Chow and dude

Thursday, April 4, 2013
2:13am Phil
Did ya have fun? How was the chow, oh and the dude too?
It was lovely!   Food was fine, unremarkable. Had the flounder louie, spinach & mushrooms.  Guy is sweet.  Old. Kinky.  Not the answer.
9:03am Phil
It looked so good! Ah well, can’t tell by a menu.   Sweet is good as opposed to creepy.  I am going to try my hand at Osso Buco. See how that comes out.
Good morning!

[photo of him just out of the shower with his hair sticking up in all directions!]

9:10am Phil
The least I can do is send a smile
You have the best smile! Does things to my insides.  Good things! Thanks, kid!  Have a fabulous day!

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