FFF Resignation

It’s Flash Fiction Friday time!  Here’s the challenge from the amazing Advizor54.  Click over to his blog to see what he and other bloggers saw in this photo.  My take is below.

Word Length  = 237         
Required Word = Resignation
Bonus Words = Tell us about her earrings (25 words)        
Extra Credit = Surprise me
“What was so all-fired important it couldn’t wait until Monday?” my boss barked at me as I slipped into his office at 4 pm on Friday afternoon.  “I want to head home to beat the traffic…” 
“Here’s my resignation,” I blurted out without preamble, handing him a three-page letter.  “The first page is my resignation alone so you have something to send to HR.  On the second page, I’ve detailed the status of my current projects, and the third page has items you should consider in re-arranging the duties of my position when you hire someone else. I can stay a month but I’d like to go in two weeks so I’ll have a break before starting my new job.” 
He looked stunned.  It was quite gratifying!  He stashed the letter in his desk.  He pulled out a key, unlocked his file cabinet, and pulled out a small light blue box from the bottom drawer.  He handed it to me.  I opened the lid and found the ridiculously expensive earrings I had lusted over at Tiffany’s on a business trip months ago.  I looked up, puzzled.  
“Congratulations,” he said, smiling.  “I hope this change is great for you,” he stated.  I was surprised… I thought he’d be angry.  While I tried on the earrings, he startled me by locking  the door.  I turned to watch him and he took my face in his hands.  “At last I can do what I’ve wanted to do for years,” kissing me long and hard… for a start.  Good thing I had been wanting it too! 

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6 thoughts on “FFF Resignation”

  1. I liked that the picture is an epilogue to the story… nicely done.

    Hopefully her new job isn’t so far away that they can’t meet for lunch from time to time.

  2. A great twist on the timing of where the picture comes in. Like Tom said, very good use of the prompt. Sometimes we wait too long to say something, I’m glad he spoke up. I think she is too.

  3. Echoing Tom and Advizor, your prose amply fits the shot. While it might sound odd, I really liked your protagonist’s explanation of the three page resignation letter. It fleshed out some of her personality, and I found myself drawn to her and liking her immediately.

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