The shawl mystery

From: FredRRoberts
To: Sassy
Sent: Apr 4, 2013 12:22 pm 
Subject: Re: Let’s get together Wednesday!
Hi Sassy:
Great night with you. 
You lost a shawl in the room–it’s at the front desk–they are holding it for you.
From: Sassy
To: FredRRoberts
Sent: Apr 4, 2013 1:42 PM
Subject: Let’s get together Wednesday
Hiya Fred!  You really have me smiling today!  Dinner and dessert were delightful!  You are such a special man.  
Hunh… I’m not missing anything that I know of.  But I will check my coat/scarf etc.  Thank you!  
Hope you had an easy trip home and will come back soon.  

Yay!  Email from Fred! So he is a gentleman with manners.  Phew. 
The shawl thing is a mystery.  I know I didn’t leave anything behind.  Shawl?  I wasn’t wearing one.  Maybe it was a terminology problem.  I double-checked my coat – my scarf was there.  So… what did he leave at the front desk?  Maybe he had a bought a beautiful shawl that he wanted me to have and this was his way of giving it to me?  Maybe there’s be a box with a gift?  Hmm… I was so curious!  I talked to the folks in chat.  No one had a theory that made any sense.  
The traffic down there is crazy, and the parking worse, so I made up my mind to drive down there about 10 pm, ask the doorman to watch my car for 3 minutes while I ran in to the front desk.  That worked and I strolled up to the desk clerks and realized… I don’t know the guy’s name! and he didn’t know mine.  Would he have left it for “Sassy?”  Hmm… I can finesse this.  Vague.  
“Good evening.  A guest left a shawl for me this morning?”  
“Oh!  Yes.  I was here when he came by.  Just a moment,” the older male clerk said as he rummaged under the counter.  Phew.  That was easy!  He pulled out a carefully folded… white fleece blanket that was at the bottom of the bed from the room.  We stared at it.  
“That’s definitely not mine.  It’s the throw from the room, right?”  The clerk nodded.  I open it and shook it, to be sure he had not hidden something in its folds.  I could not fathom why he would have thought that was mine, or left it for me.   Or why he would have wanted me to go back to the hotel?  It was a little embarrassing, but the staff were very good about not going there.   
“Do you want to keep it anyway?” he asked.  I shook my head, shrugged, thanked him and went back to my car very puzzled.  

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  1. Too funny! Curiosity would have made me do the same thing.

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