Meeting SeaMan

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Monday May 13, 2013

Step 3: Monday
He texted back.  
10:05 am Good morning first mate… looking forward to seeing your skills in action.  Captn Stan
11:15 am Ahoy! 🙂  Should we tack or jib?  I have mad skillz. What next?
11:29 am How bout lunch today?
11:36 am  Sure.  I do have on Navy blue.  Can you sail to [my neighborhood]?
11:45 am My vessel know no limits.  See you at [restaurant] at 12:30 pm?
11:58 am  See you there.  Fair warning – I hug on sight.
11:59 am LOL.  I’m the bearded one… black pants
Wow.  I adore a man with a plan.  Asks, gets an answer, adds detail.  There!
I walked to the restaurant.  Beautiful day… clear, 50’s, breezy.  I waited in the entryway.  
12:30 pm SeaMan Parking
12:32 pm Me Waiting in the entry
He came strolling up, smiled and we grabbed each other. I hugged, he pecked me on the lips, I squeezed his ass, his tweaked my nipple, and we smiled.  He said, “Wow… you are a sexy woman!”   I was a bit flummoxed by that as an opening salvo, but managed to squeak out, “You’re not so bad yourself!”
We were seated at a table for two, alone in the elevated section.  It wasn’t crowded so we could talk freely.  And we did!   It was the usual dance… married I assume, any kids?  Pets? Tell me about your work.  How long have you been on AM?   Turns out he used to work where I do, in another division, but left 6 years ago.  He really has a boat.  Volunteers at Community Boating.  He said his wife had no interest, they were separated for about a year… and then the waiter interrupted.  
He seemed to have decided he wanted me in the first 20 seconds, and was moving on to how to make it happen and what we’d do!  I asked him what he likes and he said “Big women with big breasts.”   He asked my bra size, said his last affair was with a woman of the same size.  I told him that I read sexy blogs, chat on IRC, watch porn… to learn things.  He seemed intrigued.  
All this adds up to smart, funny, rich, charming… damn.  
He paid for lunch and I thanked him.  He asked if I’d like to take a walk, to explore.  I said yes and he took my arm and guided me out, then let go on the street in a gentlemanly way in case anyone was looking.  We strolled through the old buildings and down to the river, found a bench and sat in the sunshine.  It was a perfect spot… the sun, the water, the breeze… a few Canada geese… people running by but not too many. We cuddled together.  Then started kissing.  He was very good.  I let him explore a bit, then added my tongue and nibbled the side.  He murmured what every man says… “My… you are the best kisser!”

I was bad… He pulled my hair and bit my neck and I thought of a dom blogger pal! 
He played with my chest, asked me my fantasy.  I told him I wanted him to cum on my chest, that I’d never seen it, felt it.  He said he could spunk me up!  He was working his way under my top, getting a nipple free of my bra, tweaking… he looked down at my famous cleavage…said, “Whoa! Very nice.”
He said a lot of complimentary things, swelled my head!
I played with his beard and he asked where I’dl like to feel it – on my thighs.  
He ran with that… talked about his tongue and my clit.  He began talking in a low growl, telling me how he’d slide between my tits, tease my chin with his tip, squeeze my chest around him.  He has a great voice and uses it well!
He put my hand between his legs and I stayed to play, cupping his balls gently, then moving up to explore the shape of his cock and stroke him.  “Mmmm… very nice hands,” he murmured.  Reassuring words like that make me soar!
I asked him about his fantasies and he asked if I have any toys.  I told him I do but I haven’t used them, been hoping for a man to help me figure out how they’d enhance things.  He said he could do that.  We kissed more. He started playing with my clit thru my pants. He talked about using them to enhance the ramp up, ladies first etc.
He wanted to know if I would suck on him?  I told him I’ve learned it’s not just sucking… there’s licking from bottom to top
flicking the slit
twisting with my hands
looking up
into his eyes
making loud smacking sounds
(I think that’s when he got wet)
He told me it was a good thing he had on dark pants!  That there was pre-cum making a wet spot… wishing I could lick it off for him. 
It was time to go.  We hugged then walked back, talking about possible hotels and days.  He shook my hand.  I thanked him for lunch… and “dessert.”  He chuckled.  I took off. He called out “text me!”  I waved.
Best start ever!

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  1. Advizor54 says:

    WOW! I can’t think of any way to make it better except to make it a longer lunch!!

  2. Max says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the next step. 🙂

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