to meet him!

I took off my shoes and socks and ate the warm chocolate chip cookie the front desk gave me. I took photos of the view out the window, the big chair, the bathroom and the bed, then sat in the big chair and put my feet up on the ottoman, and took another photo and sent it to Phillip. I looked at naughty photos on Tumblr.  He wrote back right away! and talked about the cat hair on my leggings?!

I was going to snark back, but at that moment Brett knocked! I opened the door and stood behind it, so no one could see me from the hall. He peered around the door and broke into this huge smile. I stepped back so he could enter, and shut the door. He had on a silky blue dress shirt – I rubbed it and he gathered me into his arms for a long hug and apologized for being late. I told him it was okay, that I’d kept busy.

He took off his clothes and took off my top and bra. I admired his sexy black boxer briefs. He asked what I did while I was waiting. I told him I looked at Tumblr. He wanted to see what I’d been looking at, so I pulled up my account on my phone. We sat at the end of the bed looking at naughty photos. There was a series of big-breasted women – he was surprised I would look at those. I told him I get ideas for how to pose and what to wear and look for ones I might send to him! Then a series of men eating woman popped up. He asked if I like looking at that. I said yes, I had been thinking about it a lot lately.

He set down my phone and pulled up my right foot to massage it. It felt so good! He massaged the other one then pushed me back on the bed with my legs hanging over, took off my leggings and panties and knelt on the floor and went down on me! I had been wanting this so much and gearing up to ask him to do it and he just did it!

He is so good… teasing, tasting, nibbling, flicking… mmmm. I got so worked up! He did it for quite awhile, which is the key to me getting enough out of it. My hips rolled and my shrieks got louder and he hummed against my lower lips. Oh my…

He moved up my body, kissing his way to my breasts and my lips. I tasted my juices and smiled. He grabbed a condom from the nightstand and rolled it on, then pressed me into the bed, pulled up my legs around his waist and drove his hard cock inside me! He pounded me, sliding most of the way out and then plunging in again… over and over. I watched his face, played with his hair, rubbed his shoulders and arms, and played with my own tits to add to the action. I rose up to meet his thrusts… mmm… so deep and wet and hot!

He asked me to roll over so we could finish doggy style. I cheerfully rolled onto my hands and knees and he slid back inside, even deeper this way. He was quickly lost in the rhythm and came hard deep inside me, shuddering as he finished.

We collapsed together and cuddled for a few minutes, then he launched into a discussion of how we should behave at the concert in case he runs into people he knows. I am supposed to be a stranger who happened to be sitting with him. He said we should go in right before the start, and leave before the encore so we lessen the risk of being seen together. Makes sense to me. I was surprised he had asked me to go, but pleased that he’d thought it out and let me know what would keep him from being too nervous. 

We talked about the concert and looked at the setlist on my phone, then looked at restaurants around the venue and checked Google Maps to see how long it would take to get there. We decided he would drive.

He took a quick shower and I threw on my clothes and off we went! We piled into his car and I used my Google Maps on my phone to get him where we needed to go. It was fun to be the co-pilot for a change! We had a wonderful discussion about his work, and the car, and the band we’d be seeing.

We found street packing a block from the show! We walked around checking out various restaurants, and ended up at a cute little Cuban bistro called CM Bistro. He had a Cuban sandwich and a Bud Light. I had the same sandwich and a lemonade. I managed to pay the check when he went to the restroom! He seemed inordinately pleased that I did that.

We went to the concert, I stayed a little behind him in the crowd like I was there on my own. We had great seats on the first level near the sound board.

Once the lights went down, I could not behave! I touched him arm and tapped out the beat of the song. Then I rubbed his leg. Then a little higher. He smacked my hand gently when I rubbed across his lap. I looked him in the eyes and licked my lips. He asked me what I was doing, and I replied, “Tempting you!” He laughed and turned away. I added, “That’s why you brought me, right?” He nodded and smiled with that mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

I left him at intermission – he had moved over a seat, and was scanning the crowd, so nervous about being seen by people he knows. I went to the bathroom to give him a break and lessen the risk. I continue to be surprised he brought me.  There was a long line for the women’s room, but I chatted with the people around me and that helped the time pass. 

The second half started and he moved back to sit next to me, cuddling in close. I swayed to the music and tapped on his leg. I thought I would end up knowing some of the music, but there was only one song. I focused on the light show and the handsome musicians and rubbing on him.

Here’s a video from a show that same week of the song I knew. 

Brit Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall -The Happiest Days Of Our Lives

We left the moment the concert was over, another part of his plan to avoid seeing anyone he knows.  It had started to rain a little, so we walked quickly.  We stopped in at a convenience store so I could get water and a Snickers chocolate bar. We found the car and I guided him back to the hotel. We talked about the concert, and he thanked me for going and paying attention and being so pleasant (I categorize those comments in the “unlike my wife” column).

We went back to the hotel for another romp in the sheets! He focused on my chest and my clit to get me wet then I threw my legs over his hips and got to the 90 degree angle necessary for him to enter me from underneath,. He slid in easily and pounded away for quite awhile. He finally asked if I could turn over for another doggy finish and I did and he did and wow!

It was after midnight by that time. He said he wished he could stay but had to go. He took a quick shower and we scurried to dress. I said I was amazed we had spent so long together – a day/night double-header with dinner and a concert – and were still talking to each other! He laughed and told me I make it so easy.  I was touched and nearly cried but took a deep breath to squelch that. 

Most of the times we meet, I am fine with how long we spend together and can leave easily but tonight it was tough… I wanted to stay over with him.  Figures that when I get to see him for a longer time, I want ever more!  I wanted to ask him to come back in the morning but instead I asked him to walking me to my car because it was so late, and I needed a few more moments.  In theory, it shouldn’t be much of a risk with no one around. 

He gave me the money for the room, then walked me to my car and said he’d see me soon. PLEASE LET THAT BE TRUE!

I texted Hubby to tell him I was on my way. He told me his latest prospect had dumped him. So instead of being able to go home and collapse, I envisioned having to try to comfort him somehow. It made my evening seem all the sweeter. *sigh

I drove home easily – there was no one out on the roads in the suburbs and the highway traffic was light. I put off thinking about Hubby, marveled at how Brett continues to grow and change and please me, and reveled in thoughts of his tongue flicking my clit!

Meet #30 Tilted Kilt

March 22, 2019 Friday

I took today off to see The Northerner!

I woke up early puzzling about some stuff from work. My broker called at 8:55 am to start talking about my retirement plan. I went ahead and got up and did some work, then took a shower and dressed for my meet! I wore my blue paisley leggings and a navy blue Henley top – casual and comfortable!

I texted Stryder, a guy I know online who visited last year.  He is a frequent visitor to Hooters, so I could ask for advice on how to have fun at such places. He said give the guy a blowjob in my car before we go in, and play with him under the table! Heh.  Not the Northerner’s speed in either case.

It was a cold, rainy, foggy day! A good day to spend indoors! Driving was grim.

Lunch at The Tilted Kilt

I pulled into the parking lot about 10 minutes early and Brett tapped on my window right away! We scurried between the raindrops into the building.

Foursquare photo on a drier day

It was mostly empty except for a bunch of guys at the bar watching the NCAA basketball March Madness. I was the only woman patron! We got seated at a high four-top. He looked so handsome in his leather bomber jacket, plaid button-down shirt and silky black dress slacks!

I had a fancy fruity mocktail to drink, and the fried chicken with garlic toast, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy. He had a plain burger and fries with hot tea.

Our waitress had on black slacks and a t-shirt that said “I never read without my glasses” and showed two wine glasses filled with red wine.  She was at least my age or older.

There were two younger waitresses in the trademark tiny plaid tops and mini skirts but they had jackets on and never came near us. He did enjoy watching their mini skirts flap as they walked. I asked if he had been to a bar like this before and he said no. He asked if I had? No. I told him about the advice I got from an online friend who goes to Hooters. I squeezed Brett’s knee and he chuckled.

I told him I had given notice at work and would be leaving in three months. He asked what I’d be doing and whether I’d still want to see him? I told him I definitely would, maybe more if he could swing it but if not, keep on as we are as long as we enjoy it! He said he was worried about me having enough to do. I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not. He said he never wants to retire – it frightens him to think of being stuck at home. I pointed out he does not have to stay home – he can volunteer, or play golf or go on trips or whatever he likes! He scoffed.

We talked about my latest community project and how well that was going. I told him about my getting lost for two weeks in the Iditarod. We talked about the NCAA Basketball Tournament and how neither of us are involved in the office pool.

We had an interesting conversation about when we learned about various sexy things and made up our minds to take action outside our marriages. I reminded him it is a recent phenomenon for me – less than 10 years – since my Old Flame found me and I started to learn about myself, and that sex could be fun, and that there are all sorts of positions and kinks!

He had asked in the last email what my secret is, how I make him feel so good? I told him I had been thinking about it and didn’t have an answer, and wondered if he did? He said it is that I make it easy for him, that there is no drama, no worry that I’ll rat him out, that he can do what he likes and I seem to like it too!

He paid cash for lunch. I offered to help with that but he declined. He said he had to go to the bathroom and he’d meet me at the hotel. I dashed out to my car in the rain.

