Fourth Time the Charm

• Dec 19 8:26 AM   SmoothGuy: Hello
• Dec 19 10:19 AM Sassy: Hiya!

• Dec 19 2:13 PM SmoothGuy: Hi again
• Dec 19 2:21 PM Sassy: Tag! You’re it. 
• Dec 20 12:57 AM SmoothGuy: Late night for me. You awake?
• Dec 20 11:07 AM Sassy: Rats! I missed you by 10 minutes. Keep trying!

• Dec 21 1:59 PM SmoothGuy: Hi
• Dec 21 2:05 PM Sassy: Hiya!
• Dec 21 2:06 PM SmoothGuy: Hey there. How are you?
• Dec 21 2:09 PM Sassy: Good. Staring at 11 days off. Psyched!
• Dec 21 2:09 PM Sassy: You?
• Dec 21 2:11 PM SmoothGuy: Same 11 days off! Starting yesterday
• Dec 21 2:11 PM SmoothGuy: Do you have plans?
• Dec 21 2:12 PM Sassy: Not really
• Dec 21 2:12 PM SmoothGuy: Besides thinking about meeting me 
• Dec 21 2:14 PM SmoothGuy: I have no plans, except visiting family, through the middle of next week. Then I’m free to do some things for myself
• Dec 21 2:17 PM Sassy: Meet?
• Dec 21 2:18 PM SmoothGuy: Would love too, if you’d like
• Dec 21 2:21 PM SmoothGuy: I do have to run, and pick up my child from school. Might be spotty for me to chat over the next few days. Email works much better for me if you’d like. I’m at
From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Subject: Connecting
Dec 21, 2012 2:42 pm
Hiya Handsome, 
Thanks for being persistent and catching me on IM!  And reminding me about your email.  Since you didn’t use it, I didn’t know if it was too risky for you.  But I am cool with whatever channel means I get to know more about you.  
So now what?  Is there more you want to know?  

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