Big tips

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
5/13, 7:34am Phil
Morning girl. Hope you have a fabulous day!

5/13, 7:55am
Good morning kid! 
5/13, 2:00pm Phil
Taking off early to have beers with my girl.     
5/13, 2:07pm
I’m out for lunch with a temp who used to work with us
5/13, 2:30pm Phil
5/13, 8:03pm Phil
Had a fabulous afternoon!

5/13, 8:05pm
5/13, 8:08pm Phil
Had oysters and shrimp on the water while she massaged my errrr member under the table
5/13, 8:09pm
Naughty boy!  FUN!
 Did you do something for her?
Just posted ad for my mom’s car.  Hope someone takes it SOON! 
5/13, 8:11pm Phil
She wanted nothing but I massaged her feet which were also in my crotch
5/13, 8:11pm
Hee hee

5/13, 8:16pm Phil
Yeah, fun, waitress knew exactly what we were doing,

5/13, 8:17pm
I ran into that last time I was out with my guy.  I took a page from you book and sat on his side of the booth!  He gave her a big tip.

5/13, 8:18pm Phil
I tipped her well too. Told us she loved us. You guys were so hot and cute she said.

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