Meet at the hotel

I went across the street to the Doubletree Hilton Bedford Glen and checked in. He was right around the corner to take the key and help find the room. We were in room 2027 this time, on the same floor as the lobby, only down one hallway and one right turn! He bemoaned the fact that there would not be any smooching in the elevator. I told him we could ride up and down if he wanted! He chuckled and shook his head. I rubbed on his back and groped his ass as we strolled down the hall. He sighed and smiled.

He made the keycard work easily and we went in to the room, facing out onto their lovely inner courtyard with the gazebo. I took off my coat and glasses and set down my stuff, and grabbed him for a hug! We squeezed each other tight! It sounds so mundane, but when I haven’t had a man touch me in six weeks, it is the MOST AMAZING FEELING!

I had to go to the bathroom – I hate having to waste time doing that but when nature calls…

When I came out, he was naked on the bed, lying on his side alluringly! I did a strip tease for him… slowly removing items of clothing and bending and turning to make it a bit fun. I crawled into bed and we kissed a bit then he had me lie flat while he sucked on my left breast and played with my clit. He did that for a long time while I moaned and squirmed and wiggled. I finally moved around so my ass was against him, and spread my legs over his hip. He teased my clit with his cock. He did that for a very long time. I was puzzled… wondering if he was having trouble getting hard or what? I put my thumb in his mouth and pressed it in and out. I asked if I could help him somehow and he shrugged. He continued, then rolled flat and sighed.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.

I rolled next to him and started playing with his cock. He smiled and closed his eyes. I got it to come to life pretty quickly! He grabbed a condom from the night stand and returned to lie on his side next to me. I put my legs over his hip and he slid inside me and pounded me until I was shrieking and he was shaking and filling the condom with white hot cum! We stayed connected for a long time. I felt so good!

I finally moved and backed up to spoon against him, pressing every inch of my skin against him from toes to shoulder. He put his arm over me and played with my breast and nibbled on my neck and shoulder.

After awhile I turned to face him. I disposed of the condom and played with his cock some more and it came to life again! He sucked on my ear and kissed me several times.

I told him a naughty story about me not wearing underwear and him playing with my chest and slit in a restaurant. His eyes grew wide and he grinned. I asked if he wanted to be inside me again, where it’s hot and wet and tight? He smiled. I asked which position he wanted. He said it was up to me. I had very little brain to be creative, so I asked for doggy. He grabbed another condom while I rolled over on my tummy, scooted my ass up and he slid inside me. Mmm…

He grabbed my hips and pounded me… so good… in and out…. And he came again in short order. We collapsed next to each other and rested a bit, basking in the afterglow.

I told him I felt like singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the “Wizard of Oz.” He giggled and hummed a few bars then told me it was one of the first songs he learned on the piano. I didn’t know he played! I told him my dad taught me “In the Mood” early on. We talked about him playing the organ and piano – Bohemian Rhapsody, Pink Floyd, Jesus Christ Superstar. I told him about sneaking over to the church to sing and play the grand piano!

He talked about the evils of plastic and whales being found with tons of it inside.

We had a last cuddle, kissing and touching and hugging… I told him, I think for the first time (as I try not to sound desperate or greedy), that I wished we would stay, have some dinner, hang out and play more! He sighed and smiled wistfully.

Heading out

He took a shower while I used the toilet. I threw on my clothes. He dressed and gave me $100 to cover the room and left some cash on the bed for the maid.

We strolled off down the hallway back to the lobby. He stopped as we got to the exit and said he had to go to the bathroom and would say goodbye. I gave him a big smile and dashed out into the cold to my car.

I ate the cookie and drank the bottle of water the front desk gave me, checked the GPS on my phone for their advice on how to get home, and headed down the road smiling. We had a low key time today, and it was still the best day I’ve had in a long time!

Meet #29 The Northerner The Middle

February 1, 2019 Friday

My morning

I had today off from work. I planned to sleep late and take my time getting ready to see The Northerner, but I ended up needing to go see my eye doctor for a strange eye infection! Bleh. Luckily that didn’t take long and he prescribed eye drops with an antibiotic and steroids that were easy to pick up from my pharmacy, and they fixed my eye right away!

I worked on the payroll at home then drove out to the burbs to meet The Northerner for lunch at Bamboo, the asian buffet in Bedford. I adore it there! It feels like the buffet choices were made for me – most of my favorites!

Meeting at Bamboo

I was early, so I sat in my car and caught up on Facebook. Right at 1:30 pm, he pressed his hands and face on the passenger side window! I jumped out of the car and we strolled into the restaurant. I remarked on how much snow was on the ground – we don’t have any at home.

We were seated right away and went up to the buffet. I grabbed a plate and filled it with a crab rangoon, half an egg roll, General Gao’s chicken, veggie lo mein, beef w/ onions (a new dish), shrimp shumai, chicken fingers, a peking ravioli and some sushi! We munched and chatted. It was so tough not to touch him! I went back up to get seconds of a few items and so did he!

We talked about his office, and my pending retirement and all the tasks in and out of the office I want to tackle before I leave. I told him about a tasty sushi place in Arlington. He told me about his plan to watch the Super Bowl with his family on Sunday.  I told him about my eye doctor visit and hoped I didn’t gross him out with my red puffy eye. He said he had not noticed it.

He paid and I thanked him. We ate our chocolate fortune cookies. Mine had a rather prosaic fortune about the middle option being better than the extremes. I joked about how maybe I was supposed to be in the middle of the bed this afternoon? He grinned and winked at me. I wondered aloud whose job it is to write the fortunes? He said they probably get out the Confucius book and adapt his sayings?

He asked me if I was over being mad at Tumblr. I scoffed, told him I had not found an alternative, and there was an odd thing going on where they had hidden anything they labeled “porn” about 6 weeks ago, but people kept on posting it and they weren’t doing anything about it now so I was still able to find inspiring photos. He asked why I don’t watch videos. I told him I find it easier to look at a photo and use it to spark my imagination. With videos, I find them poorly made and they don’t go where I want and I end up arguing with them in my mind and getting distracted from feeling sexy! I also have a tough time finding ones made for me, so I just watch them looking for what I think men might like. He asked what I like. I said I want a bit of a story, dialogue, real looking people, pubic hair, with some acknowledgment that the woman’s pleasure is a goal to be included. He said I should tell him more later about what my fantasies are that don’t show up in the videos.

It finally got to be late enough to go to the hotel. We split up to make our way in our own cars.

At the hotel

I checked in – there was no one around! They gave me the key card for room 3011. He was waiting around the corner. I handed him the key card. We got in the elevator and kissed a little as we rose one floor to the Hilton Honors floor. We went half way down the hall to a room on the right overlooking the inner garden.

He took off his shoes, sock and slacks. I smiled at him and he took off his plaid shirt and black boxer briefs!

I had time to set down my purse and take off my glasses and shoes before he pulled me over to the bed. He helped me take off my socks and leggings then sat behind me and kissed my neck while he massaged my breasts. My sweater and bra disappeared into a pile on the floor.

I rolled over into the middle of the bed and joked about how important it is to take fortunes seriously! He chuckled and rolled me onto my side. He spread my legs and pressed his fingers into my slit and started flicking my clit. He moved around it and pressed it in a new way that made me crazy quickly! I wondered where he picked that up! He knelt and used his cock to tease up and down my slit, pressing it on my clit, slowly back and forth. That had my hips shaking and me breathing funny! He got quite a work out, pressing and twisting and pushing his cock around but not quite inside.

He rolled me over and grabbed a condom he’d left on the night stand.  He tried a little missionary action while he was propped up on his arms. He went in and out a little, then flopped down beside me. I moved around to just about a 90 degree angle, tossed my legs over his hip and and pressed my ass back against his crotch. He moaned and joked about me being in the middle of the bed for real now, then slid smoothly inside me, putting one hand on my shoulder for leverage as he moved in and out, and putting the other on my breast and then my clit. I adore this position!

A quick outrageous fantasy

I let my mind wander as he moved, focusing on the sensations inside me. He makes me feel so good! My mind jumped to a sex ed class in a high school, with the girls sitting on top of each desk with their skirts hiked up and no underwear, and the boys seated in front of them learning about female anatomy and testing licking their clits! There were not enough boys to pair with each girl, so I ended up being chosen by the teacher to go sit on his desk and benefit from his talented fingers and mouth! I do not know where my mind comes up with these scenarios – they are so far out… but it was so naughty and definitely heightened my arousal level!

The afterglow

I returned to reality as he got faster moving in and out of me, and finally shuddered as he filled the condom inside me. He stopped moving and took a big breath. I smiled over at him and he grinned back. He closed his eyes and rested.

We did not move, but stayed intertwined for a long time. He dozed for a little while. I stared at the ceiling and pondered a rectangular area where the texture was different. I thought over what we had just done. Mmm…. I felt him breathing.

He woke up and I asked him about the ceiling – he said a roof leak they had patched oddly. He asked me about my fantasies I can’t find in videos. I told him about the office where I am the boss and all the men work naked. I also told him about meeting a man at a conference and having a party with a bunch of people in my room and the man stays after everyone else leaves.

I asked him what videos he’s been watching. He told me about massage videos where a man talks a woman into a massage and she resists a bit but then starts to enjoy it and it gets quite sexy. He described various parts he likes, such as where the woman reaches for the man’s cock (much better than him offering it to her) and admits that he likes the stereotyped ones of Asian women. I joked that maybe we should pick up a waitress from Bamboo sometime and he giggled then said threesomes were not one of his fantasies. He asked what I thought would happen. I told him she and I would work together to pleasure him. He asked if I’d be interested in touching her. I said not particularly but in the heat of the moment, it could happen. He pondered a bit and then reiterated that it was interesting to talk about but not something he wanted.

