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Thursday, September 12, 2013
Good morning kid!
Racing around preparing for the cleaner…whee.
Have a nice Thursday!

Tried a new restaurant called “Hit Wicked” for supper.  It’s got a cricket theme, like… the British sport.  I watched Australian football on the telly.  Whee!  They have food from countries all over the world where cricket is played – the U.K, India, South Africa, Caribbean, Australia! 

Masala Pappad – Crispy lentil wafer topped with red onions, cilantro, carrots, & chaat 
served with a cucumber yogurt dip
top – Lankan Malu Paan: Puff pastry with a savory fish filling served with tomato chutney
right – Aussie lamb pie
bottom –  Mashed Potato (Indian Style) with green chilies, red onions, cilantro & spices
Aussie meat pie – Ground lamb, red onions, & thyme in a flaky crust 

Lankan Chocolate Marie Biscuit Pudding
Tea biscuits, layered with chocolate custard & strawberries topped with whip cream
Jamuns – Fried saffron dough balls 
soaked in rose water syrup
accompanied with ginger ice cream

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