Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Hiya kid!  How can it be only Tuesday?  Yesterday felt like three days!  Have a terrific day!
Yesterday started bad.  Remember the 18 yr old who died Valentine’s?  His mother’s boyfriend died Mother’s Day. WTF?  Then there’s news from a best pal in London – they’re divorcing.  No hint of it before this.  Ugh.  Work was nuts, ordering food for 8 events. 
Then I got a lunch offer from an online dater I had just started texting!  We had a great lunch, then walked to the river for “dessert.” Nothing like necking in the sunshine!  He said nice things, swelled my head.  Good thing he had on dark pants!  What a day!
3:56pm Phil
Awwww.  You have been busy.  Glad lunch turned out well. Why were dark pants a good thing? Glad it worked out and you had fun.  Up to my ass in alligators!
Dark pants hide wet spots.
Tried to pick up my car – the speedometer and tachometer were dead!  So I left it.  Argh!  Hauling my ass home on the bus again. Grr. Tomorrow will be better, right?
8:36pm Phil
Thought it was wet spot
[photo of his face and chest in a hoodie, sitting outside]
Hiya Handsome!  You sure are looking sexy!  Thanks for the pic!

Wet spots happen to certain men around me. I wasn’t doing nothin’ except kissing him, stroking, cupping and… whispering naughty things!

8:59pm Phil
It’s the combination of all of the above. We like the stroking and naughty things
9:07pm Phil
I liked it when you were stroking me too
Damn if my dick didn’t jump to attention
Really? Nice.  I like stroking you. And sucking on you.  And licking… mmm.  Such a gorgeous cock!  
What are you drinking?
I also like it when you stroke me. 
9:36pm Phil
I like that too. Very average cock but glad you like it.
[photo of his gorgeous cock]
Now that’s the dessert for me!  What are you thinking about?
9:42pm Phil
You stroking it
mmmmm… I want to… so much.

[Gif of a woman jerking off a man]
If you click on it… she moves. Just trying to help out. 
10:51pm Phil
Love it! Hot!
10:57pm Phil
Oil and slippery, wonderful and sexy
Yes… can’t stop watching… imagining us.
11:02pm Phil
You can do that any time
Yes please… looks so hot!

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