I was surprised we had not talked about this topic before. In the past I had the impression that he didn’t really care for porn. I asked him to send me the links he likes and he rolled his eyes. Not sure why!

He talked about politics for a few minutes but I could not bring myself to join in. It is all so gross!

He told me more about his December break travels while he was away on vacation.

I asked him to check on the time. He said he didn’t want to move… he wanted to stay inside me and never move. Heh. He finally checked the time and it was nearly 5 pm! He said he needed to get up but he didn’t want to. I nodded and smiled at him wistfully. I had to pee so I made the break and strolled to the bathroom. He followed and hopped into the shower.

Heading out

I got dressed and made sure all my belongings were ready to go. He dried off and dressed, gave me the money to pay for the room and left a tip for the maid. He said he felt so relaxed and thanked me for helping with that. I said I’d be happy to do it again soon and he smiled.

He opened the door, looked to be sure he had everything, and turned off the light. We strolled down the hall and had one more nose rub and quick kiss in the elevator. As we crossed the lobby, I thanked him for a lovely afternoon and he said it was his pleasure and disappeared to his car!

I got my car warmed up, ate the chocolate chip cookie the clerk gave me at check-in and texted Hubby to tell him I was on my way and he could order dinner. I took off for home, my mind going over the special moments with this sweet sexy man!


From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Feb 1, 2019 at 7:07 PM
Re: Start February right

Hiya Brett,

Hope you made it home easily. There was a big slowdown on 128 North, so the GPS sent me off onto Winn Street and around Woburn – that moved pretty well even though I didn’t know where I was most of the time.

Thank you again for a delicious lunch and dessert. It certainly is fun in the middle!

Here’s that photo of Japanese beef dish – sukiyaki – that I talked about from Toraya in Arlington. It’s right on Mass Ave near the Stop & Shop, and has a parking lot in back. 

Hugs with groping! 


Meet #3 The Blog Fan Saga

Report #3 

The Blog Fan Saga 

This is a story about a nice man who likes my blog visiting me.  It turned into a saga due to the weather and the airlines, and morphed over the course of four days from an “early dinner and a long evening in bed” into a nerve-wracking wait and so many changes of plans my head was spinning! 

How can it be almost 5 years since I’ve seen him?  There were several times I thought he’d disappeared forever, but he would pop back in and chat about women he was seeing or call from a hotel in a far away city. He’d also check in when I blogged about meeting someone, saying he wished it was him. I figured that was enough for him now and was happy for him.  

We always hit bad weather when he visits and have to be creative in order to see each other.  This time was no different.  If you haven’t read about our first two meetings, you can find them here.  
A. The Wretched Winter Weather

The Blog Fan was scheduled to arrive at mid-afternoon! The plan was that I’d pick him up at his hotel at 5 pm, have a delightful dinner at The Red House with lobster, then go back to his hotel room for a long, sexy evening. We’d been looking forward to it for weeks. He asked me to bring my toys!

We had awful weather. This was the first big storm of the winter. In typical New England fashion, it couldn’t just snow. It had to traipse through four acts of scary mess!

Act 1 – It was about 30 degrees and there was 4 inches of snow… not a big deal, just messy.

Act 2 – It went up to 36 and rained on top of of the snow. More mess in a slushy way.

Act 3 – Then it went down to 34 degrees and changed to sleet – these magical, noisy pellets dancing all over everything and coating them in ice that looks pretty but is deadly.

Act 4 – Finally it went down to 3 degrees and everything froze solid into a dangerous world of slipping and sliding that made driving impossible, and below zero wind chills – no rational person would be outside!

Someone in charge of flights in a city far away looked at the forecast and said, “Hell no… we aren’t sending any planes into that mess!” So…there was an email at 5:17 am saying the Blog Fan could not get here on Sunday. His flight was cancelled. He said he was trying to get here on Monday, could I still see him? Absolutely! I was relieved not to have to drive in the mess. So I moved our dinner reservation to Monday and crawled back under the covers with a sweater on and an extra blanket over me!

The holiday dawned clear and wicked cold. There was an email from The Blog Fan. There was no way to get here Monday… no flights from airport 1, or airport 2 or airport 3 and not even a seat on a train! He was so sad and frustrated. I was sad but happy not to go out onto the ice and brave the 3 degree weather. I cancelled our dinner reservation and wondered if it would be years until I see him. It’s already been 4.5 years with a couple of missed chances.

Midday he wrote to say he was working on flying on Wednesday and asked if I was free Wednesday evening! Sure. New hope!

It was a beautiful day, warmed up into the 20s, everyone started moving around and clearing things up and getting back to normal.

He found a flight that would get in at 7:30 pm on Wednesday and we could have a late dinner and enjoy each other afterwards in his hotel room. Yes! I couldn’t get a dinner reservation online and had a moment of panic then tried calling and it worked! We’re back on track!

I went with Hubby to two doctors appointments and celebrated my niece’s birthday at Cuchi Cuchi and fantasized about seeing a nice man tomorrow!

B. The Airlines

I took a longer shower, shaved my legs, moisturized my skin, put on sexy underwear and a business outfit that can double as a sexy one, and went off to work, hoping the day would fly and I’d get a hug and a nice dinner and sex! I sent him a photo of my cleavage as a preview. 

3:37 pm 
His flight was delayed by 3 hours, now due in at 8:30 pm, to the hotel by 9 pm… maybe. Sigh. Apparently, Boston’s airport was still a mess – only one runway open and they had not caught up from the weekend and… I cancelled our dinner reservation. I made it clear that it didn’t matter what time he got in, I would still see him. Yes… I would go right to his hotel room. Hussy. I can have dinner any night… this was about SEX!

5:49 pm 

His flight is delayed again, won’t land until 10 pm. Argh.  I am just home from work, eating a light supper. I decide to nap so I can stay up as late as possible with him, tell him I’ll be awake again at 9:30 pm and will be ready whenever he arrives. I offer to go see him early morning instead. No.. he wants me tonight if he can possibly get here. I give him my Sassy phone number in case he needs to wake me up with more news.

7:25 pm 

His flight is delayed again… might land at 10:30 pm? I start to wonder if they will ever take off. Sigh. I whine at Philip… share my fear that his plane won’t ever get off the ground and/or he won’t have the energy to see me. He is so good – he tells me this man knows what being with me is like… no question he will find the energy to see me. I hope he’s right but I am losing hope. I go to sleep.

9:30 pm 

I wake up, get ready to go out. even though I don’t know when or if I will. There is no word from him.  I gather my toys. I wonder again if he will be too tired to see me. But I want to be ready to dash to the hotel if he does make it.

9:45 pm 

I write to ask if he ever got off the ground.

9:53 pm 

HE HAS LANDED!!! He has to get his luggage and a Lyft from the airport to his hotel and check in and he will let me know! He still wants to meet! Please, please let that all go smoothly! I spend an anxious hour waiting and wondering…

11:03 pm 

He emails me his room number! I grab my toys and my coat and dash to my car.

11:15 pm 

I am in his room! Woot!!!!

C. The Meet

[This is probably the part you actually wanted to read…]

I parked in the hotel garage and made it to the 12th floor.  I dropped my phone as I approached his door #1227. It bounced off the door and before I could straighten up to knock, he opened the door! He smiled and motioned me inside. I set down my stuff and took off my coat and went to look out the window at the impressive river view. He moved behind me and hugged me from behind, then massaged my neck and scratched my back. Mmm….

He invited me to sit on the end of the bed and we took off our shoes. He asked me how I was, what was new etc. I told him about my retirement plans coming up in May or June, and he told me he’s going to work forever. He rubbed my back in a gentle way. I asked how he is and he told me that his health is much better and he is working all the time as usual. He took my hand and we sprawled on the bed and had a lovely horizontal hug that continued for nearly two hours!

It progressed in the usual sort of way… kissing – he commented on how he forgot how good I am it. Heh. I adore the scratch of his trimmed beard on my face.  YAY FOR KISSING!

There was slow removal of my upper clothing and breast worshipping, removal of lower clothing and touching my clit. YAY FOR TOUCHING!

Then he moved between my legs and tasted me and added a finger inside me… I had not had that in a long time. I reveled in it! He murmured about how good I taste and how hot it is to have my juices on his beard. This man knows what to do and how to do it and what to say!  YAY ORAL!

He returned to lie next to me and kissed me. I had the feeling this was a test, that women he has been with are a bit squeamish about post-cunniglingus kissing, so I always made it clear that I am not. We had a lovely kiss. At this moment I was naked and he was still completely dressed… always an interesting sensation.  YAY FOR CMNF!

He asked what I’d like to do next, and I asked to taste him. He looked surprised and pleased… and took off his jeans and sexy black boxer briefs while kissing me more deeply. I made my way down his body, kissing, touching, blew a raspberry on his tummy, complimented his body… then had my way with his cock. He asked me to help him get hard, but he was already like a rock! I gave him the Sassy blow job with hand pumping, licking, sucking and slurping, and some subtle ball-stroking and ass-circling and found the special spots to make him moan! I looked up now and then like a good girl. YAY ORAL!

