Naughty nurse

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Saturday kid!

Just had a nice “breakfast” with a sweet man.  Just an oral exchange…yum.  

Makes me miss you, as usual!

Off to Mom’s to read her email.  Have a super day!
3:49pm Phil
Well well, oral exchange is nice. I’m sick, nasty cold
Oh no!  Hope you feel much better soon.  I am sending healing vibes.
4:23pm Phil
Thank you!  Glad you are meeting interesting people. 
Solves the physical need but not the emotional one but you know that. 
Take the bits we can get
4:49pm Phil
I am sitting here wondering what the point is… but it felt good to touch someone, even if he was half as cute and half as long as you are!  I’m sending you a nurse to tend to you.

5:23pm Phil
I know Sass, I know, appreciate the nurse. I know one who looks just like that and would nurse me back to health! I think she has that outfit as a matter of fact
Do you have a plan, timeline to be in her arms?
7:14pm Phil
Is she being patient?
7:26pm Phil
So far, yes

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