Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kris: HI Sexy Sassy! Enjoy another “bitchy-boss-free” day at work today! Riding my bike now instead of my car…even to work. Tough male teens I work with will be “wowed”…they know about it and have been wanting to see it. Can’t wait to show it to you…even though it’s not your thing…cuz you”re such a sweet “stroker” (say nice things all the time, cheer on–even stuff you’re really not all that interested in). AND you’re an awesome stroker of “other things” too. 😉 9:22 AM

Me: Hiya hot stuff! So glad you are not dead. And having such fun riding! I look forward to stroking the bike and other things soon. 12:35 PM

Kris: 🙂 I love your choice of words sometimes. Like yesterday…when u said: “I’m not finished with you yet, Mister…”. “Mister” made me laugh…like a kid getting a scolding or “stern talking to”…..just made me laugh! I’m shopping for a different helmet right now…one I bought doesn’t fit. If I can get one in next hour will ride bike to work today…they’ll all think it’s cool….some people would be “put off” by scary-looking old dude on Harley dressed from head to foot in black leather for work….LOL! Hope your day’s going good. Miss u…hope to see u soon. 12:57 PM

Kris: got a cool leather “skull cap” helmet…gonna get my left ear pierced again….any ideas for an earring?….thinking what I used to have….small hanging gold cross 7:16 PM

Me: Oh my! Leather, gold… you are doing it up! I was thinking of nibbling your earring… 7:33 PM

Me: You can look thru my cache of earrings – I never change mine! 7:35 PM

Kris: :)…. did u have dinner w mom? 8:16 PM

Me: Yes. She signed the papers to sell her car, so I’ve been posting all over to find a buyer. 9:10 PM

Kris: on my way to my mom’s…b home late…..you’re a good daughter….but such a naughty girl! 😉 9:25 PM

Me: Your mom okay? Ha ha… good… bad… all parts of me! 9:42 PM

Kris: yes….I’m the “poor relation” right now…borrowing money….she knows what it’s like….she was very rich….then my dad lost it all….now she’s got money….is happy to help….I write promissory notes and pay her back with interest….just hate being in this spot….even if only temporary…..just leaving her house now…b home at 11:15. Mwah! 9:58 PM

Kris: unlikely I’ll “freak you out” this late into our relationship…..”unflappable” as you are….but there’s been something I’ve been thinking all day….so I just pulled over to type this: I’ve been thinking you have a part of me and know me in a way only you know…..and the other thing: I hope I can please you. That’s it. Two things…both of which I fully expect you’ll “take in stride”….like everything else. Big smile 🙂 10:32 PM

Me: Thank you Kris. You make me feel very special. Not sure why you think these sentiments would freak me out… sitting here unflapped. 🙂 10:41 PM

Kris: thank u…..lost for words (won’t last……will try to explain later…..short answer: lots of new/different things…not sure what “it/us” is….which is ok….wanted “different”….getting it….not just sex…..defining “affair/relationship/feelings”….you’re more “at home” with it all…..it’s all new to me. 11:05 PM


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