He pulled me up and said he needed to be inside me. He finally took off his shirt. He is a big fan of missionary, says he wants to look at me… it is tough for me because of my tummy so I avoid it but I was determined to try. He grabbed a condom from the nightstand – the sound of tearing foil is so hot!  He rolled it onto his cock and returned to press his entire body onto mine and slide inside. I shifted and lifted my ass and legs until it was felt better.  I focused on him inside me and on his smile and the passion in his eyes. He said nice things… how good it felt, how long it had been, how glad he was he finally made it to exactly where he wanted to be… quite charming.  YAY FOR SEX!

He stopped and ditched the condom.  He asked me to turn and crawl over him so he could lick me again. We ended up in a sort of 69 position with my face over his cock and his tongue inside me from behind. That fulfilled a fantasy for him.  I focused on his tongue and licking him now and then. I wiggled my ass and fucked his face a bit. He adored that. YAY FOR MORE ORAL!

He asked me if I brought any lube?  I got up and dug three bottles out of my toys bag. He picked the clear sticky one. He talked about the demise of Tumblr and I railed about that puritanical idiocy while he rubbed lube all over his cock and asked me to rub it some more. I gave him a fun hand job with different hand positions and sexy comments and he squirmed and moaned. Mmm… he gave me the impression that no one does this for him and it was a special treat. YAY FOR A HAND JOB!

He decided he needed to be back inside me. I offered two positions… rolling beside him to show him how side-by-side could work so he could see me and be under and inside. He couldn’t get into that idea. Then I rolled onto my tummy and up onto my knees hoping for some doggy action. He touched my breasts hanging down, said that was a lovely view. Then he said he wanted more missionary.  He grabbed another condom, rolled it onto his cock, still just as hard – what stamina this man has!

He rolled me onto my back and slid inside and stared at me.  He talked about his fantasy of watching me with another man and getting a blow job from me while the man fucked me, maybe ordering room service and co-opting the waiter?  I smiled and asked about how that might go and whether he wanted to touch the man (no) and how much he wanted to watch or participate. He pumped in and out of me. He commented about how he gets to fuck Sassy… how he reads her words far away and then he gets to see her and touch her and be in her Sassy pussy, and how amazing that is, what a miracle that is. It felt a little like being a celebrity with a dedicated fan. Heh.  YAY FOR “CELEBRITY” SEX!

He asked if I would have sex with him every day if he lived here… I said yes with enthusiasm. I said, “and twice on Sunday!” He asked if I’d be his sex slave. That phrase does not appeal to me, but I get that it’s an intense fantasy for someone without anyone to touch regularly, so I nodded. I told him of my fantasy that he gets a job or short-term assignment here and gets an apartment and we see each other a lot. He had not thought about that and said it was a wonderful new fantasy for him.  I adore talking with a man inside me.  YAY FOR SHARING FANTASIES!

I shifted under him so he could get deeper and his expression changed and he got serious and said he was going to cum. I told him to fill me up… give me that hot white cum. He asked where I wanted it. Another test…he asked if I would I let him cum on my face? My chest? I told him wherever he wanted. He said he wanted to cum all over me someday but for tonight he wanted to cum inside me. I nodded. And he did it, shuddering as the hot liquid spurted out.  Mmmmm….YAY!

He rolled off me, tossed the condom in the trash, then pressed me onto my side and spooned behind me for a full-body naked hug. Ah… that skin-to-skin thing is so good! He pulled me over onto his chest and put an arm around my back. I put my leg over his and we cuddled.  YAY FOR CUDDLING!

He said it has been a long time since he’d been inside a woman and it was so good to touch me and fuck me. He said the two local ladies he told me about are no longer options – one has health problems and the other moved away. I asked if he sees women when he travels and he said never… except me. I told him I think I’m mostly done with AM, trying to stick with The Northerner. Though who knows after I retire! He said he loves reading about my adventures, wishing it was him.

He said how strange and wonderful it was that he had read my blog and reached out to me and we had managed to have such fun three times now. He talked about how he thinks of the cucumber. And the cemetery. He asked if he could take a photo of me naked “to use for masturbation.” I smiled and nodded. [He didn’t get around to doing it. Maybe I will send him one if he gets in touch again?]

He asked me if I hear from other sexy bloggers he’s read, so we talked about the Alaskan lady, and how sad it is that so many of the blogs we loved are quiet – Riff, Kat, Ryan and Ad. It is amazing for me to have someone to talk about blog stuff with unfiltered.

He told me about his plans for later today – meetings all day then a flight home at 6 pm.

He started to fall asleep. I looked at the clock… 1:30 am! I told him it was time for me to go. He asked me to stay but I told him I couldn’t. I haven’t shared with him why and he doesn’t pry. He apologized for not walking me to the car. I kissed him once more and he got under the covers and drifted off to sleep.

I cleaned up and dressed, watching him sleep. I gathered my stuff and looked around, fixing the place and him and our adventure in my mind to keep me warm on cold New England nights.

I strolled out through the silent hotel and into the garage, never seeing another person, wondering how safe it was. I got out my keys in the elevator and walked briskly to my car. It was 56 degrees! I drove home in the rain. I pulled into my garage and took a moment to send him a thank you email.


From: Sassy
to: Blog Fan
date: Jan 24, 2019, 2:04 AM

Thank you for a lovely evening! You are so special.

Hope you have a productive day and an easy trip back.



I went up to my place, back to my mundane life, with a new smile about my special evening that was definitely worth the wait!  Isn’t it awesome the perks that blogging brings?! 

Meet #27 Northerner The Big Chair

December 14, 2018 Friday

The Big Chair

It’s been so lovely the past two weeks being able to plan on seeing Brett again so soon! I usually only have a couple of days notice, but I could spend 14 days anticipating the best parts of being with him! I kept wondering if something would come up, but it didn’t and we got to have fun!

I worked at home in the morning, tackling the payroll and various other tasks for 3.5 hours, then used my last half personal day to take off the afternoon. I showered and put on black bra and panties, black socks, a dark blue sweater and blue paisley leggings!

I drove out to the burbs and went out to lunch on my own at our usual place, Bamboo. The Chinese buffet was especially good today! They put me at a 2-top across from the sushi bar. They came and took away most of the other tables around me to set up a big table for some office holiday party, so I had lots of privacy. I munched on shumai and read Facebook on my phone.

I took off to meet Brett at the hotel. He was getting out of his car as I arrived! I pulled in behind his car to park. We walked to the lobby together. He wandered off toward the bar as I checked in. There was no one around so that went quickly. He was just around the corner when I turned toward the elevator and smiled sweetly at me.

We went to room 3011 on the first hallway of the third floor. He wondered if that was the same room we had last time. I said I thought we had a higher number. We talked about how all the rooms look the same. I gave him the key cards and he opened the door.

I went in first, then turned to him as he closed the door. I grabbed him for a change! I kissed him deeply, then wrapped my arms around his waist and squeezed his ass! He moaned and sighed into my mouth. I kissed him deeper! I pressed him against the wall near the bathroom and groped between his legs. He chuckled and whispered in my ear, “Someone is eager today!” I smiled at him and winked.

We went on into the room. I sat in the big chair to take off my shoes. He tossed off his clothes and knelt in front of me! He leaned in and kissed me. I ran my hands over his face and messed up his hair. He pressed his erect cock between my legs and rubbed it against my leggings. I made a mental note to toss them in the wash when I got home as his pre-cum dripped everywhere.

He helped me take my clothes off, worshipping my breasts as he uncovered them, stroking my tummy with his cock, rubbing my legs as he pulled off my socks and leggings. He pulled me up from the chair and I sprawled horizontally across the bed on my back. He joined me and was on his side, sucking on my left breast and playing with my clit. He did that for a long time and I went away in my mind, indulging in a fantasy. I’ve seen a lot of photos online of naked women in hotel corridors, doing their exhibitionist thing, so I imagined myself risking being out in the hallway naked while he took photos as I posed exposing various body parts. There was something so precarious and fun and naughty about it… my body got very turned on and I came! Brett noticed and made an approving sound.

He reached for a condom on the night stand and rolled it on while I basked in the afterglow. He turned me so my legs were over his hip and he could angle his cock up inside me. I was really wet so there were wonderful squishing sounds as he moved in and out. He moaned. He pumped on and on… so deep, so hot, so hard, so good! I told him he was making me feel fantastic! He smiled then closed his eyes and concentrated as he moved in and out again.  After a bit he seemed to wear out… he rolled onto his back and breathed heavily.

We turned to each other and cuddled under the covers. He asked me about Tumblr and whether they were continuing with their purge of adult content. I told him yes, and about my work to find other sites and back up my posts. He told me about his holiday plans to travel North.

We got talking about the new cannabis shops and how I had never tried it. He said he did some in college long ago – his roommate was a believer in its mellowing powers. He said he might try it over the holidays as his kids said they were buying some edibles as gifts. I wondered if we should try it sometime, see how it might improve sex? We pondered the timing and whether it could be taken and wear off enough to drive home in an afternoon.

