Diversionary Dust

Thursday, September 12, 2013

• 12:09 PM The Lawyer: hey there– how are you???
• 12:33 PM Sassy: Hiya! I’m great!
• 12:34 PM The Lawyer: what’s new with you???
• 12:35 PM Sassy: Working along at the office, prepping for a project meeting… missing your smiling face. You?
• 1:32 PM The Lawyer: plugging along– a little bored, a little crazed with work– and certainly needing diversion!!!

• 1:40 PM Sassy: Sassy sprinkles her diversionary dust all over Tom!
• 1:42 PM Sassy: Think about lying in bed. NAKED. Feeding me chocolate and touching me?
• 1:50 PM The Lawyer: sounds delightful… and how might you like to be touched…?  ; ) 

• 2:19 PM Sassy: You may need to make an intimate circuit from my eyebrows down the side of my face and neck.. then follow the chocolate down my mid-section, detouring for a leisurely exploration of a breast or two, then my sexy tummy and definitely my belly button…

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