Holiday meat

Thursday, July 4, 2013 Independence Day
10:03am Phil
Happy 4th!
Happy Independence Day to you, kid!
Are you cooking?
10:56am Phil
Oh yeah, ribs pulled pork, chicken, brats, corn and drunken funnies for a lot of folks!

Not funnies – Gummy bears soaked in Vodka, delicious and kick ass
Wow!  That sounds so good!  You are so talented in the kitchen.
And it looks good too!  Wow… drooling over that photo!  RIBS!
[he posted a photo to his FB wall of his grill covered in ribs, foil with corn
3:03 pm on Phil’s wall
Bringing spicy Back
BBQ Without the Boredom: 28 Spicy Recipes for the Grill
Add some heat to that fire with our spicy recipes for the grill!

4:18pm Phil
[came through blank]
That didn’t work…send more meat photos.

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