We got talking about my boyfriend in college, the railroad engineer – how we met, our four years together, how he left. [You can read all the details here]

I asked him if he had cum earlier. He said no. I wondered about that.. He always cums! I asked if he’d like to remedy that. We looked at the clock. There really was not time. But he said we should give it a try! He helped me get wet again – fingering my clit and nibbling on my breast. He got me revved up in short order! He rolled over and entered me in the missionary position, one that usually is not great for us, but he pulled my legs up around his hips and pressed inside. He smiled and said, “Oh yeah… I can do it this way” and pumped wildly and exploded inside me! I was so glad he could finish.

It was quite late, so we bounced out of bed. He showered while I used the toilet. I threw on my clothes so I’d be ready to go when he got out of the shower. He gave me the money for the room and left a tip for the maid. We checked around for any belongings, then walked out to our cars.

I ate one of the cookies the desk clerk had given me when I checked in – they make the best chocolate chip cookies! I drank a lot of water. I took off for home with a big smile on my face, my head full of so many sexy memories!


From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Dec 14, 2018 at 7:31 PM
Subject: Best present

Hiya Brett! Thank you for a fantastic afternoon.  Hope you got home easily! It took me twice as long to get home as it did to get out there, but I had fun memories to think about so it didn’t seem so long.

I picked up a gourmet supper from McDonald’s and am home smiling.

Take care dear man! Mwah!


Meet #27 Northerner A Hotel Desk

November 30, 2018 Friday

After weeks of silence, Brett finally checked in. And invited me to meet! 

I particularly noticed this time how he makes me feel so alive and gives me something good to anticipate! I had a wild week at work and my sister was in the hospital unexpectedly and there was a community event all of which combined to stress me more than usual… and hearing from Brett made all that easier to bear. 

I too had personal days to use, so I took Friday off from work, slept gloriously late then showered and put on slinky black underwear and a fun top that looks like fireworks with black leggings! I left the house just about on time then remembered I had to gas up the car, so I spent a few minutes at Speedway doing that and sped off in a rush to the suburbs! 

Meeting outside

I made it to the restaurant with 2 minutes to spare! I got out and stood between the two parking lots so he could see me whichever way he drove in. He was a couple of minutes late but pulled in and bounded out of his car smiling. It is so good to see him! We always head for each other like we want to hug and then think better of it. No public displays of affection! 

Lunch at Bamboo

We went in to Bamboo and got a table for two on the far side. There were a couple of men next to us that made me a little claustrophobic – we wouldn’t be able to talk openly. We went up to the buffet and filled our plates, and the men were taking off! Yay! I enjoyed a delicious selection of Chinese and Japanese treats – crab rangoon, half an egg roll, white rice with General Gao’s chicken, pork with broccoli, lo mein noodles, a peking ravioli, 3 CA maki rolls, and 4 shumai! It was so tasty! 

We had a lovely discussion that easily filled the hour we had to spend before we could check in at the hotel. He asked if I was ready for Christmas? I laughed, explaining that I’ve started but was by no where near ready. He told me about the elaborate Christmas decorations he was going to put up at his house this weekend. I told him about my wild week. He told me about his holiday trip plans. I told him about my trip to Lake Winnipesaukee and seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” recommending the movie to him. 

We talked about the local news who showed two beavers wandering in and out of a convenience store last night, and a warning about not talking to strangers in a sexy way on Facebook live because they may try to use it to blackmail you. He said he wouldn’t do that, and how lucky he felt to have met a sweet, sane woman on AM who doesn’t blackmail him! 

Neither of us went back for more, just kept talking until it was time for the bill (which he paid) and I thanked him sincerely. We opened our fortune cookies – they have cocoa ones that are special and delicious! We each got fun fortunes and giggled over them in the context of our planned activities after lunch! 

A fast start

I looked at my watch and it was time to leave. We split up and drove our own cars to the hotel. I checked in and listened to the other clerk helping a woman there for a bar mitzvah who needed the Christmas decorations in the ballroom covered or removed. I got the key and headed into the lobby and saw Brett exploring down the hall toward the restaurant. Just as I was going to call to him, he turned and smiled his cutest grin and came dashing toward me. I gave him the key and we headed to the elevator. We had a very sexy hug and a big kiss in there. He joked about entertaining the security staff – he’s sure there are cameras in there.

We found our room 3021 and he opened the door, motioning me to go in ahead of him. He went to the window to close the curtains and turned on a light near the desk. I went to the desk to set down my purse and take off my coat, which I tossed on the big soft chair. I took off my glasses and watch, and he grabbed me from behind! He kissed my neck and groped my chest and sighed. I asked if he had been looking forward to that and he signed and breathed a long, “Yesssss!” into my hair. I rubbed my ass back against his crotch and felt quite a bulge!

Suddenly, he broke from his usual pattern and undid his belt. I wondered what he was doing. I thought I heard him lower his pants then I saw him kicking them off onto the rug. I rubbed back against him but he pushed me gently against the desk, rolled my leggings and panties down, tested my wetness level with his fingers, and moaned as he discovered I was oh so ready for him! He moved behind me and it turned out he was grabbing a condom out of his wallet! He ripped the foil and rolled it on in record time, and I realized he was racing to an ultimate act right now!

He shoved his rock hard cock up inside me! I leaned over the desk and folded my elbows to cushion my chest as he pounded in and out! Wow! This is different! He is so frisky! I wonder what brought this on?!

The angle was a little strange so I concentrated on taking off my left shoe and then my right until I was a little lower and that allowed him to get even deeper inside me. I slammed back against him and he shifted his hips right and left and went deeper still! I widened my stance to see what that would do, and it made it even better! He moaned and wiggled in an amazing way as he shifted in and out… wow wow wow!

He reached around me with his right hand and started fingering my clit. He is such a master at that! I closed my eyes and concentrated on all the sensations flooding my body – he finger, his cock… mmmm. He went on and on…my knees started to buckle and I warned him. I shifted my stance to get a few more seconds, then straightened up and whispered insistently, “BED!”

In bed

He peeled away and helped me finished undressing. I pulled off my socks while he raised my top over my head. I took off my bra straps while he undid the hooks and reached around to pull it off my breasts and groped them. I reached into my purse for a barrette to get my hair out of my face. He pulled down the covers on the king size bed and we rolled onto it naked. I ended up on my back and he rolled to my left side, his mouth attaching to my left breast and his fingers into my slit! That felt so good!

The fantasy in a bar

I went away in my mind to a bar with a “no underwear” special night sign on the big oak door, noticing men and women going commando! The waitress was leaning over showing most of her breasts as she took our order, then lifting her skirt to show of her lovely ass cheeks as she sashayed away from the table. He pulled his chair around the side of the table until he could lift my skirt and play with my clit under the table! “Let me see your chest,” he requested. I grinned as he used his other hand to unbutton my top and my breasts spilled out unencumbered by a bra. He stared and flicked my nipple and clit in unison. I started to drip down onto the chair! The waitress returned with our drinks. She had undone her tie top so her breasts were giggling and her nipples peeked out as she set them on the table. She had tucked her skirt up into the waistline so we got a full view of her pussy with a cute landing strip of dark hair in the middle! My companion did not stop what he was doing. I sighed and she smiled. “So glad you two are getting into the spirit of the evening!” she cooed. She licked her lips.

“Did you want to order some food or wait a bit?” she asked, winking at us. My companion took a big swig on his beer and said, “I need someone to suck my cock first.” She considered his request and looked at me and suggested, “Your lady friend can lie on the table and put her head over the edge and help you with that, while I suck on her pussy.” Our eyes widened. I was a little taken aback at the idea of doing it in the crowded bar, but glanced around and noticed other couples and waitresses in various states of undress and interesting positions, helping themselves to the pleasures of the flesh. I nodded and they helped me get into position on the table lying flat with my head draped over the side.

The waitress spread the sides of my top, so my breasts were exposed, and motioned for my companion to stand. She unzipped and lowered his slacks, then unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled it off, draping it on the chair. She flicked his nipples to bring them to attention, then took his cock in her hand, smiling and nodding as she noted its size and hard state. She pulled up and down a couple of times, then used the head to trace my lips. I stuck out my tongue to lick it up and down, then she pressed it down my throat. She moved his hand to take over and he widened his stance to get just the right angle and started fucking my mouth. Oh my!

She moved around the table and sat in the chair I had been occupying, putting her hands on my knees and gently spreading them. She raised my skirt and bunched it at my waist, saying, “Oh what a pretty pussy!” as my slit came into view. She licked her way from my knee up my left leg and just as I thought she would dive in, she retreated to my other knee. It was tough to pay attention – my focus snapped back and forth from tasting my man to reeling as she made her way up my right leg. She licked my mound above the slit, then blew a hot breath onto my center.

She pressed a finger onto my clit and moved slowly in a circle around it. I took a few seconds to suck harder on that hard cock, taking it further down my throat and pursing my lips around it to make fun sucking sounds. He put one hand on my breast and pulled the nipple out and twisted it. I felt a big twinge deep inside and right at that moment, she stuck her tongue deep inside me and bit down slightly on my lower lip. My hips popped off the table as she flicked my clit and sucked and licked and bit me in an ancient rhythm and he pressed his cock in and out of my mouth. Wow. The sensations overwhelmed my thoughts and I just took it all in – the raucous room, him… her… I tried to store up every detail to pull out later.

