Incredible shots

Saturday, December 29, 2012
7:58am Phil
Oh lord.  The same painting!  
8:12am Phil
No such thing as coincidence
8:17am Phil
Good morning!  Off to Mom’s, hope to get there before the snow starts!
11:33am Phil
Snowing here too
6:40pm Phil
New work out attire
[photo of him in the gym in only a sweatshirt and sneakers with his gorgeous erect cock] 
Hope your evening is good!
Yowza!  I’ll give you a work out, mister… yum…
6:50pm Phil
How bout this
[close up of his gorgeous erect cock]
[full shot of his naked shoulders, back, ass and legs in the locker room]
Oh my… *fanning myself*  No fair with the shoulders.. I am such a sucker for shoulders and you have THE MOST GORGEOUS set EVAR!  Hubba hubba! 
And that cock… damn. What that does to me!
Thanks for saying you’re horny… would never have guessed.  🙂
Bring it on, kid.
7:03pm Phil
[amazing photo of him seated, showing between his legs  – his cock pointing at the camera dripping a stream of pre-cum.  Never seen anything like it.]
Wow!  The temptation to lick the screen…. mmmm… You drive me wild, Philip!
7:11pm Phil
I love it
You are a bad, bad boy… I like that!  I want to put my hands on you… squeeze you, twist you while I look deep into your eyes… dare you to keep your composure as I tease you.
Kid… incredible photos tonight!  You are way too good with that camera! The combo of your gorgeous body and the way you compose the shots?  Sooo HAWT!

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