Traveler tries again

Remember The Traveler from earlier this month?  The one who sent a blast email to a bunch of ladies in Boston hoping to meet while he visited?  The one I decided not to answer?  Well, here he is again.  With a personal message this time, with some personality!  It’s been such a quiet month.  I figure it can’t hurt to email him, see what he really wants. 
Date:  Mar 30 – 6:16 pm via AM
From: Traveler
To: Sassy
Hi there Sassy:
I could be the man for you! 6’4″, 215, well-built, athletic, handsome (see pic). Professional–smart, funny, caring.
Absolutely LOVE BBWs! Only attracted to larger, fun women. Wife has no interest in sex.
I travel to Boston a lot and will be coming to town next week. Would like to see you on Wednesday if it works out–we could do dinner in Boston.
Let me know if that works–happy to email/talk beforehand.
You won’t be disappointed.
Date:  Mar 30th – 6:58pm via AM
From:  Sassy
To: Traveler 
Hiya Fred! Thank you for your lovely invitation! And access to your photo. You are a handsome fellow! Unfortunately, I am not into most of the things you are looking for, so I won’t waste your time. I do hope you find a lovely lady to be your companion. 
If you end up facing dinner alone and would prefer company, I’d be glad to meet somewhere low key, talk and give you a nice hug with groping, but that’s about the limit of my domme tendencies! Safe travels and happy hunting! 

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