I felt a ripple of air and another man spoke on my left side. “I’d like to help,” he offered. The waitress and my companion answered in unison, “Sure!” I opened my eyes and focused on him for a moment, as much as I could with them working on me so diligently! The waitress rose and shifted so she was on his side of the table. He took my other breast in his hand and played with the nipple, then put his hand on her ass and between her ass cheeks. She bent over and kept on licking and flicking me from the side while he gently pressed his cock inside her from the rear! I focused on my companion’s cock while they shifted into a sweet rhythm, then noticed her mouth weaving back and forth as he pounded her harder and harder. I shifted my mind out of my body and imagined what this scene would look like if I was above it watching. But I could not concentrate on that with the three people working their magic on my body! I alternated between enjoying my mouth so full and my pussy so cared for and my breasts being worshipped by two men!

Back to sweet reality

I was puzzling over what was going to happen next when Brett pulled my left leg over his left hip and pressed inside me again! I returned to the present and spread my legs wider and shifted so he could get in deeper. I talked to him as he slid in and out.

“You like being back in there?”

“Oh yes…” he moaned.

“You like being wet with my juices?” I teased.

“Yessssss….” he hissed.

“You like feeling my hot tunnel, doncha mister?”

“Uh huh…” he sighed.

I wiggled my ass and clenched my inner muscles. He moaned again. He leaned over and sucked my left breast, then put his hand on my slit and flicked my clit slowly until I was shaking and shrieking. He pressed in and out relentlessly… rocking my hips back and forth in his lap. I tightened my leg on his ass, pressing him deeper inside. Man, I adore this position!

He shuddered and pressed inside, stopping his motion as he filled the condom with bursts of hot white cum!

He collapsed beside me and I thought he’d rest or sleep for awhile, but he pulled me to face him and cuddled me close, then started kissing me intensively! I reached down and played with his cock, which was still hard. Aha… looks like he snuck a little blue pill somewhere along the way! I pulled and twisted and he kept kissing me. Oh man… the afterglow combined with his continued attention was so delicious!

Round 3

He finally broke away and said it was time for him to shower. I took my hands off him and thought he’d roll off the bed but he rolled me onto my stomach, pulled up my ass and pressed into me yet again! Wow! This man is so frisky! He pumped in and out. I tightened my inner muscles around him and he shuddered again! My my my….

He collapsed and I rolled onto my side where I could see him. He exclaimed, “What an afternoon!” I smiled at him. And he smiled back – such a satisfied smile.

“Let’s do this again in a couple of weeks, okay?” He asked.

“I’d like that… a lot!” I assured him. I thought of all the things that could keep it from happening then focused on the fact that he wanted it to happen. That made me warm in even more places.

He said, “We never got to Tumblr or your toys! We didn’t need them today.” I agreed. He asked what I had been looking at lately. I told him about Farmgirlsoutside and Commando. He wondered why I like farm girls? I told him it gives me ideas of how to display my body in photos. He asked if I take a lot of photos. I said not a lot but sometimes… He asked if I send them to people? I said I do… sometimes. He said he doesn’t understand the appeal and the risk is so high. I said I know. It’s okay. Some men find them very alluring… a way to start their fantasies. And I leave my face out of them. Mostly my boobs. It’s better than nothing when they can’t be with a woman.

Wrapping up

He sighed and said he really had to get going. I put my hands on his face and kissed him once more. He rolled over and out to the shower. I followed and used the toilet while he washed up, I tried to make my hair behave. I dashed to get dressed so I’d be ready to go when he was. I made up one side of the bed. He came out of the bathroom, helping me and laughing a bit at my not wanting to shock the maid. He dressed and handed me $100 for the room and left a $20 bill on desk under the sign about who our maid was today.

He sat on the edge of the bed to put on his shoes. I tossed three toys I’d brought out beside him, turned each one on briefly and let him feel the vibrations on his hand. He smiled and asked questions about their options. He’s a good sport. We looked around to be sure we didn’t leave anything, I kissed him quickly on the lips without touching any other skin (not leaving my scent on him!) then turned off the lights and took off down the hall. I grabbed his ass and he giggled and looked at the ceiling. We went out through the lobby and he walked me to my car. I told him to check in so I could make a reservation in a couple of weeks, and he assured me he would. I thanked him and he thanked me and looked at me like he wanted to grab me again, then he dashed to his car.

Heading home

I warmed up the car, sent Hubby a text to let him know I was on my way home, then ate the chocolate chip cookie the front desk gave me at check-in and guzzled water, and checked the GPS. Traffic looked awful. Ugh. I headed off down the road smiling and thinking about the hotel desk and the sweet man and how lucky I am to have these special afternoons that help me feel so sexy and alive!

Meet #26 Northerner – Good Fortunes

October 12, 2018 Friday

Good Fortunes

I got up at 5 am to watch the Royal Wedding of Eugenie and Jack. It was fun! I did some work, taking care of the payroll and various tasks that are easy to do from home. I finished at 11:30 am, hopped into the shower, dressed and scurried off to the suburbs. I made it to the restaurant with 6 minutes to spare! I sat in my car reading Facebook with my door open. At exactly 1:15 pm there was a cough and I turned to see The Northerner!

He was smiling! Always so good to see that! He had on a plaid button down shirt in bright colors and black silky slacks with black running shoes. We stood staring at each other. I wanted to grab him! But that’s not a good idea out in the open where someone might see us, so he pointed to the restaurant and we headed to the Chinese buffet.

It was quieter in there than I’ve ever seen it. We were seated in the middle section, close to the buffet. I filled my plate with appetizers – half an egg roll, crab rangoon, chicken fingers, veggie lo mein, shumai, peking ravioli and a couple of pieces of CA maki. It seemed especially tasty!

We had a lively discussion catching up on our work and life. I went back up to the buffet looking for shumai – no luck. I consoled myself with another crab rangoon, chicken finger and peking ravioli. Our waiter brought me shumai when they came out of the kitchen and he got to chatting with her, a lovely young woman from China!

We ended with the cocoa fortune cookies. I thought our fortunes were strange but once we had added the silly ending – ”…In bed” they got a lot better! He smiled sweetly and blushed a little.

His fortune said, “If you want it… take it.”

Mine read, “Today is a good day to join a new club.”

He paid our bill and I thanked him.  

I went to the bathroom and we went our separate ways.

We reunited down the road at the Hampton Inn. Our usual spot was booked, so we experimented with the hotel across the street. It is less posh but quite serviceable. I checked in and got the keycard for room 419 and two complimentary waters because I am a Hilton Honors member. I looked around the lobby then we piled into the elevator and went to the 4th floor. I groped his ass. Bad Sassy!

We went up the hall, then down the hall then realized there was an alcove on the other side of the elevator that had our room! I tapped the keycard on the reader, opened the door and strolled in. It looked very similar to the rooms across the street, except it had a queen-size bed instead of a king.

He stepped behind me and enfolded me in his arms, nibbling on my neck and massaging my breasts. He riffed on my fortune, “You wanna join my club today? It won’t be the mile-high club but maybe 4 floors up can be special?” I told him I joined a long time ago but I am always eager to come back… go back… be back. He sighed and turned me to face him for some kisses.

I enjoyed that for a few moments then moved to set down my purse, take off my eyeglasses and watch, and take off my shoes and socks. I had on black leggings and the black top with sprays of red, green and white that look like fireworks. He took off his shoes, socks and pants, unbuttoned his shirt and went to the bathroom to grab a small towel. Always so thoughtful!

I walked toward him and we ended up facing each other, kissing and hugging and glancing at each other in the full-length mirror! My knees began to tremble, so I guided him over to the bed. I sat on the edge. He took off my top and my bra and hugged me to his naked chest. I reached for his erect cock and stroked it, exposing the crown and rubbing it on my leggings.

He took off my leggings and underwear, and pressed me down on the bed. His weight was too much, so I rolled over and got him to lie beside me. He worshipped my right breast for a long time, then his hand trailed down between my legs. He is so good at flicking my clit until I am squirming and squeaking!

He was on his side and pulled my legs over his left hip.  He reached for the condom he’d left on the nightstand and rolled it onto his cock in record time, then wiggled until he was inside me. Mmm… He pumped in and out slowly, flicking my clit and driving me crazy! This went on and on and on… I could do it forever! He sped up and then collapsed next to me, dozing off. I watched him sleep and went back over the afternoon in my mind.

After a few minutes he started playing with my breast again. I spooned back against him and he nibbled my neck and played with my breast and continued resting. I started rubbing his arm and his leg, stroking his shoulder and talking to him. I mentioned that we had good fortunes today. He chuckled. I said, “What do you want? Take it… take me.” He raised an eyebrow at me. “You want to kiss me? Do it. Touch me? You can do it! Lick me… suck me… fuck me? You know what I am going to say.” “You always says yes,” he whispered. He trembled at the profanity and grinned. He kissed me fiercely and rolled me over onto my tummy and slid inside doggy style. He went wild and warned me, “I’m going to fill you up!” I told him, “DO IT!” and he did.

We collapsed next to each other. He dozed off again. I cuddled up to spoon with him again and drew the covers over us. I looked at the clock – it was almost time for him to go. I told him. He snuggled closer and whispered that he could stay a few more minutes. That he wished he could stay much longer. I rolled over to kiss him some more. Mmm… I thanked him for a wonderful afternoon of good food, good fortunes and awesome sex! He chuckled and said… “Yes… good fortunes.”

