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Friday, September 13, 2013
from:  Landshark
to:      Sassy 
date:  Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 8:40 AM
subject:  Re: Steamy PG
Hey you –
Sorry – yesterday was insane.
Ended up not having dinner out last night – and it was raining too hard for me to pick up the phone on the way home.
TGIF.  Though today is a non-stop day with calls.  I booked myself a 4-5PM meeting so no one would bother me at the end of the day. We live on conf calls – since we are scattered around the globe. 
 If one of the calls let’s me daydream for a bit – I’ll come up with a creative photo to send you.
Mmmm … I think I would very much like feeding you chocolates in bed.  My fingers would roam all over your body … feeling your nipples harden and your pussy get wet.  And the kissing … would be very passionate.  I do like to kiss.
from:  Sassy
to:       Landshark 
date:  Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 9:40 AM
subject:  Re: Steamy PG
Hiya Evan!
I woke up with a breast infection,  so I’m sitting waiting at the clinic! They poke at it, nod and give me antibiotics.   Bleh.  This is the 4th one since I finished radiation 2 yrs ago.   I was just thinking yesterday that I’d made it a year without one and maybe I’m over them.  Bleh. Once I get pills, it will heal quickly. Thank goodness!   Wish you could kiss it and make it better!
Hubby and I tried a new sports bar in Inman Square called Hit Wicket – it has a cricket theme!  The food is a fushion of street foods from countries that play cricket, so we had Indian pappadams and spicy peanuts, Pakistan fish pastries, Aussie lamb pie, and a British chocolate strawberry cake!  Yum.  I saw cricket and Aussie football on TV for the first time.  Very interesting!
Chat was fun last night.   Another blogger was there and we talked about Riff Dawg and FFFing.  It’s great to have someone who knows the joys and perils to talk to.
Been waiting 30 min when they said 15…grrr.  ah well, gave me time to write you!  Have a great day!
from:  Landshark
to:      Sassy
date:  Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 12:10 PM
subject:  Re: Steamy PG
I hope you feel better quickly.  Consider this an IOU for a kiss to make it feel better!
I just read about Hit Wicket in the Globe a couple of weeks ago.  I work with a lot of those crazy foreigners who are nuts about Cricket.  Having played it once – I am not sure it really qualifies as a sport!
Riff Dawg.  There’s a name from the past.  I had an account awhile ago on Ashley Madison – and never had any success there – despite the ‘tips and tricks’ he would post.  There are a couple of those blogs that have disappeared over the past couple of years that I do miss.
Am on a long call right now – and am just ready to yell.  The sales guy is not much help on this one.  I just need to make it through today.  Our business always ramps up at the end of each quarter – so things are going to be crazy for the next 2 weeks.
Hope the appointment went smoothly.  Hope to get a chance to play doctor with you someday soon.

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