Lake Winnipesaukee Day 1

Sunday, July 28, 2013 

from my private journal

Lake Winnipesaukee Day 1
Hubby and I drove up to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire today!  
In order to beat the traffic and have breakfast at around our normal time, we tried to leave home by 7 am.  We actually got on the road about 8 am.  It was a gray day at home, but as soon as we got into NH the sun came out!  There was very little traffic.  Note to self – eat a little bit before driving all that way!  
We made it to Laconia in less than 2 hours and got in line at Kitchen Cravings in Gilford at 9:45 am.  We were famished but agreed to wait 30 minutes for a table.  Thankfully, they seated us in 15 minutes!  We had a 4-top in the middle of the dining room.  We had a very perky waitress.  Hubby had the Bomber Breakfast with eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, baked beans, home fries and french toast made out of Portuguese sweet bread!  I ordered The Tale of Three Lobsters which got me, yes, three lobster tales with butter, cole slaw and warm German potato salad.  I also ordered a unicycle – the cinnimon bun flattened, dipped in french toast batter and fried.  It was way too much food, so we each ditched most of the sides and focused on the main entree.  Washed down with fresh OJ, it was divine!  If you’re ever anywhere near Laconia, be sure to stop in – everything is amazingly delicious and inexpensive!  Take a jacket – this is the coldest spot around.  I don’t usually notice a/c, but it was about 60 degrees in there! 

Weirs Beach

We rolled over the Weirs Beach Boardwalk.

I got my right hand henna’d.  Chris (a guy) painstakingly drew a free-hand design of circles and vines and dots.

We checked out the “2 for $10” t-shirt shop but didn’t find anything, and considered a boat cruise but decided against it because it was very hot and sunny, and we’d have to wait outside and broil before the next boat.  

We drove along the scenic route up to Watson Road to Kellerhaus, the amazing ice cream, candy and gifts shop.  We were very moderate, only buying a few chocolates.  
We decided to drive around the lake, see the northern and eastern shores we’ve never visited.  If anyone asks, I didn’t think it was worth doing.  It’s mostly just 2-lane highway through the woods, not many views of the shore, with a few odd outposts along the way.  And the clouds settled in about half way around, so that added to the blah factor.  
Late lunch
We ended up in Wolfeboro, a nifty little town that reminds me of Rockport.  We got the best table in the house for a late lunch at Garwood’s – the corner table overlooking the Lake.

We had a great view of the harbor and the lake and the mountains!  We had a charming waitress named Savannah.  Hubby ordered the French Onion soup and an colorful concoction called “Mexico Seafood Cocktail” which was a spicy ceviche with brightly colored chips served in a parfait glass!

I had the classic clam chowder – one of the most delicious creamy renditions I’ve ever tasted!

My entree was a fabulous pasta with gemelli, garlic shrimp. chorizo and mozzarella in a dill butter sauce!

We were charmed by a couple from South Carolina at the next table who were on a bus tour. She sat down and declared a beautiful drawl, “I’m going to have a Co-cola and then I’m going to get a real drink!’  She savored a beautiful glass of rose.

The waiter brought out a tray of the desserts to tempt you mightily, but I resisted! 

We ducked into Yum Yum Cafe next door to check on their confections – chocolates, cookies, donuts, gingerbread people and ice cream – but I resisted there as well.  Hubby was worn out and went back to the car, but I managed to stroll up one side of the main street and down the other, despite my left foot complaining bitterly.  I keep thinking I’m over the plantar fasciitis, but no.
We continue along the southern side of the lake, through the beautiful Alton Bay and up past the other places we’ve stayed on previous trips.
The hotel 
We checked in at The Margate Resort, just around the corner from the Shaw’s, directly on the lake.  It is a huge complex with four buildings of rooms, including an underground tunnel from the lakeside building to the main building!  We hauled our stuff to the room, 523 on the second floor, with a European balcony overlooking the lake.

Hubby took a nap while I got on to the wifi easily, uploaded and captioned photos.  The one thing I don’t like about this region is the lack of cell phone towers.  I had no connectivity all day!  Ugh.  

We took off exploring the hotel, talked to the ducks at the beach and checked out the gazebo bar, then went through the tunnel to the main building to find the pool.  It has the biggest jacuzzi I’ve ever seen – an elevated square that could seat 12 people!

Late supper 
We sat in the lobby looking at menus, and Hubby decided we should stroll down the road to the China Bistro.  I was oddly not hungry and it was raining a bit, but I went along.  The place was empty and there were no staff in sight.  Strange!  We finally found the owner returning from the kitchen with a bunch of take-outs orders.  He seated us at a spacious booth.  
The waitress mixed up our drink order – giving us regular pina coladas rather than the virgin version we requested.  Luckily Hubby tried his first, so we could get another set.  I ordered a small egg drop soup and the fried bacon with scallops appetizers.  He tried their eggs rolls and Hot & sour soup. I’m not sure why, but I had the feeling the food was not properly cooked and I was going to be ill if I ate much of it.  I had a few spoonfuls of the huge bowl of soup, and a couple of scallops and declared myself full, which I was.  There was a mix up with the entree we ordered so we waited for them to fix another one, and carted it back to the the hotel.  
So we’re hanging out, enjoying the a/c and the wifi and being AWAY!  
Hope you had a great Sunday!  We certainly did!

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