He went to shower. I used the toilet and poked his ass through the curtain. I dashed back to throw on my clothes and put my hair up so I’d be ready to walk out when he was. He gave me money for the room and left a tip for the cleaners. I checked around to be sure we had everything and left the keycard near the TV.

We took the elevator down together. He kissed me a couple more times and we were in the lobby too quickly. I found the warm cookies! I took a chocolate chip one and a napkin for a snack on my drive home. We walked outside. I thanked him and he headed off to the right and I went to the left.

I checked my phone, got it to give me directions. The highways were full, so it sent me off across the back roads. It took me over an hour! I smiled all the way, remembering our delicious lunch, our wonderful “dessert” and our good fortunes!


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Oct 12, 2018 at 7:07 PM
Subject: Good fortunes

Hiya Brett!

Thank you for a wonderful lunch and dessert! So many smiles!

Hope you had an easier time getting home than I did! It took me over an hour (twice as long as it did to get there) and Google Maps sent me back roads because both 128 and 93 were a mess. I kept moving, saw parts of Burlington, Winchester and Woburn I have never seen and made it home just as it got dark. Whee!

Pizza is on the way and I am fighting to keep my eyes open. No Red Sox tonight, so I will snooze as soon as I’ve had some food. Yay!

Take care! Mwah!


Meet #25 The Northerner – The Board Room

August 31, 2018 Friday

I saw The Northerner today!

This week was crazy at work with events and record-breaking heat. Every time it got bad, I took deep breaths and looked forward to Friday. On Friday I would be off from work. I would be with The Northerner.

I slept late on Friday morning, then showered and dressed and rolled out early around noon as Hubby was having friends over. Traffic was backed up so I was glad to have extra time and be out in the burbs before it got any worse with holiday weekend travelers.

I went to the Bamboo Restaurant for the Chinese buffet. It was not crowded, so I could get to my favorite foods easily.

I had a tasty mix including of a crab rangoon, a peking ravioli, half an egg roll, chicken fingers, General Gao’s chicken over white rice, beef & zucchini, sauteed shrimp, spicy green beans, lo mein noodles with veggies, a slice of watermelon, sushi and shumai! I sat in a quiet corner reading Facebook and email from work.

I left the restaurant about 2 pm and drove to the hotel. I sat in my car in the parking lot reading FB some more until it was time to check in. There was no one around so that went quickly. I sat down in the lobby and looked up and there was The Northerner!

I walked up the ramp to him and we smiled at each other.  My first impulse is always to grab him, then I remember it’s a bad idea in public.  He nods and I know he is thinking the same thing. 

We strolled down and around and over to the far elevator! We had a quick smooch as we rose one floor, then went down and around to room 3081 facing the inner courtyard. I gave him the key card to press on the lock – it turned green and he opened the door for me to enter! I set my watch and glasses and purse on the desk and stepped out of my shoes, mentioning to him that I bought Crocs for the first time and I know they’re ugly but they’re so comfortable and easy to slip off!

He closed the curtains and commented on the garden view. It looked overgrown. He turned off the lights except the entrance area. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and hugged me back against him. I rubbed my ass against his hard cock and sighed. He nibbled my neck and massaged my breasts. Mmm…

I reached back and played with his hair, then ran my hands down his sides to his legs. My knees always start to go when he touches me, but I used the desk for support and was able to stand there relishing his touch for longer than usual.

I finally broke away and took off my clothes while he took off his. I stared at his body and fixated on his cock sticking straight out at me. He’s not usually much for being tasted, but I could not resist. I bent at the waist and took him deep in my mouth, sucking and making slurping noises. I pumped him deeper inside and he moaned. He spread his legs to stay steady while I bobbed up and down on him. Oh man, I adore doing that and he is just the right size to fit deep in my mouth.

He pulled me off and gave me a little shove toward the bed. I pulled back the comforter and sheets. They are so white! I like dark-colored linens better. We collapsed next to each other, and cuddled close, kissing and touching. Mmm…

He deviated from his usual course, and started playing with my clit (instead of my breasts). He commented on my already wet status. I told him I’d been thinking about this all day! He played a bit more then moved me around to grab a condom from the nightstand and roll it on.  He moved me so I was perpendicular and entered me! He plunged in and came out to tease my clit with his cock and his finger at the same time. Wow… that made my body tingle!

He went in and out and played with my clit on and on and on… I opened my legs and put the left leg all along his chest with my heel on his shoulder, with the other between his legs. He kept on sliding in and out. I got so turned on… I started talking really dirty to him. He moaned. He sighed.

I went away in my mind, determined to rev up with a hot nasty fantasy until I could explode all over him. My brain produced a very odd board meeting around a fancy table in a high rise office building, with men in suits around the outside of the table sitting in the chairs, and naked women sitting in front of them on the table. There was a woman standing, walking around the table, coaching the men about what to do with the women – touch their breasts, put a finger on their clit, suck on their clit, bend them over the table and fuck them. Then it got even further from my usual fantasies, with me getting the men to fuck each other while woman jerked off the man being fucked! I rarely think of gay action but this was super hot! 

I tuned back in and focused on his finger on my clit, his rock hard cock moving in and out, and started to tremble! I pressed toward him more and my inner muscles clenched around him.  He went faster as he felt me climaxing! Wow wow wow!

I asked him to turn me over and do some doggy. He nodded and I moved onto my hands and knees. He was back inside me in a flash. I asked if he was watching his cock go in and out and he moaned and said it was not going to be long. He shuddered and stayed inside, and I could feel the cum pouring out of him into the condom as it heated up everything.  Success! 

He collapsed next to me and I grabbed a hand towel he’d set out for me on the nightstand, and carefully rolled the condom off and dried his cock.  I scooted up a bit to kiss him on the lips then spooned close to him and let him rest.

Eventually he perked up, squeezed me and pressed me back flat on the bed so he could see my face as we talked. He told me about his adventures on vacation.  I told him a little about my crazy week at work, and my community project and the latest on Hubby. I talked about my sister’s trip to Europe and the other sister’s trip to Australia and New Zealand. He told me about a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Research he’d read about that involved gamma light making plaque in the brain dissolve and memory returning in mice!

I went off to the bathroom to heed nature’s call and returned with a cold washcloth to wipe down his face and chest and legs. I got a cup of water and drank half, then offered him the rest but he refused. I popped onto the bed on the other side of him. He turned to face me and kissed me for quite awhile. He sucked on my breast. I reached down to play with his flaccid cock and stroke his balls. His cock rose to the occasion! He climbed over me and pressed inside me again! He rocked back and forth a bit, then pulled my legs up and pounded in and out of me. Oh my oh my! 

He collapsed next to me and gathered me into his arms. We kissed some more, then he looked at the clock and told me it was time for him to shower and go. I washed my hands while he was in the shower, then tossed on my clothes, straightened up the bed so it looks like only one person was there… I don’t know why I feel compelled to do that but I do.

He dried off and dressed. He gave me cash for the cost of the room and left money for the maid. We looked around to be sure we had everything, then strolled down and around to the elevator, enjoyed a quick kiss, then went on to the lobby. I squeezed his butt as we walked. He raised an eyebrow and pointed to the security camera. I waved at it and he giggled as he shook his head.

I told him I was going to stop at the little store by the front desk to get a bottle of water. He bid me farewell and took off.   I watched him walk to his car and drive away. 

I got my water, went to my car, drank the entire bottle and ate the free cookie they gave me at check-in. I texted Hubby and headed off down the road. I made it home in record time! I was so relieved not to be stuck in traffic. I sat in my car in my garage to write him a quick email and smiled at the wonderful time we had!


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Aug 31, 2018 at 6:27 PM
Subject: Fast Friday

Hiya Brett! Hope you had an easy ride home. I made it in record time!

Thanks again for an awesome afternoon.

Have a lovely long weekend!


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Meet #1 Stryder’s special visit

August 25, 2018 Saturday

I got to meet an online friend tonight!  I call him Stryder.

Lord of the Rings character

“Aragorn II, son of Arathorn is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien’s legendarium. He is one of the main protagonists of The Lord of the Rings. Aragorn was a Ranger of the North, first introduced with the name Strider at Bree, as the Hobbits continued to call him throughout The Lord of the Rings.

From the Urban Dictionary

“A Stryder is a wonderful person who’s naturally sweet and loving. Stryder’s [sic] are amazing friends and even better boyfriends, Stryder’s are rare and hard to find, if you do find one hold on to him and keep him close. Stryder’s make the entire world better.

#stryder #ninja #da bomb #awesome #fantabulous

Who is this guy?

How can I explain who this man is? Hmmm…

I met him online in an IRC group ages ago… Maybe March 2012? I had just figured out how to use IRC on my work computer. There wasn’t usually anyone in the chat room during the day – I was just testing to see if I could log on and adjust various settings. I left it open while I did other things and suddenly there was a guy asking me how my day was going? He asked me where I was from and when I said Boston he asked about the Red Sox and we talked baseball. He kept it basic until I mentioned the Mendoza line and he realized I was a real fan. Heh. He is a long-time fan with a head full of statistics and stories! He was so nice! Of course, he lives far away (one of the big rules of the Internet – the nicer the man, the further away he lives).

We chatted for a couple of hours that afternoon and then every few days for years as he made his way through the world of cheating to divorce to new women. He saw me through a crisis with Philip when I found out about the Beach Girl. I taught him about cybersex and phone sex. He consoled me when my AM men went silent. We talked sex and baseball and most topics in between. He never came at me in a sexy way like many of the other men. We were both on an odd road and needed someone to chat with.

