Sunday, March 31, 2013

9:20am Phil 
Happy Easter!

 [Photo of him at the gym]

Happy Easter to you! I’m thinking about the huge thing Jesus did… God really loves us!

You cooking?

9:26am Phil 
Yes he does! 
No, going to the winery to sample wine, drink a bottle or two, and have dinner. Church at 1000 first of course
Oh, how lovely! I miss church the most on days like this. Wish I could sing the good old hymns with a couple hundred people. We’re off to Easter dinner as usual. Supposed to be 60 degrees here! Enjoy!
9:32am Phil
We make some noise! Up from the grave he arose! He Lives! The Easter hymns are my favorite. I’ll sing extra loud for you
Gonna be warm here too!
Makes me think of our hometown – that wonderful organist, the ladies and gents in the choir…and all the amazing lilies on the altar.  Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Aaaaaaaaah-le-lu-ia!  Here’s a new version! A Jackson 5 arrangement.

9:38am Phil  
Another favorite! I suspect we may sing them all. What a glorious way to celebrate!

3:08 pm

Start of the Easter feast – deviled eggs, olives, ham salad and apples, salami and prosciutto, pate and fancy cheeses!

5:20 pm

Easter dinner – roast lamb, gravy, roasted green beans, root veggies, cucumber spinach salad with yogurt mint dressing, dinner rolls

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