Boob Squish

Thursday, December 20, 2012
7:39am Phil
Did I say something wrong Sass?  I hope I did not upset you.  I did not intend for that. Hope you have a terrific day!
Good morning!  Awww, kid…you say the most beautiful things!  Don’t ever worry…
Back to MGH for my annual mammogram…pray, please.
8:03am Phil
You are always in my prayers Sass, but I’m going to take a moment now.
Thanks.  I’m pretty good at not fretting but this bit is tough…
You resting up for your wild night?
8:14am Phil
Got a very busy day!  No rest for me!
I’ll think of you while I’m cooling my jets in the waiting room and they’re squishing my boobs!  Wish you could be squeezing them instead!
8:22am Phil
LOL.  Me too, sounds like much more fun!
8:59am Phil
[photo of him smiling in uniform in his office]
Hey!  My favorite man in uniform!  Mwah!
9:36am Phil
Thank you! Back at ya!
10:46am Phil
[photo of him smiling bare-chested in his office]
Hubba hubba… you are driving me crazy!  
Nice nipple action there sexy!
11:05am Phil
[photo of him naked in his bathroom]
A lollipop
Dayum… Wanna lick.  from balls to tip!  And trace around the groove and then SUCK you dry!!
11:30am Phil
Ha ha, you do that better than anyone!
Just being a bad elf.
[photo of him naked in his bathroom turned to the side showing off a gorgeous erect cock!]
You could hang off that thing
I want to sit on that sink and have you lift my legs and find a spot to shove it, Mr. Frisky!
11:40am Phil
Ho Ho Ho!
Hee hee hee
My hands are itching to grab that ass… before it disappears!
12:05pm Phil
You are so funny.  I love it!
Done!  Headed out for Chinese!
Thanks for giving me fun things to think about!
2:54pm Phil
Awesome! Always glad to help babe. 
Enjoy the Chinese ! Get it spicy!
Hey, how’s my favorite party animal?  Folks whooping it up?
10:59pm Phil
They are pretty quiet. I’m going to shut down in a bit. Up at 4:00.  
How you doing sexy girl?
A little worn out… emotional day.  
Going over there to the hospital is like staring death in the face again.
11:03pm Phil
Everything go ok?
Hope my naked ass at least made you smile
Just jousting with the “what ifs.”  They tore the skin under both breasts. Yuck.  It’s thin from radiation anyway.  Hurts. 
Oh, your gorgeous bod caused more than a smile!
Is it snowing?
11:23pm Phil
It was but it stopped. 
Glad I made you smile

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