Confession time

Friday, September 13, 2013
from:  Sassy
to:    Landshark
date:  Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 2:10 PM
subject:  TGIF
Hiya hot stuff, 
The sun is out!  
Thanks ever so much for your get well wishes, IOU and offer to play doctor!  I should get well in a jiffy with all that!  The meds are kicking in so I am starting to feel better.  I never know whether to talk about this health crap, but I figure you might as well know.  If it weirds you out, tell me to tone it down! 
I had to wait and wait at the clinic, then wait at the pharmacy, didn’t get to the office until 11 am!  I indulged in some very hot thoughts of you to pass the time.  One of my pals was texting me about a 2.5 hr blow job he got yesterday… I made mental notes and may try some of that out on the next willing man!  Not sure I can go for that long but it would be fun to try?  
Work is a zoo today!  I need to be three people!  There a lunch going on down the hall with 20 people – I’m keeping an eye on the food and anything they need, I am supervising students sending out emails to over 600 people with good news, and doing the payroll in between.  Heh.  I am soooo ready for 5 pm!  
I am impressed that you read Riff’s blog.  He was amazing at writing and building a community around his blog and forum.  Some people think he was an arrogant cad, but he spent his life taking care of an ill wife, making women happy, helping bloggers and AM men…he’s a hero to me. In an indirect way, you can shake his hand for bringing me to you.  
There were tremors all over the sexy blog world and chat the week that he and 5 other bloggers disappeared. Ugh.  And again when he disclosed what had happened.  Ugh ugh.  I know bloggers have to stop at various points but I HATE IT!  Especially when they yank the entire thing down.  Ugh.  It feels like someone took my favorite book off the shelf.  I try to copy out my favorite posts now, so I will have them in perpetuity but sometimes I forget and then… argh.  First world problem for sure but… there are so many of Riff’s posts I would go look at again.  I only saved two series. I still look at them now and then.  
Confession time.. I’ve been on AM for a year this Sunday.  I’m going to start posting about my adventures, which for the most part fall into the “Well… it makes for a good story” sort of disasters.  They color the way I react to you, so I probably should give you a preview at some point.  Remind me.  I am mostly on AM now to help guys from chat fine tune their profiles.  It is very gratifying when I take a guy from zero responses to seven in the week after I tweak it.  Or to look at profiles for my women pals checking for any danger signs.  I apply Riff’s tips a lot.  Heh.  
There was a blog post last night about touching by sillyone, with a follow-up by Max in Mystic Saytr that had me in tears.  I miss being touched so much.  
I’d better get back to work.  Hope your calls go well!  

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