He told fascinating stories of getting hit on by women everywhere he went. He couldn’t stop by a convenience store for a case of beer without the clerk giving him her phone number. Moms at his kids’ school, wives of business associates, women at the ballpark, women in hotel bars on business trips… I wondered what it was about him that made women so open in their desire for him?! We shared photos and he is nice looking, but I couldn’t see what would cause women to flock to him. It made me very curious!

There was a magic moment when the Red Sox were in the World Series that I thought he might come to Boston and take me to a game but it didn’t come together. He talked about visiting and meeting me, and I thought we might meet but I could not imagine a young guy wanting gray-haired curvy old me! Especially not a younger man who could have just about any woman he wanted!

After the chat disappeared, we texted now and then. But his life calmed down and it didn’t seem like he needed me anymore, so we only caught up now and then when there was some odd baseball news.

Planning a visit

He wrote me out of the blue one day in March to tell me his kid got into one of the universities in town and he was planning to come help with move-in in August. He wanted to meet me! It’s always fun to meet chatters so I agreed. We texted now and then about his visit, and I gave him tips for finding used furniture and good local restaurants.

The shock

In July we were texting and he asked, ‘You know I want to fuck you, right?” I admitted I had been wondering but mostly assuming he wouldn’t once he saw me. He said he couldn’t visit Boston without fucking Sassy. Ha! He said he had always wanted it. I was shocked. I told him and he said we had talked sexy all the time and I said I thought it was just sharing adventures or asking for advice and not aimed at me. He said no… I had owned him with my mind for a long time. Wow.

The plan

So we made plans, trying to find a time when he’d be alone in his hotel and I could pop over. He settled on late Saturday evening. I wondered if his kid would decide to stay with him and forgo the dorm bed one more night. I wondered if he’d be too tired after all the move-in tasks. I continued to wonder if he would be fun to talk with but not eager to touch me.

The day

I made a plan to sleep late, get a few things done, then go back to bed for a nap so I could stay up late. I showered and shaved and clipped my toenails. I puzzled over what to wear. He said he was wearing jeans, so I put the dress back in the closet and pulled out a navy blue polo shirt and long blue preppy shorts with white sea creatures on them. And I wore my new blue Crocs!

He texted as he left the dorm, as he got into the shower, as he dressed, then told me he’d meet me just inside the door of the hotel in the lobby.

The meet

I drove over and parked on the street, arriving right at 10 pm. True to his word, he was standing just inside the revolving door! We had a long hug, then he led me through the lobby to the atrium bar. I picked the couch and he sat on a chair at a 90-degree angle to me.

I watched him chat with the waitress about their local beers and I ordered an iced tea. He has a slim, sexy body and a sweet smile, with that intriguing twinkle in his eye. He has a special way of dealing with people – respectful, charming – that adds to his appeal. I began to understand what all those women see in him, and feel the pull of attraction. He reminds me of Viggo Mortensen, the lanky hero Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Viggo Mortensen
He was wearing a soft linen dark blue shirt with a muted Hawaiian leaves pattern and blue jeans with black chucks sneakers. He has a rather Elvin face with a sparkling grin. He tells wonderful stories! I smiled and rubbed his arm and held his hand and rubbed his knee and he grinned a lot.

He told me of the tourist sites they’d visited the day before – a tour of Fenway Park of course! And The Cheers Bar. Heh. We talked of 9/11 and his kids and his work. I told him about the first time I met Philip when I was 14. And my work. And my plans to retire next year.

After about 90 minutes when I was beginning to wonder if he had decided not to touch me, he asked if I’d like to see his room. I nodded and smiled. He took my hand and led me to the elevator. Another couple got in just ahead of us, so we had to behave.

On the deck

He led me down the hall and around into a corner and into a normal hotel room but then… out onto a huge deck overlooking the river! Not just a balcony but a deck with a table and four chairs and a railing and sided walls and the sky above us! It was a beautiful evening with an almost full moon. Here are a few photos from to give you an idea. Stunning!

He went to the bathroom, and I sat in a chair and took off my shoes and put my feet up on another chair and stared at the sky and the river and the lights of the buildings below.

He returned with a beer from the fridge and talked of seeing rowers on the river in the morning and the traffic and a guy next door with a hooker. He’d talked about going to hookers. He said he’d checked prices and Boston prices were almost double those in his area! He said you’re not paying them for what they do when they’re with you – you’re paying them to leave and not bug you afterwards. Wow.

We talked about our parents last days and dealing with being an executor. Not many people can share with me about that!

He finally reached over and kissed me. Mmm… the first was soft and gentle and sweet. I licked his lip and he pounced on me, threading his fingers through my hair and pressing his lips on mine and oh my oh my! The man can kiss!

In bed

He led me back into the room and wrapped his arms around me from behind. I rubbed against him while he massaged my breasts. I couldn’t stand up anymore, so I moved to one of the beds and sat on the edge. He took off his shirt and sprawled beside me. I cuddled up to him. He explored my body with his hand, and we kissed some more. He played with my clit and got me quite excited but told me to chill… there was lots more to come. I explained it had been a long time for me and I get going fast. 

He told more stories while I rubbed his chest and back and arms. He asked me to guess what his favorite thing is, that a woman can do for him. I pondered that awhile but then told him I’d like to know and didn’t want to guess. He said being rubbed on… exactly what I was doing. I told him it was a luxury for me, as I rarely get to do it. He sighed and said I could do it forever with him. He told me about his first massage that ended in a happy ending without him asking for it. I told him about my massage with hot oils in Mexico. I explored lower on his body casually, not knowing if he wanted more.

He seemed to be in a “bare my soul” mood, telling me stories about his first sexual experience, about a sad night in the frat, about hotel mishaps… somehow wanting me to understand the most dramatic days in his memory. Sometimes a man sharing stories like this are even more profound than sex… letting me inside the most private spaces of his mind.

He kept talking and I began to wonder if he was too tired to do much, or had decided he didn’t want to. It seemed like he was waiting for something. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, as it were. I sat up and took off my shirt, then moved around between his legs and gave him a Sassy blow job! He joked about knowing it was definitely Sassy now that he could see my lucky black bra.

He held my hair… I can’t recall a man ever doing that. He said it was an important job so I didn’t get distracted by hair in my face or mouth, and so he could see what I was doing! I used my talents…. Licking from bottom to top, squeezing and stroking, blowing on his wet skin, flicking my tongue over that sensitive spot on the underside, sucking him down my throat until I gagged and he moaned. I looked up like a good girl and he smiled down at me and recited a litany of “that feels so good… you are so good… oh man… “ and I rested for a few seconds then dove back down on his hard cock, slurping and sucking and bobbing up and down until I tasted pre-cum. I sucked on his balls and pressed them between my breasts. He moaned and complimented me again. I admit I adore being told I’m doing a good thing, even if it sounds like a standard speech to get the woman to keep going, but this seemed quite sincere!

I had hoped to take him all the way and swallow around him, but he pulled me up and helped me out of my shorts and panties and got over me and started rubbing his cock on my clit. I mentioned something about how I’d like him to “return the favor” hoping I’d get his tongue on my clit, but instead he reached for his wallet, and pulled out a foil packet. I heard the glorious sound of foil tearing and he sighed as he rolled a condom onto his erect cock. 

He went right along on his plan and I felt his cock sliding inside me. That was so good! He asked me if I was okay and I said no, I was fantastic! He chuckled and slid in and out slowly. I pressed my legs around him but couldn’t quite get him deep enough, so I put my feet on his shoulders and he pounded me awhile that way. I asked him if we could switch to doggy style, and he said we could do whatever I want, not to be shy asking! So he rolled me over, and I got up on my knees and he pressed inside me again. He said he’d probably come that way. He pounded deep and fast and I rocked back against him. He stopped and took deep breaths then pounded me again. He stopped again and collapsed next me. I wondered if he had cum but he was still hard.

I moved so I was perpendicular and put my legs over his hips and shimmied so I was very close. He took up the action and pressed inside me again. He put his hands on my shoulder and pulled and pushed and oh man oh man! I trembled and he pressed deep and shuddered.

I asked if he liked that position and he said he did… it was lazy but fun. I said it was good for a late night and he nodded.

We chatted some more and I got up to pee. I looked at the clock on the nightstand – 3:30 am! I was surprised I was not tired but knew it could hit me any minute. He admitted he had hit the wall, having been up since 6:30 am, helping his son move all day, and probably would get a call to get up in a few hours. I marveled at his ability to do anything after such a long day and felt lucky he had found time for me!


So I tossed on my clothes. He offered to walk me back to my car. I told him he didn’t have to, but then allowed as how it would make me feel better to have an escort and have a few more minutes with him. He smiled and tossed on his clothes as we looked on his laptop computer for restaurants serving breakfast nearby so he’d know where to take his kid.

We strolled across the street to my car. He told me he’d be back in November, didn’t know if he could make time and it would like be a quick 2 day thing but he wanted to. He said he’d text me more. I grinned. I was so pleased he was thinking that. He hugged me, handed me into my car and strolled off.

I drove home on cloud nine, and just as I pulled into the garage he texted me! That is so classy!

I sat in my car, texted back to let him know I made it, then went upstairs and collapsed into bed smiling!